Easy Birthday Party wall decoration Idea

Hi and Namasthe! Welcome to this Channel! As a part of Happy Parenting Segment, for kids Birthday party wall decorations I have a small Idea to share with you.In CITYWEST shopping mall, in Cards and THings shop, where this beautiful Idea got generated. I am trying to show you. In this particular area I found , “Decorate your own Party masks ” labelled 10 set pack I bought. But, Unfortunately, When I was excited to show and share you this idea, the stock was completely over in that shop.But still, I have Downloaded some similar photographs on net , to explain you clearly that small Idea. Please observe the other paper cut outs in this shop,because once you look into the idea I got , you will be fast and creative in your own way and will be more specific too in your special celebrations. Exactly ,similar Butterfly Eye masks , I bought home and coloured them and then evenly I placed them on wall. Not just for wall decoration, truely, during the partty time , these colouring masks will help us, in making kids together and making them busy with a beautiful activity for sure. Instead if we use them for wall decoration alone, then since we donot use the threads, Making use of these threads, we can ask kids to play “Highest KNOTS” game for fun. Finally without much strain to hands, Instantly and for very short time Surprises and moreover to elevate a small room this is a beautiful presentaion Idea.What do you say ? This is B’day Surprise for Lovely Simple Girl Sindhu. By the way , For this sudden B’day surprise, I am thankful to everyone who supported .. THank YOu So MUch! In the end ,I wish to say that No one knew that I made this using EyeMasks, So in the same way I wish with your creative thoughts and Happy Parenting all of you will be busy for ever… heartfully.Will be back with good videos .. soon and untill then Bye Bye!

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