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hey everyone welcome back to my channel
in today’s video we’re making some easy healthy recipe meal ideas is so super
quick they’re good for you and they’re made with whole food ingredients if you
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get straight into it so the first thing we’re making is the sweet potato pizza
so we’re gonna make the crust here basically this is the recipe for a very
basic good crust and then you can top it with whatever you like so I’m using
coconut flour I like it because it’s a high-fiber low-carb flour as well as
some tapioca flour which is great for digestion and tapioca also is really
good for your whole circulation system so a couple tablespoons of that and then
I’m adding in just some oregano for some seasoning you can do any kind of dried
herb here also some garlic for flavor as well but like I said any kind of dried
spices that you like a pinch of Himalayan salt as well as some sweet
potato which helps to add the bulk of this recipe so I love sweet potato
because it’s loaded with vitamin C a great antioxidant great for the change
of season where our immune system needs some building it’s also rich in thiamine
which actually helps you get the energy that from the food you consume as well
and all the recipes will be linked down below with like the measurements and
everything always down below guys so then I just fold that into a little ball
and then we’re gonna make the crust just by pressing it out you can also use a
rolling pin and roll it in between two sheets of wax or parchment paper but I
find it really easy to just push down into a little pressed shape onto a
baking sheet I use a silicone mat but if not you’re gonna want to spray the
baking sheet that you use then I’m topping mine with pesto I really like
mixing up which mean like a red sauce a pesto sauce and other kinds of sauces so
I’m just spreading that I’m a bottom then I’m adding in a few dollops of the
leftover cashew cream from the recipe video I did when I made Rose a pasta if
you guys haven’t seen that video you definitely want to watch that so I will
link that in the description box below but I had some leftover so I’m just
spreading that on the top and like a vegan cashew cream with a pesto is so
delicious guys I had some leftover mushrooms and onions that I’m throwing
on the top basically I just make a pizza with whatever I throw in from the fridge
that’s leftover some place tomatoes you can guys can do whatever you like like I
said the recipes basically for the crust because
you can make a great gluten-free paleo crust at home it’s super easy you bake
it at 400 for 15 minutes and you have this wonderfully delicious pizza full of
whole foods I threw some basil and some kale on it when it was done out of the
oven super quick and easy to do next up we’re making these loaded fries and I’m
obsessed with this recipe it’s delicious so I’m starting off again with the sweet
potato and I like including sweet potato in these recipes because it’s a great
complex carb so it’s gonna break down in your blood sugar a little bit slower and
it’s also super affordable plus it isn’t part of like the Dirty Dozen that you
need to buy organic as well if you can that’s better because organic does have
more vitamins and minerals in it but it’s also like really affordable so I
just cut that into five shapes you guys want to see my video where I tell you
how to make the best wheat potato fries I will also leave that down below
because there’s a kind of like a secret ingredient but you want to include some
avocado oil as you guys know I like avocado oil because it has a higher
smoke point so if you’re cooking at higher than 350 degrees Fahrenheit you
don’t want to use olive oil you want to use avocado oil because it doesn’t
damage but that kind of high temperature so I toss those up and I putting them on
my baking sheet another thing to getting fry super
crispy is you definitely want to lie in them like single file so you don’t want
them too piled up because they won’t get crispy they need enough space between
them so you want to lay them individually while those are in the oven
we’re making this amazing sauce so I’m using a couple tablespoons of tahini and
tahini is just ground sesame seeds which is rich in methionine which helps your
liver detox so that’s super great for getting all the bad stuff out of your
system some lemon juice which is super fresh lemon lime lemon is alkalizing
good for you pinch of Himalayan salt again Himalayan salt is just my staple
salt that I use because it has those minerals in it and it helps to balance
your pH a little bit of garlic and then you literally just mix and stir that up
depending on how thick you want your sauce you can add a tablespoon of water
into it depending on how runny you want it and then I’m just slicing up some
Tomatoes tomatoes are also something good you can throw on top you can throw
arm really any kind of vegetable that you want but I really like the tomato
and then I also have some green chickpeas so these are all the things
that I’m gonna be putting on to our loaded fries but again you can deliver
whatever you like so once your fries are done I’m just going to be putting that
in to our bowl and then we can start like
loading them up with all our different sauces and toppings so next up I’m going
to load it on with our tahini sauce I kind of just drizzle it on top and it’s
so delicious this is definitely a Mediterranean buy
because of the tomatoes were putting on and the tahini sauce and I’m gonna be
putting on some green chickpeas as well when I found the green chickpeas I was
so fun basically green chickpeas are young or fresh chickpeas before they’ve
turned blonde and green chickpeas actually have less carbohydrates and
protein which I mean sign me up because that’s what I’m about but on my little
cherry tomatoes and I’m also gonna put on some parsley where again I love fresh
herbs and this is from my garden so before it turns to winter I want to use
up all my herbs but again whatever you kind of want to load your fries up and
this is such a fun meal idea you got the warm fries you’ve loaded up
and it’s just kind of like a healthy poutine but kind of with this below
advice it’s delicious it’s warm it’s my new favorite thing and yeah I hope you
guys try this one out so up next we are gonna be making some baked coconut
shrimp they’re super easy and delicious to make us craving coconut shrimp and
it’s one of my favorite things but it can be pretty unhealthy when you buy it
out because it’s fried so I’m using some shredded coconut coconut and has great
healthy fats in it as well it helps to stabilize blood sugar and then I’m using
some almond flour and mrs. butts gonna create the outside of our base almond
flour is rich in fat and rich in vitamin E so I’m just airing that together so
that when we coat our fries you get a little bit of everything and not just
like chunks of almond flour and chunks of coconut so stir that together and
then I’m gonna be setting up kind of like our little station so the next
station is gonna be tapioca flour because you need a flour and then we’re
gonna do an egg and then we’re gonna do the outside coating so there’s a couple
tablespoons of that is enough and tapioca flour was really great to help
everything kind of bind to it and then the last one I’m doing an egg I haven’t
tried this with the flax egg but again if we’re using shrimp then you probably
don’t need a flax egg because if you’re eating shrimp and you’re not being him
so I whip the shrimp first into the tapioca flour and then I’m gonna be
putting that into our egg mixture it’s really helpful if you kind of have them
ordered one two three so that when you’re dipping them it’s really easy so
into the egg and then into the almond flour and coconut mixture immense lays
out a sheet once you bake them for like 10 minutes they’re gold
Brown they’re delicious the coating gets nice and crisp and it really sticks on
there so I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you try out any of these easy
healthy recipe meal ideas make sure to tag me on Instagram then also just
follow along marecus I’m always sharing little recipes tips and tricks okay I
will see you guys in my next video bye guys

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  1. How to use coconut flower and tapioca flower
    It was helpful!
    I occasionally put tomato basil mushroom almonds in pizza …
    How to use the flower was a very helpful video!

  2. I'd love to see some fall/winter cozy and warm recipes and beverages😍😊 great video as always,very creative and helpful🤗🥀

  3. Just wanted to clarify that the tapioca you used is starch and not flour? If used the wrong one can lead to a bad result at the end! Going to try the pizza and fries 😋

  4. Hi Liv, thank you so much for the recipes! Just wondering how long should I bake the sweet potato crust for if I want to make a thicker crust? Many love from Australia xx

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