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How to make a beautiful paper flower decoration This paper flower can be used as a DIY Wall Decoration or a wonderful centre table decoration It can also be used as a kids school craft project Things You Need… Scissors, Adhesive, Felt Paper, Color Paper Pencil & Divider Tool, Ruler, Cardboard First take a pink color paper and mark the measurements on it as shown Cut the paper using scissors We will get a square shape piece. Now take a yellow paper, mark the measurement. Fold and cut it as shown Again fold the yellow paper two times as shown Start folding the paper as shown to make an accordion shape We will stick this yellow accordion on to the pink piece of paper using glue Cut the extra part of the yellow accordion We will make such multiple shapes Next we will make a circular base to stick these accordion designs Cut it carefully and draw a small circle inside it Now stick the accordion designs on this circle as shown here Take a green color paper and draw a square on it. Cut it. Roll the paper as shown and stick to make a cone like pattern. Paste these cones shapes inside the main design as shown. Now it’s time to fill the center of the craft For this take a white color paper and draw a square on it Roll the white paper pieces to make the small cones as shown Now stick the white cones at the center of the design as shown. Take a white card paper and draw a circle and cut it Stick the circle at the base of the craft to give it some strength There you are, your beautiful centre piece paper flower decoration craft is now ready! Thanks for watching and happy crafting!

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