Easy Kids’ Birthday Party Menu | Gluten-Free, Nut-Free

Hey guys! Welcome back to an exciting and
fun video. Today, I’m in the kitchen setting up some pretty amazing things
for my son’s birthday celebration. He has a few friends coming over soon to play games and be boys and a few of them eat Gluten-Free. Because I don’t want to have
any child feel left out by having foods that are different I’m going to make one
birthday party menu everyone can enjoy! When I asked my son what he wanted to
serve at his party he said he wanted Pizza! And knowing how easy it is to
serve gluten-free options with Freschetta’s cheesy thin crust pizza. This party is
totally worry-free. Freschetta’s gluten-free pizzas are already
a staple at our Friday night movie nights, so naturally, it was a terrific option
for today’s party. And I’ll also show you how I transform a plain cheese into an
adult pizza for my husband and me. their chaperones to enjoy. Now that those are
in the oven let’s look at what I’ve been preparing for the party.
Getting kids excited about fruit and vegetables has never been easier with
these veggie cups. I simply put some hummus and ranch at the bottom of the
cups and place an assortment of veggies standing up so each child can have fun
dipping. And these mini veggie cups looks so much more appealing than the
traditional veggie tray. Don’t you think? Oh by the way, in the description box
below this video you’ll find all the links and details for the recipes that
I’m showing you here today. I also have apple slices with my no-nut butter dip
I made a dip with nut-free butter instead of peanut butter, in case a child
might have a nut allergy at the party. Food allergies like gluten and nuts are
serious and with easy substitutions it’s super simple to make one thing everyone
can enjoy. Another fun fruit idea is these grape kabobs.
I simply poke grapes through skewers and froze them, and the kids love these! You
could also make them at room temperature, but what I love is that they are super
easy to make ahead of time. Next, is an undeniable treat. Chocolate drizzle,
gluten-free pretzels and marshmallows. And because I
had extra chocolate I dip the marshmallows in the chocolate and added
more sprinkles because everyone loves sprinkles! And one of my favorite fun
things, is this gelatin fish tank! All I did was follow the gelatin box
instructions and chill overnight before serving I used a knife to make vertical
slits and place the gummy fish throughout the bowl. So simple and the
kids are going to love it. Oh! And the pizzas are ready! So let’s get these out
of the oven for the kids. I’m going to show you how jazz up this cheese
pizza for the adults. Alright so do this plain crispy pizza I’m going to add some
fresh arugula, some kalamata olives, and feta cheese. For a final touch I’m going
to drizzle some olive oil and balsamic vinegar on top. Doesn’t this look gorgeous? The pizza, yes! And it smells amazing. So much pizza talk, I think this
deserves a taste test, don’t you think. This crispy gluten-free pizza is jazzed up
just the way I like it. The kids, of course, love the classic cheese and the
pepperoni combination. So everyone, will be happy. An entire party spread all
beautiful and fun and all gluten-free! Make sure you check the description box
below this video for all the party ideas. And to find out more about Freschetta’s
gluten-free pizzas head over to www.freschetta.com

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