Easy DIY Balloon Garland Step-by-step Tutorial | Party Decoration Tips by Momo Party

DIY Balloon Cloud Step-by-step Tutorial here’s what you’ll need: 11” + 5” balloons in various colors hand pump and fishing line step 1 blow up balloons with the hand pump squeeze some air out by pushing the balloon against your body so it’s in a round shape vs. oval for a better look leave a long tail when you tie the balloon step 2 tie balloons in pairs with a knot mix sizes and colors for an organic look and have some fun! step 3 leave about 2 feet of fishing line on each end for hanging tie the fishing line around the 1st pair of balloons and make a knot intertwine the fishing line around the balloon pairs start and end with small balloons for a better look Voilà! they’re good to go! TA-DA! one more tip you can always twist the balloons around to get your desired look and… let’s party! Balloon Cloud Kit available at momoparty.com MOMO Party Goods

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