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– Happy New Year hey guys welcome back to my channel and
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home holiday event wedding in DIY decor today I’m gonna show you how to make a
very festive New Year’s Eve chandelier for your coming party here we go I was
thinking on what to make for a New Year’s Eve party project I thought about
how about I make a French foil chandelier and it will shoot confetti at
midnight I’ve never done this so I’m not sure if it’s gonna work but if it
doesn’t work at least it will be a very cute chandelier for your party this year
so let’s get started alright guys so first I wanted to give you the prices so
you guys can see how cheap these steel rings are the 14 inch was only $2.99
this one is a 10 inch only $1.99 and this one is a 6 inch
only 129 so you’re going to pay 629 for all three rings and I can count one two
three three rings I’m going to start with my 14 inch ring and what I’m going
to do is crisscross with fishing line a few times so I can have something to
hang my chandelier from I’m going to tie it and then you’re gonna grab the whole
roll and you’re going to go across ok directly across so make sure that is
Center and then you’re going to go around it a few times okay so make sure
to tie that end but don’t cut it and then you’re going to go around over and
over a couple of times so you can get a little thicker so when you’re hanging it
you know I can be strong enough and then I’m going to just be very careful
because this can fall apart very easily so use your thumb there to hold it and
then go around it like that one time so you can stay okay see you this way go
around and then you go the long way now I’m going to make the other one to
come across now moving on to my 10-inch ring and I place their right on top and
I’m going to Center it okay and then I pre-cut for these are about
10 inch fishing line strains I can’t even grab it there you go
and I’m thinking I’m going to use about 6 inches of this so I gave myself two
inches on each side so that’s why it’s 10 ok so I’m just going to go ahead and
tie it from here and then I’m going to tie it to the 10 inch okay so I want
this to be 4 inches excuse my ruler it’s so beat up so it’s a little bit too long
so I’m going to take it in a little bit more alright so here’s the time of truth
to see if they are all the same length so you’re just gonna turn it over grab
it from right here see that you can make it longer if you would like but I don’t
like it that’s long anymore okay so it seems to be about right I think this one
might be a little shorter but luckily fishing line stretches a bit or don’t
pull it too long because he will snap but you can stretch it a bit so that’s a
good thing about fishing line alright I hope you saw that I think I was off
camera alright so I’m gonna go ahead and continue with the next one okay this one
I’m going to make six inches long so four and then six what you have
experience making chandeliers you can choose how long you want your strings
you know you might prefer for them to be longer I prefer them smaller or shorter
I have made chandeliers longer and shorter strings and I just prefer the
ones with shorter strings because to me they look better and fuller so now
they’re all completed it’s basically the same process for each ring and I’m going
to turn it over and there you have it okay maybe even bring it up see that
perfect to hang it up I’m using book rings from Dollar Tree this came in a
six pack and I’m just going to open it and I’m going to attach it to my
crisscross here and then I’m going to hang it up so I can start working on it
going to be decorating my chandelier frame with foil French curtains I got
these from Party City but you can pretty much find them anywhere you can find
them at Walmart Target on the Sun pretty much any store
I believe Walmart has the most affordable price but they’re not that
expensive but I’m going to be doing is cutting them into pieces and I’m going
to be gluing them with hot glue around the frame and it’s going to look amazing
alright so let’s do it I’m going to cut this top part off so make sure to hang
on to it I’m going to be cutting it in 20 inch sections that I’m going to be
using on each tier that gives me room to play in case I need to cut some off so
they’re basically gonna be 10 inches long once you place them I’m going to
start with the bottoms here and I’m going to be using a little bit of hot
glue this is a low temperature gun and I’m going to apply a little bit of glue
on here so it can keep the foil French in place I’m gonna give it a little trim and
there’s the first tier here’s the second tier and I’m going to go ahead and trim
it but be very careful not to cut the first tier and here’s the second tier
I’m going to leave it as it is for now and I might trim it a little bit later all right so I’ve been trimming for
about 20 minutes so I’m going to stop before my chandelier is bald so yeah I
think it looks pretty good now I’m gonna go ahead and use this tissue paper and
I’m going to place it in my middle tier either at the bottom or the middle tier
and then I’m going to place some confetti right on top of it so then I
can pull it with my fishing line and then it will splash alright so I cut my
tissue paper in a circle and this circle is bigger than the lower tier so the
first tier of the bottom and then I attach some fishing line to the paper so
basically I made two tiny holes with my with the fishing line itself and then I
brought it through and then I tied it at the bottom okay so this you basically
are going to be pulling on the fishing line so the confetti can come down under
the chandelier all right so I’m just going to add a little glue around the
rim of the lower tier and I’m going to place this right on it okay so basically
what I have here is a cup that’s going to hold my confetti and this are gold
stars for Party City and there were each 67 cents very cheap and I think that
these are not going to be a mess to clean up because they are pretty big and
they are also very cute and very festive very New Year’s Eve so I’m just going to
go ahead and place it right inside over there okay guys this is it this is my foil
French chandelier that you can use for your next New Year’s Eve party you can
definitely just hide the string by throwing it over D chandelier and then
when you’re ready to you know the countdown and you want to pull it you
can then bring it down and pull it under your guest and it is absolutely pretty I
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alright guys until next time

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  1. Hi Tayra ๐Ÿ‘,
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    Mrs.K ๐Ÿ’‹

  2. Wooooo I'm going to try this one that's really good thank you love your work always lots of love and good wishes๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

  3. Wow๐Ÿ™€Very cool ideas.
    I wish you all a good mood.
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  4. Hi Tayra!!… I have been stalking your page for two weeks looking for a new videos! I missed you .. glad youโ€™re back with another awesome video

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