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– Hey guys! Welcome to iFOODreal where
we make healthy dinner easy and delicious. And we are continuing with
our instant pot series and this is episode number 3. And today we are making instant
pot chicken and potatoes. This recipe is my
grandma’s old style stew, from Ukraine. Grandma from Ukraine because
that’s where I am from. It is super easy. I have, like, bazillion
of five star reviews. This recipe, not me. But the best part is that beginners have started using instant
pot with this recipe and it comes out perfect. So, let’s do it. And make sure you stay ’til the end where we’re gonna talk
about using frozen chicken, yes you can use frozen chicken, and how to speed up the pressure cooker coming to pressure faster. Okay, let’s do it. So, I a using a whole chicken today and I am going to show you how I cut it. It’s super easy. You can use literally any chicken pieces. Whole chicken is the cheapest
one, that’s why I’m using it. You can use breasts, thighs,
drumsticks, wings, anything. Boneless, skinless. Of course without the skin
is healthier so, but yeah. Let me show you how I cut
chicken my Ukrainian way. So, you want to remove the, this part, I don’t know what its called. And then cutting chicken is
completely logical process. You remove the butt and
fatty butt cheeks first. (soft up beat music) There goes butt. And see, there’s quite
a lot of fat right here. You take it off. Ta-da. And then, you remove the drumsticks, actually these are legs, and wings. And to do so, I just cut a little bit, and then I crack, kind of like… And you will see where the
bone is attached to the body and that’s where you cut. And for our recipe, instant
pot chicken and potatoes, we don’t need to cut chicken in pieces. (soft up beat music) So now, I like to remove
the skin off the breasts. Just pull it. And now you cut the breasts. There is a rib in the middle, and you just kind of go like this. (soft up beat music) One breast. By the way, this is technique
I came up with on my own. (laughs) All right, second breast. And then all you’re left with
is the chicken soup bones and there is more fat on the bottom. You can just take it off. You should cut it, and you will be eating less saturated fat. Alright, and you can use this to make soup or I have recipe for
instant pot bone broth. And yeah, so that was easy. (laughs) (soft up beat music) Alright, now as for potatoes. You can literally use any potatoes. Yellow potatoes, baby
potatoes, summer potatoes, wax potatoes. The key is to have them in same size. So, these are my local farm potatoes. They are season right
now, so all you have to do is make sure they’re kind
of cut to same size pieces, and that’s it. I had readers using russet
potatoes and even sweet potatoes. So I just cut potatoes into cubes, kind of like picking out the largest ones, and leaving smaller ones whole. And it doesn’t really matter
how large you cut them because instant pot really
breaks down potatoes and a lot of it will be kind of mushy and making this delicious beef stew base. I love potatoes! I’m from Ukraine, and we
eat potatoes. (laughs) We actually, fun fact,
we eat potatoes everyday. – [Man] We do? – We did, as kids. So, this size of potatoes
I don’t cut, they’re fine. (mumbles) And now we are going to
cut onion and carrots. Everything is really roughly chopped. This recipe would work
really well for husbands. (soft up beat music) Okay, so now it’s time to add everything to instant pot, and cook. That’s it! So dump chicken first, and you literally dump. And I’m using two chicken
legs, two chicken wings, and I guess I’m using all breasts. You can use two to three pounds chicken. It doesn’t matter. And then we add potatoes, we dump them. Then carrots and onions. And the only spices we will be using is rosemary, bay leaves, and pepper. And now the most important
thing, you do not stir. Oh, I forgot water! (foreign language) Kay, one cup water. You always need to add
water to instant pot. That’s what builds up pressure and instant pot is a pressure cooker. Now we put lid on. 20 minutes friends, and we can release. (soft up beat music) You are welcome to use frozen chicken. For example, let’s say
frozen chicken breasts. All you have to do is separate them. Don’t add the whole blob into instant pot because they will not cook in between. So, when you buy chicken breast, you can separate them with
parchment paper before freezing. So, just add frozen
chicken, thighs work too, to the instant pot, and
the same cooking time. 20 minutes. The trick with frozen meat is, instant pot just takes
longer to come to pressure, but the cooking time is the same. And another tip on speeding
up pressure build up, use boiling water. So, boil water in a kettle, and that one cup of water that we used, you can use boiling water. And then the pressurizing will be faster because instant pot will
not have to heat cold water. You’re welcome. (soft up beat music) Ta-da. To flavor chicken and potatoes,
we’re using garlic and dill, which is super shocking
because I am from Ukraine, but those are my absolutely
favorite flavors. And the major tip is
five fresh garlic cloves added to instant pot before cooking, is not as powerful as one added after. So, we’re gonna grate it, and chicken and potatoes are
gonna be so, so flavorful. Shut the front door friend, flavorful. And as for dill, I like to use a whole bunch, but you can use as much
or as little as you want. And I have a tip for you. In case you bought dill and it went a little bit
wilted in the fridge, place it in a jar with cold water and it will come back to life again. See, ta-da! (sucks teeth) So, after 20 minutes, we did quick release and now we are going to add this much dill and fresh garlic. And stir, and while I
am gonna be stirring, I will be kinda breaking
down chicken into pieces so it can distribute it
evenly on these potatoes. O-M-G. See chicken is falling apart. I wish you could smell
my studio right now. (soft up beat music) – Hi. (laughs) – Look who’s here, For the taste test. – Only. – Only. Not for the cooking part. Alright, cheers. (both moan) – But this is good. – Not just because it’s shut the front door grandma’s recipe. This was so easy. I made this recipe 150 million times and all our friends make
it and they love it. You can entertain with
this, you can make dinner. And T used to eat it, like,
literally half an hour. This is so good. (humming) (both moan) – This is awesome. My God. – I’m good, right? (laughs) – You are good. – I’m not just a pretty face. – Wow. – I hope you guys enjoy and I hope you love
your instant pot, and– – Keep watching. – Check the link below, bye. – Keep watching. – See you next time, see you next week. – Bye. – Bye.

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  1. This looks "shut the front door" delicious! 🤤🤤 I would love to see you do more Ukrainian recipes on your channel. 💜

  2. Seriously delicious dinner. My out of town guests just loved it! Your channel is amazing! Thank you💙💚💛❤️❤️

  3. Hi! Will 20 minutes for boneless skinless chicken breasts be too long? I don’t want to overlook the chicken. Thanks!

  4. Made this yesterday instead of the beef stew. Came out delicious. Waaay better than I thought it would be. The only thing I did different is add chicken stock instead of water just to add a little more flavor profile. Thanks for the great vid! Subscribed!

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