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  1. Please don't be our dead celebrity.We want you to live long spready some good jams along the way for all of us to live by

  2. Love everything you do, keep at it and I'll be here for the long run bro.

    The flare and colour in your videos are so refreshing and entertaining.

  3. absolutely love the track! amazing concept all around. Much love to all involved in the production of this!! <3

  4. My 17 months old daughter is your biggest fan. Anytime I need to have some rest I just have to play your videos on YouTube and she can watch it all day long literally. It goes only with Easy Life and she's bored with other artists! Love you and greetings from Donetsk, Ukraine 🇺🇦

  5. HELL YEAH! Keep up the fantastic work! You guys have been absolutely killing the game recently, and I absolutely dig this song. Ever video you guys do looks like a lot of fun too. Can’t wait for more in the future!

  6. I physically cannot believe my friends went and met easylife and I was REVISINGG FOR GCSES I’m genuinely heartbroken, dazed, flabbergasted

  7. Maybe I’m thinking too deep into this but perhaps when he’s in the water on the pool float, what if that’s like a reference to the Great Gatsby. After all they are throwing a party.

  8. Люблю ваше творчество, продолжайте в том же духе вы лучший!

  9. I've started to really listen to easy life after "earth" and I really do have to say that his songs are 101% better than most artists. I have many favourite artists and easy life is definitely up there too ❤️❤️

  10. Great song, but be careful what you wish for… sure fame in Hollywood sounds nice, but there's a lot of dark shit that you'll end up being involved with whether you like it or not… that's how they get you…

  11. hi i’m listening your song in korea and I wish I could come to Korea to perform. Please continue to make good music:)

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