EASY FALL DINNER IDEAS ‣‣ 2 healthy vegan recipes

(light music) – Hi friends, welcome back to my channel. If you’re new here, my name is Alyssa. Today I’ve got a really delicious recipe video in store for you. We are making two easy
fall dinner recipes. One of them is like a creamy cozy soup and the other one is a casserole, one that you can like fill
with veggies, make ahead, both are meal-prep friendly,
both are freezer-friendly, both are cozy, comforting and so good and they’re both also
vegan and gluten-free. So I have linked the recipes
down in the description box for you if you do wanna make them, they’re up on the blog,
they are right down below like I just said and before we dive in, I would love to invite you to subscribe and join our community here on YouTube if you are not yet a member. There is a red button
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that will subscribe you and otherwise, let’s go
ahead and get started. All right, so the first
thing we’re gonna do is the Quinoa Casserole. We’re gonna start by adding some quinoa into a casserole dish. On top of that we are
gonna do some garlic powder as well as some nutritional
yeast, some chili flakes or also smoked paprika is really nice here as well as a pinch of sea salt. Some vegetable broth
and some cashew cream. From there you can just
give it a quick stir and once it’s all stirred together and the broth and cashew
cream are kind of combined you can add in your broccoli,
just kind of place it right on top of all those ingredients so that it kind of sits
on top of the casserole. And then we will bake this
until it is cooked through and the liquid have been absorbed. Make sure you go over to the blog post to get the instructions and everything. And this is what it looks like when it comes out of the oven. And all we’re gonna do is basically just serve it up like this. It’s hot, it’s bubbling, it’s so good. Cheesy, broccoli-y, and just delicious. I like to finish everything off with a tahini sauce, as you guys know, so this is just tahini, garlic powder, and water mixed together and
it adds even more creaminess and it’s just really, really good. And I also do some fresh herbs on top, Terri just did some fresh chives. Otherwise that’s it. You could top it with
hot sauce if you wanted and it’s a really good meal prep recipe that also can be swapped
for different vegetables if you don’t want broccoli. So again, check out the
blog post for veggie ideas if you are not a broccoli fan. And then the next recipe
is our Creamy Broccoli Soup so we’re gonna add olive
oil into a large stock pan you can add in your chopped onion as well as your chopped
carrot and your minced garlic. Season it with a little
salt and pepper if you want and we’re gonna just saute
this until everything get fragrant and has kind
of softened a little bit. It takes about five minutes or so. Once you’ve got that to
the right consistency you can add in your chopped zucchini and give that a quick
saute, just to kind of get the zucchini combined
in there and flavorful. Then we will add in our broccoli. Again, give it a saute
until it’s combined. I realize you can now
just add the zucchini and broccoli at the same
time and give it a stir. But once you have everything stirred in, you can add in your raw cashews. This is gonna be what
makes it super-creamy as well as some nutritional yeast, vegetable broth, and water. And we will bring this
to a boil, cover it, and let it simmer for about 20 minutes until the broccoli has cooked through and we’ve given the cashews
some time to soften. Once you have that you
are ready to blend it up. So I recommend that you let
this cool for about 10 minutes before you add it into your blender. I don’t know if an immersion
blender would work here because of the cashews,
so if you don’t want to use cashews, you can
use an immersion blender but otherwise you’re gonna
need to use a regular blender. So just transfer the soup
into your blender base and we’re also gonna
add in some almond milk which is gonna help add
some creaminess to it. Then we will just blend
it up until it is smooth and creamy and if it’s
a little bit too thick, it shouldn’t be but if it is you could add a splash of more almond milk if you want. From there you are going
to just remove the lid and we’re gonna finish everything off by stirring in some
additional nutritional yeast which of course gives it
that nice, cheesy flavor as well as some lemon juice. It just kind of like
brightens everything up. And a pinch more salt
and pepper if you wanted. Give that a quick stir just
directly into the blender and you’re ready to serve your soup. So I just pour the soup
directly out of the blender and you can stir the
rest in like a Mason jar or a sealed container in your fridge. For topping I like to do some fresh herbs, either parsley, basil,
chives, that’s really nice. Some sprinkle of nutritional
yeast for more cheesy flavor. Some paprika flakes for a little heat. And then I had some
leftover roasted broccoli which I garnished on top
and then the last step is to top it with some cracked pepper. And this soup is absolutely
delicious, so creamy, it’s on the thinner side which usually I like really thick soups but this one was absolutely delicious and
I hope you guys give it a try. And there you have it my
friends, I hope you enjoyed our easy fall dinner ideas. These recipes are so great
for the colder weather, they are cozy, they are comforting, and while they both do
happen to have broccoli you can customize the casserole with whatever veggies you’d like. Let us know if you make any substitutions, creations, recreations,
anything like that. I always love hearing what
you guys make in the kitchen. If you did like this video,
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an awesome rest of your day. Thank you so much for being here and I’ll see you guys
in the next video, bye. (light music)

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  1. I can’t wait to try it OMG 😍😍. These looks sooo good!!!!! Definitely trying the first one first 😝, but like the sad thing is that Where I life does not sell any veggie broth …. soo I’m gonna try it with soy milk/ water 🤤🤤

  2. These look yummy. Is there a substitute for nutritional yeast? I’m supposed to stay way from yeast products as much as possible. Thank you.

  3. PERFECT timing! I have to turn the oven on to make bread tonight so I'm prepping the 1st recipe now to throw in at the same time 🙂

  4. I love your style of cooking. There are so many healthy ingredients. You keep it simple while still making things tasty enough to share with my whole family including my kids!

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