Easy DIY A-Frame TeePee Tent for $10 | Tween Glamping Sleepover Birthday Party

Hey, y’all! Welcome back to The Misfit
Mama. It’s me, Heather, your guide to authentic motherhood and homemaking and
today, I am gonna be sharing with you how to make your very own A-frame tent for
less than $10. My daughter turned 12 a few days ago and so we are hosting a
sleepover for her and she wanted to do a glamping theme. So I looked up, you know,
birthday party places that could do this for us and it turned out to be super
expensive to rent the tents and all the decorations and stuff like that. Plus,
there wasn’t a company that would deliver to my area. So like any good
millennial, okay, I went online to try to find a way to make these tents myself. So
I found a few articles that show different ways to make them and kind of
put everything together in my own way and I figured out a way to do it so that
each tent costs less than $10 to make. Yeah, so let’s just go ahead and get
right into that. Okay, so first things first, the materials that you’re gonna
need: you’re gonna need some wood in order to build the frame. What I used was what’s called furring board. It comes in one inch by two inch and 98 inches
long furring boards that I got from Home Depot and you also are gonna need some
wooden dowels like this one here. This one is 3/8 inch. Most of the tutorials
that I used used wider dowels, which you can do, but the wider that they get, the
more expensive they get. So the ones that I found were 98 cents each and I figured
since we’re only using it for one night that three-eighths inch is fine. It is
pretty thin so if you wanted to use these and have them up in your child’s
room or something like that I would recommend getting a wider dowel. 1/2 inch
or 5/8 inch or something like that.But that is gonna be a little bit more
expensive so may not stay under ten bucks if you do that. Just FYI. The last
thing that you need is something to cover the tent. I tried a really thin
mesh fabric and that was a nightmare to get on so what I ended up doing is I
bought some sheets to cover the mattresses for the girls that are going
to be here and I had accidentally bought flat sheets
instead of fitted sheets. So I decided to see if that would fit and it is actually
a perfect size. It’s a little bit wider than the finished frame of the tent so
you do get a little bit of bunching on the side. You could just fold over you know fold it over and measure it and
secure it, if you didn’t want that bunching. But I think it’s actually
pretty cute that way. What I used was just a twin size flat sheet from Walmart.
This is their Mainstays brand. They were $4.98 per sheet. it’s a really simple thing.
You only need those three materials so I’ll go ahead and show you how to put it
together. So the first thing you’re gonna want to do is to make the frame and you
have to first cut your furring board. That’s what you’re gonna use for the
outside of the frame. You would cut that in half so they’re 48 inches
each. Then you drill a hole about six inches down. You’re going to want to
measure this so that it lines up once you put the dowel in. On the other end,
you’re going to measure two inches and drill a hole there. Once you have
your holes drilled, you will put a dowel through two of the boards on the
side that has the sixth inch hole and then connect it to the other end as well.
On the bottom part of the board, you’ll just hook the dowels in on either side.
So you’re gonna do that for both sides. So the next step is then to create the
cover for the tent. So you’re going to take the flat twin sheet and what I did
to make this a little bit easier was I just started at the part, you know, the
finished top piece and just folded that over because that will make a little
pocket for us to put the dowel through. I just pinned this in place and ran it
through the sewing machine really quick. If you don’t have a sewing machine, you
can also use fabric glue to stick it in place or you could use that iron-on fuse
that you could get at any craft store to do that as well, if you don’t have a
sewing machine, don’t know how to sew or just can’t be bothered with the
sewing part. I’ve been sewing for a long time so I was able to bang this out
pretty quick. It’s a very easy straight-line stitch we’re gonna do on
that one side and then I’ll show you how I figured out
the measurements for the other side. So now that I have a pocket for the dowel
to go in, I’m just gonna feed the dowel through that hole so now that the sheet
is on to that first dowel. You can connect it into the hole. You needed
to make the hole the same size as the dowel. I had a 3/8 inch dowel so I
drilled a 3/8 inch hole. That is gonna make it a really tight fit, which is good
because it’s not gonna come out easily. However, it does make it a little bit
difficult to put it in there. So what you can do is just use
your drill bit to make it a little bit bigger. Not too much because you want
it to be tight but definitely make sure you get a secure fit. So now I would just
attach this into the hole. So I just put the sheet over the top so I can eyeball
where I need to sew the pocket on the other side. I’ve got the air mattress
that we’re using to go with it underneath so I can get a gauge for how
wide the tent needs to be so I don’t make the sheet cover too small. Then I
will take my sheet, wrap it around the dowel, make sure it’s a tight fit, however
you want it to fit on to the frame and then I’m just gonna pin it in place
right here. And then I will take this off, line it up on the other side and sew a
pocket here as well. I’ve taken the sheet off of the frame. I put some pins
in it along where I’m gonna sew and then I’m just gonna run this through the
sewing machine real quick so that then we can pop it onto the dowel. So the last step is just to put your
sheet back onto the frame. You’re gonna do it the same way by just sliding the
dowels through the pocket and then securing them into the hole. And there you it. That’s what our finished tent looks like. So I have made 5 tents and set them up in our living room. I’m getting ready now to
finish decorating, blowing up the air mattresses and get ready to party.
Tomorrow, I think it’s gonna turn out super cute and my daughter is really
excited about this party. So I was able to do it for less than what a birthday
party company would have charged me to do it, so I feel really good about it.
It’s a really inexpensive fun tween glamping party. So if you liked this
video, don’t forget to hit the thumbs up and subscribe, if you haven’t already.
I’ll catch you in the next video. In the meantime keep it real.

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