awesome birthday banner! isn’t it? make birthday banner at home and make them feel extra especial boost your imagination and creativity you are with me CREATIVE MOM TANU AND COMING UP HANDMADE BIRTHDAY BANNER. HERE WE GO materials we need are sparkle foam sheet few colorful papers alphabet stickers pom-pom balls ribbon scissor-zig zag and plane glue so lets start with the method take sparkle foam sheet and mark diagnally and then cut it we have two triangles from one sheet make 13 triangles, one for each happy birthday alphabets then take another paper and mark half inches less than the previous sparkle foam sheet triangle cut sides with zig-zag scissor and cut 13 triangles take long strip and then one top flip and one bottom flip till the end of the paper paste both ends together and make 13 paper wheels then mark 13 circles on another paper and cut it with zig-zag scissor its time to assemble it first take both triangles and paste smaller triangle on the bigger one then paste paper wheel then circle and then alphabets paste pom-pom ball then take ribbon and paste triangles,one after another and birthday banner is ready !! lets rock the party with handmade birthday crafts….here are few glimpse of my upcoming birthday craft hope to see you there please like, comment and subscribe for more creative ideas thanks for watching.bye-bye

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