easy and aesthetic birthday card ideas to make your friends cry

hi it’s Divya G, your favorite Susan Boyle
stan account having returned back from the war…. exam season! But what does the G
stand for? A question that I ask in every single one of my videos and somehow it
suddenly become a thing. The G stands or Green is not a creative color. Now that’s
a throwback and a half isn’t it but anyway if you’re new to my channel hello
welcome to the G family. On this platform we talk about trash and sometimes we do
creative things as well so subscribe if you want to make your friends cry…
because that’s what I’m about to show you, in this video. So you know when you
just have so many friends like you just have So Many Friends and when I say so
many friends you have the entire DVD collection seasons 1 to 138. If you’re
like me and you prefer nostalgic and meaningful things and you’d rather give
something homemade you know with your own hands you know your blood sweat and
tears (by BTS) and your mucus and you know like your skin cells. I’d rather receive
that for my birthday. I’m going to show you three different methods keep on
watching and I hope you enjoy the video yes. We interrupt our program to bring
you this important message. Oh my god what is this really generic bag that
literally everybody has in the corner? This is not a spon(ser) and is also like
know what she didn’t ask me to do this my girl Chami she has a business and
you know I’m out here supporting my friends is they’re out here
hustling. Are these pins just not the buffest tings you’ve ever seen just
look at them. You know go support. Link in the
description bar below. My boy Eray we’ve been Twitter friends for a long time but
he came out with a zine recently for the lgbtq+ community and he’s only a small
bean but you know my friends are out here doing this publishing having their
own business and I’m just here to like support cuz I might as well do something
useful with my platform do you know what I mean? like spreading awareness and stuff but yeah
What is up guys it’s your girl DIVYA G back at it again with another tutorial
I really do feel like an actual gamer whenever I do voiceovers but anyway do
you want to give your friends something meaningful and something to remember
other than a walk? I’m gonna show you three main categories one: the artsy
types which you can create on any medium that you desire: paper, your phone, or on
Photoshop / Grimp. Two is the tumblr inspired collage. 3 is the tumblr inspired edit. oh
what is this for? a bonus round because a mother has to feed her children I’m
gonna show you another idea where you can just take the piss and morph their
face on to their favorite thing. Believe it or not the key thing to remember with
all of these is to take inspiration from Shrek. They stink or they make you cry? No,
it’s all about layers. The first collection of course looks impressive on the
outside but really it’s a very simple concept kind of like my Instagram feed
go follow. I always think adding your own personal
element *delicious wet noises* Whether it’s a drawing, painting or an edit adds little you know je ne sais quois. Yes I do
speak Nigerian. So the first step is get a cute photo of your friend or
alternatively a bad mug shot if you’re a better friend. Step 2
choose an aesthetic background the key Google search words are “aesthetic”,
“background”, “tumblr” *marvin gaye let’s get it on plays softly in the background* so the first one I made an edit on photoshop
actually and then I just decided you know what it’ll be more special if I
just do it by hand and there you go hand does take the longest so if you’d
rather do it digitally you can do it on an app you want to get one that
allows you to have layers I can’t actually show you how I created this
specific image because I lost the video and I don’t know where it’s gone 🙁 so because I don’t
have the actual process here’s one that I made earlier and here is a BTEC
substitute demonstration I think the key thing with these types of images is
adding different elements in the background and it’ll be a lot easier if
you choose something that’s already transparent so recommend doing I’d
recommend putting the image that you want to recreate at the bottom making it
slightly more transparent and then use another layer on top and then just draw
over it if you’re lazy and it’s basically just rearranging different
layers on top of each other and then this is a Photoshop demonstration once
again everything likes to emulate my eyebrows the footage was gone I could
not find the at all. I feel like the idea is more important to me than me trying
to show you how to draw my very specific friend without just be weird
et voila these are the final results another easy birthday idea is collages!
if anyone ever added me on snapchat basically I just screenshot everything
“why do you take so many screenshots?” number one I’m an activist number two
this is the moment your snapshot screenshot collection has been waiting
for you know all their receipts the thing you really want for this is the
pen tool I just made a selection around the image you can either select it so
that it looks like actual cut out with scissors or selects it however you want
to select it i right-click press make selection ctrl I to invert the selection
and then just delete the bit that you don’t want once again add it as a LAYER
and then ctrl T. T for troye? No t for transform. patterns are always aesthetically
pleasing and when you can’t afford real Polaroids – FAKE THEM. Once the main bitly
bobbly bits and peace, cutting out and arranging is all done I like to use a
PSD or just like a filter on top of everything just to make it look a little
bit more like one and if you actually want to print out your card onto a piece
of card what I like to do is I like to flatten the image, discarding all the
visible layers so you just have to select all of the layers and then press
right click and then flatten image and then expand your canvas to be the size
of an a4 piece of paper and now you can fold it and it’s beautiful and nOICE. rotate your image like 90 degrees
clockwise. We steal everything from tumblr on this channel and all these
cards are basically based on the same idea but as a visual demonstration if
you spend enough time looking at tumblr fandom edits they’re actually quite
useful to draw inspiration from and the way that they use and manipulate shapes
and designs so here I am using a circular border on a pastel
background using the circle tool and then just adding a bunch of shapes
together and then somehow it just ended up looking nice. Dafont.com is literally
your best friend by the way like the last ones not aesthetic at all. It’s just making use of the Face Swap technique by cropping out the face,
selecting their face, and using the match color tools to try and make it look
less like the phrase “graphic design is my passion” I chose ratatouille – not only because
it’s a masterpiece of fine cinematic experience also because it’s my friend’s
favorite movie but you can choose whatever you like you know their
favorite band their favorite book their favorite condiment I put their face on a
ketchup bottle. this whole face swapping thing it’s probably best if you choose
photos where the angle and the expression is at least somewhat similar
to whatever you try to swap their face onto. It’ll save you having to warp
and fiddle around with the perspectives but yes Oh gutentag thank you so much for
watching until the end of the video subscribe if you enjoyed my video just a
little bit just a little bit just a fraction it’s a 0.01 percent you try
think to myself is that all the Tings down all the plugs and all the subscribe
to this and so yeah okay am I going now peace out
Stream dance to this on spotify by Troye Sivan and Ariana Grande. but I think it’s
cute so it’s okay with me like you if you want to call me generic tumblr trash
fine by me imma own it. I’ll be even more generic next time around just just
you wait. I apologize for the croaky voice I just came back from you know a
karaoke session with Beyonce herself. You know we humans have arbitrarily created and
important significance on the day that you know we emerge from the canal the

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