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(bright music) – Hi, friends, welcome to my channel. If you’re new here, my name is Alyssa. Today I have got an
awesome recipe for you. We are making a detox lentil soup, but we are flavoring it with
really amazing Moroccan spices. So this is a soup that I know is going to warm your little body
(laughs) inside and out. It’s awesome for meal prep. It’s vegan. It’s high protein. It’s gluten-free. And it’s full of really great detoxifying and digestion-friendly ingredients. So if you do wanna make it, the full recipe is up on
the blog, as it always is. I’ve linked it down in
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to our awesome tribe. Otherwise, let’s go ahead and dive in. All right, so the first step
in making our detox lentil soup is to heat up some olive
oil in a large stock pot, soup pot, Dutch oven,
whatever you wanna use. I love my Dutch oven. I’ll link it down below for you. Once that oil is hot, you are going to add in
some chopped up red onion, as well as some chopped up
celery, some chopped up carrot, and some minced garlic. From here, we’re just gonna
saute this all together until everything starts to soften and gets really nice and fragrant. It takes about five minutes or so, and you definitely don’t
have to stir it constantly. You can just give it a quick stir maybe every 30 seconds or so. But once the vegetables have
cooked down a little bit and, again, are starting
to get nice and soft, our next step will be to
add in some cubed potato. And we’re just gonna
kind of get the potato a little bit browned on the outside. If you don’t wanna use potato, you could swap the potato for
turnip, rutabaga, celeriac, basically something that’s
a little bit starchy. You could also use sweet
potato, butternut squash. But it’s nice to have that
starchy vegetable in there because it adds a really nice texture. From there, we are going to season, and we’re gonna use salt
and pepper of course. And again, give it a saute
until it’s all mixed together and everything starts to
get nice and flavorful. Once you have let that
cook down a little bit and you’ve let the vegetables
get nice and flavorful from the salt and pepper, we’re gonna add in the rest of our spices. The spices that we’re gonna be using for the soup are turmeric, as well as some ground
ginger, smoked paprika, ground cumin, and some cinnamon. And again, we are going
to stir that all together until your vegetables are nice
and coated in your spices. Now, you might need to deglaze the pan, which I am gonna do here
with a little bit of water. Sometimes if you’re using a lot of spices with not a lot of vegetables, it starts to kind of stick to the bottom, and it gets a little bit charred almost. So just add a splash or two of water, and that’s just gonna
help loosen everything up on the bottom of the pan and
help you saute everything and make sure that nothing is sticking or burning on the bottom of the pan. Once everything is nice and
flavorful from the spices, we are gonna add in the
rest of our ingredients. So we are using some green lentils, as well as some red lentils. This combo is great. We’re also gonna add in
some vegetable broth, as well as some water. And you’ll mix that all together. Once we have that going, we are going to scoop a
little of the broth out. And what we’re gonna
do is add that directly into a little bowl that
has our tomato paste. I find that this is the
easiest way to combine or basically dissolve tomato paste. So I’m gonna just add
the hot broth directly into this little bowl, and then I’ll use a spoon
to kind of stir it together and make an almost
tomatoey slurry type thing. And it just is much easier
to stir into the soup so that you don’t get chunks of tomato. So once you have it all
combined and smooth, you can just scoop it into
your soup and use your spoon to just stir that tomato
into the rest of the soup. From there, we are gonna
let this come to a simmer. And we are gonna just let this simmer for a good 30-ish minutes until the lentils have started to soften and some of the water has been absorbed. This is what it will look like. And if it’s a little bit to thick for you and you want to have it
a little bit thinner, you could totally stir in a
little bit more water or broth. I personally like to stir
in some non-dairy milk. You could use almond milk. I love coconut milk in soup, so I’m just using some
full-fat coconut milk here. And I’m also gonna flavor
it with some lemon juice, and we’re gonna add in some
spinach to finish things off. So I love adding spinach into soup because it cooks down so much and you can really add a ton in there. I usually add about two to three, sometimes even four cups
of spinach into my soups because, like I said, it cooks down and you don’t even realize that you’ve had that many greens in there. So that’s what we’re gonna do here. We’re adding about three cups of spinach. Just stir it all together into
the soup until it is combined and the spinach has
gotten nice and wilted. And that is the final result of your beautiful Moroccan lentil soup. Now, I really want you
to see how to serve it because I love the topping
combination that I have here. So we’re gonna just scoop the
lentil soup into our bowls. Once you have your bowl nice and filled, we’re gonna move on to the topping. So I do a generous
dollop of coconut yogurt. And then we’re also going to add on some fresh chopped cilantro. I like to do some raw jalapenos as well because it adds a little
bit of spice and kick. I love spice in my soup. And then I finish it off
with some raw red onion which is more for presentation, but it also adds a nice
little crunch and bite as you’re eating the soup. And then you are ready to dig in. This soup is so delicious. It is super, super flavorful. It stores really well. You can freeze it. You can keep it in the
refrigerator for four to five days. And it’s so hearty, super, super cozy, packed with fiber and
obviously plant-based protein from all those amazing lentils. And it’s just one of those recipes that I think you are
going to absolutely devour and come back to all winter long. So I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. And there you have it, my friends. I hope you enjoyed this
delicious soup recipe. I know it’s going to be a
staple for you all winter long and even into maybe next year. But it’s so delicious, packed with flavor. Like I said in the beginning,
it’s really high protein. Lentils are an amazing source
of plant-based protein. This recipe is also meal prep-friendly, freezer-friendly, you name it. You guys are gonna love it, and I can’t wait to see your recreations. If you do end up making it, make sure to share a
photo with me on Instagram by tagging @simplyquinoa
or using #simplyquinoa. Otherwise, I think that’s it. Give this video a thumbs
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