Easy and delicious dinner: Parmesan rice & Seafood. How to make.

160 g of wild & basmati rice mix add 250 ml water pepper for taste 2 pinches of salt put in the steamer for 25 min chop 4 cloves of garlic if you watched me until here, please don’t forget to subscribe and turn on the notifications…thank you. add 50 ml of olive oil in the pan fry a little the garlic then add 250 g of shrimps and fry them for 2-3 minutes add 250 g baby octopus the octopus will leave a reddish water then add 150 g of squid cut in rings and the 250 g of mussels add 200 g of cherry tomatoes cut in half / quarter add some pepper for taste chilli flakes for taste salt for taste ( ~ 2 pinches ) mix all and let it boil until most of the water evaporates 1/2 tsp of dry oregano juice from half of a lemon 30 ml white wine chop a medium of parsley at this point when almost all the water has evaporated, add the parsley and close the heat put the hot rice in a bowl add 20 g of butter and 20 g ( 2 tbsp ) of shredded parmesan cheese mix all until the butter melts This is the result! Enjoy!

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