today we’re meal prepping in the kitchen
and I have five easy keto dinner recipes for you guys that are only gonna use
beef we’re going to be using a chuck roast and some ground beef so let’s get
started I’m sharing with you guys five easy keto dinner recipes that you can
make using beef and these recipes they’re perfect for just the weeknight
so five days a week Monday through Friday you can incorporate these into
your dinner time I have a slow cooker recipe and instant pot recipe one recipe
that utilizes the grill but these can all be made in less than 30 minutes
first I’m going to show you what I like to make with a chuck roast so this is
our first piece of beef that I purchased and you can use whatever type of roast
you want here as long as it’s beef I just really like chuck roast because
it’s inexpensive and it has a lot of fat on there so that’s gonna really keep us
full on our keto diet I purchased two packages of the beef chuck roast so that
I can use them in two meals I’m actually going to be cooking it in the slow
cooker having it that night for dinner and then we’re gonna take the leftovers
and use it in a second recipe so first I’m going to show you how to make a keto
slow cooker pepper and onions steak this is a recipe that you can make up in the
morning and let it cook throughout the whole day and you’ll have dinner ready
for you when you get home in a slow cooker I’m going to add my Chuck steak
for our seasonings we have salt going into this and garlic powder to add some new yummy flavor we’re gonna
add some liquid aminos but you can use coconut aminos or coconut vinegar if
you’d like to and then we’re gonna add a one full
onion that sliced up I’m also going to use red bell pepper and green bell
pepper we’re also gonna add crushed Tomatoes
cook this on your slow cooker at low temperature for around six to eight
hours it’s okay if it goes a little bit over the longer you cook it the more
tender and shred light consistency that beef will get then when you come home from work it’s
time to turn off your crock-pot and we’re gonna mix up our beef I like to
use an electric mixer to help shred up my beef a little bit more you can just
spread it apart with a fork to there are many different ways that you
can enjoy this keto pepper and onions beef you can put it on some lettuce with
some cheese guacamole and salsa and have a fajita salad or you could put it in a
lettuce wrap or a low-carb tortilla and just have fajitas my favorite way is to
put it on some low carb rice so I like to get rice noodles that are Shirataki
shirataki rice noodles and I’ll show you my favourite brand here but I like to
add if you heat a beef mixture to it and pour a little bit of the broth in there
too it’s just excellent like I mentioned before you are going to get lots of
leftovers with making this beef so you could just use it the next day and maybe
turn it into that taco salad or or have some burritos with it
or what I like to do is make a fajita pie so on meal prep day and that’s when
I make up some fat head dough I like to make up a big bunch of fat head dough I
always have it in my freezer ready to go whenever I need it I usually end up
doubling or tripling the recipe if you guys want to see how to make some fat
head dough just click up on the link up here and it will take you to that video
where I give instructions I’m also going to have the full recipe listed down
below in the description box the purpose of the fat head dough is to make a pie
crust so we’re going to be making a pie crust out of this fat head dough and put
it in the oven to bake before we add our topping once the crust is all nice and
golden-brown and bakes now it’s time to add our beef filling you can add
additional onions and bell pepper cheese whatever you’d like to this I like to
add in some cream cheese to make a little bit more creamier and then you
put it back in the oven and bake it next up I’m going to show you some easy
keto recipes that you can make using ground beef so I’ve picked up around
four pounds of ground beef from the grocery store to eat for this week you
can pick up a little bit more if you want especially if you want to have
leftovers the first recipe that we’re gonna make using ground beef is my
instant pot keto lasagna soup and I put up a video on this a few weeks ago I’ll
have it linked up here for you guys to click or down below in the description
box this is a very very easy recipe that you can make when you come home from
work you can have dinner on the table in less than 30 minutes you’re just going
to pour some ingredients into your instant pot and enjoy a creamy beefy
tomatoey lasagna soup my kids love this recipe and it’s one of those really good
recipes that you can make when you come home you don’t really have a clue what
to make because these are usually ingredients that I have on hand at all
times like I usually always have onion and celery I have a can of diced
tomatoes that’s one of my staples that I always have in my pantry some tomato
paste too and then I always try and keep some sort of low carb pasta on hand too
just for situations like this but you know what this soup is excellent even
without the low carb pasta the next easy Quito dinner recipe using
ground beef is my recipe for cheeseburger barbecue meatloaf this is
one of my kids as favorites and it’s something that we always like to have
every week and I already did a video on how to make this I’ll have it linked up
here for you to click on or down below in the description box but in the
interest of time I’m not going to go over and directly how to make it step by
step but just know it’s super simple to make I love it because I can actually
prep up the meatloaf the morning before I go to work or even the night before
and then when I come home from work and I can just pop it right into the oven
and bake it up in dinner’s ready in no time this next recipe is honestly something
that we have probably every week and it’s something that you guys probably
already do – it’s a bunless burger but it’s not just your typical bunless
burger this is a smash burger and if you’ve never tried smash burgers before
you are missing out because they’re incredible a smash burger is just
basically a burger where you’re not taking ground beef that’s already kind
of just smushed together so I recommend getting it from your butcher shop where
it’s you have those shreds of ground beef and they’re loosely packed a lot of
times when you get the grass-fed beef it comes in this lake congealed smash
together loaf and that makes it really hard to make a smash burger using that
prepackaged grass-fed beef if you really really want to use grass-fed beef I
recommend getting a grass-fed chuck roast or chuck steak or you could use
short ribs and then just grinding that together if you have a meat attachment
for your KitchenAid you can grind your own ground beef that way or just giving
it to the butcher and they can pre grind that for you but you want these loosely
shreds of ground beef because you want to allow air to get inside because
otherwise when it’s too packed together it almost cooks up like a meat loaf or
it’s really dense but making it like this where it’s just loosely packed it’s
more juicy and tender and just really melts in your mouth when you have that
burger so to make a smash burger you want to form even balls just kind of
loosely pack them don’t pack them too tight lay them down on a piece of
parchment paper now there’s different ways that you can make smash burgers we
like to make ours on the grill so we’re gonna smash these ahead of time another
way you can make smash burgers is by cooking them in a cast-iron skillet and
I have those full instructions on my website so I’ll have that link that down
below for you in case you’re wanting just to cook it on the stovetop in a
cast-iron skillet if you smash it right there in the skillet it gets those edges
really nice and crispy but we’re going to be cooking ours on the grill
today so I’m gonna smash up the burgers ahead of time so I’ll lay down a piece
of parchment paper and take my burger balls and place them down put another
layer of parchment paper on top and just give it a good whack so we’re gonna
whack those down one by one don’t whack them too much because again
it’s gonna press it together too much for you and then I season them with a
little bit of salt and pepper you can use steak seasoning one of my favorites
is by Jacobson Salt Company they have at stake make sure that I like to put on my
burgers and then we grill them once your burgers are ready you can top
them with whatever keto friendly toppings you want to use from butter
Mayo sugar-free ketchup like the brand I like to use is by primal kitchens
there’s mustard pickles you could even get buns I like to get these buns
sometimes by the smart baking company they make some low-carb gluten-free buns
that are pretty decent to have on burgers and I’ll have that link down
below for you if you’re interested in purchasing those but that’s it that’s
your five easy keto dinner recipes all using beef let me know down in the
comments what your favorite recipe was and what you plan to make and let me
also know I’m curious do you guys meal prep at all and when do you meal prep
and how often do you meal prep I myself I’m I’m not very consistent with it some
weeks I’m on it and I’m super super diligent about it other weeks it’s just
I get too busy and it doesn’t happen but again these recipes although you can
meal prep some of them ahead of time they’re all designed where you can make
them when you get home from work and you’re tired and really don’t want to
make dinner because like honestly these all take less than 30 minutes to make

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  1. Going to have to try these recipes! The burgers are the only way I make my burgers! Less is more sometimes 😁

  2. Oh and I don’t meal prep at all. I’m a SAHM so I have time. But I do keep leftovers of everything and eat those through out the week..which is kind of meal prep 😂

  3. BTW always meal prep (okay 90-95%)..gluten and lactose intolerant, so I try my best to avoid eating at cafeteria at work…even if listed gluten free I find it’s not always the case…I now buy prepared frozen gluten free items to keep on hand if I’m too busy to meal prep so as not to get tempted to eat out/order out.

  4. Slow cooker roast with veggies, meatloaf and burger.
    I have not been doing meal prep for awhile. Time to get back to it.
    Thanks for the recipes . Everything looks good!

  5. I love your recipes.. I
    Had made pently of them but I can only make the one that has chicken so how about making recipes that only using chickens

  6. I meal prep Sunday's. This week made Philly steak Stuff Peppers, Scotch Eggs, Blueberry Muffins, Eggplant Rollatini Of Course Fat head Dough.😁

  7. These look great! I'm leaning towards more soups. My blendtec has a soup setting and I can throw in cold food and pull out hot delicious soups. My family of 4 including 2 under 4 loves asian soups and creamy hardy soups can make a delicious easy meal. Meal prepping is a coin flip for me week to week. 😂 Btw, for the burgers, if you want delicious keto yeast buns checkout Keto King's Keto Burger Buns! 😋💗 They're shiny, fluffy and amazing!

  8. Definitely trying the cheese meatloaf and the shredded pot roast. I like to add iItalian dressing and pepperoncinis to the roast and then shred. Delicious! I meal prep every Sunday, religiously, to keep from cheating and I Love the convenience for the week.

  9. Thank you for these . I work full time and some weekends I don’t have time to meal prep. This seems so easy!

  10. Whoa! I just got home from the grocery store and chuck roast was on sale. I bought five of them and put them in my freezer! Perfect timing

  11. I love the look of the lasagna soup. I have been on a low carb diet for the last month but today is my first day on the ketogenic diet. 😀

  12. I'm a beef lover so I loved this video. Thx for sharing your recipes!!! When I grew up, your smash burgers were my mom's hamburgers. But she mixed an egg, chopped onion, salt and pepper into the ground beef before dividing it up and smashing the burgers. Sooo tasty!!!

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