Easy No Knead Dinner Rolls/ Bread making in Five Simple Steps/Easy Dinner rolls

Making a play at home is so simple and we can make any sort of bread in five simple steps The first step is to prepare the dough The second step is to let that dough sit and rise for the first proofing or the first rising and the third step is to divide and shape the dough and The fourth step is to let that divided dough sit and rest and they gain their shape before baking Which is the final proofing and the final step is to bake the bread and The taste of the bread the first according to different ingredients that we use to prepare the dough and the shape of the bread differs according to how we shape the dough in the third step and Today, let’s see how to make supersoft No knead dinner rolls they are specially created to get a softer tender texture and the taste is too good with a pleasant sweetness and a delicious buttery smell And it looks so amazing with a golden brown crust on top and another special thing about this bread is that it requires No kneading, and so it is so easy to make it at home To prepare the dough, first we need to activate the dry yeast and then mix together all the rest of the ingredients Yeast always need a sweet and warm environment to bloom up so here I have taken 140 milliliters of warm milk into which I have added 1/2 a teaspoon of active dry yeast and 2 tablespoons of sugar Stir them well & keep it aside for 5 to 6 minutes for the yeast to get activated and now pour in this activated yeast mixture into which I’m adding one egg at room temperature and 50 grams of softened butter And then we’re going to add the dry ingredients.. the flour and the salt And now blend them together And while we’re making a bread we don’t need to be very precise on the measurements But we have to keep in our mind that the final dough should be sticky mass of dough And now let’s transfer this into another bowl Which is already greased with butter and cover it with a plastic film and now our dough is ready for the first proofing And keep it aside in a warm environment for one and half to two hours or until The dough puff up and double in size I usually keep it in the oven light and now after 2 hours Our dough has risen well and transfer them into a lightly floured work surface And now all we have to do is to gently degas the dough and divide them into equal portions Now it’s time for shaping the dough, I’m tucking the edges underneath towards the center and roll each piece of dough into smooth and round ball and place these rolled balls onto a baking vessel which I have already greased with butter and now our dough is ready for the second proofing. so wrap it with a plastic film and Let them rest for forty to forty-five minutes until they gain their shape After 45 minutes They have risen well and with a pastry brush, I’m going to give a good egg wash to make it more appealing to eyes when they come out of the oven Bake it 375 Fahrenheit for 20 to 25 minutes And we’ll get a beautiful supersoft dinner rolls which smells amazing and tastes delicious I’m going to smear some butter over the top of the bread to make it more soft and Allow it to cool down for about 10 minutes And now they are ready to eat 🙂 I Hope this video helped you and I hope you will try this recipe and I’m sure you will love it And thank you so much for your love and support and thanks for watching this video And please don’t forget to share this with your friends Who are looking for an easy dinner roll recipe and please don’t forget to subscribe this channel for more recipes:)

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  1. Love love love!!! I've shared this with some of my friends & they love it too. Bread is beautiful & soft. You are very easy to understand

  2. HI Bincy, thank you so much for sharing, I'm gonna make this soon once I get all the ingredients (no flour at the moment). I do have a question though, although I suspect the answer will be long the lines of "they were gone before I knew it" LOL but in your experience, if you had ever had leftovers from the day, how long before the rolls get drier and no longer as soft? Just in case I need to bake this for a journey…. Thanks!!

  3. Wow, lovely bread! I want to try one day. I just subscribe to your video as I enjoy your clear explanation and easy recipe.
    One question though, can I just use instant yeast? If can any adjustment on the recipes? Please advice. Thank you.

  4. Bincy, one cup flour is about 120g but I use 300g not sure if my bread will turn out dry and dense I am proofing it now

  5. Bincy, my buns turned out soft moist and fluff i could peel it in thin layers but not sure if it will harden when cool down . I used 280g flour if I measure in cups, it would be 240-250g might be too wet dough so I guess max 300 should be ok?

  6. बहुत ही बढ़िया रेसीपी 😋👌

  7. Hi! Great recipe and wonderful video..
    Can i make the all the stages today and then bake them tommorow ? If so should i put them at night in the fridge?

  8. 容易没有揉捏晚餐卷食谱


























  9. Thank you for sharing this recipe. I did try it and it was a success. I didn't make it as rolls but simply put the dough in the pan, like bread. And the people whom I shared this bread thought at first it was a cake. I said no, and they said it tasted like cake! Wow, I love it! Thanks once again! I shall be doing this again and again.

  10. Thank you, you explained the process very well. The ingredients were clear. Easy to follow….going to try. Thank you from Australia

  11. Hi, just found your channel. Trying the dinner rolls. Just need to know, instead of 6 can I make smaller dinner rolls? And also if I can use the same dough and add a filling to it? ( sausage rolls/ veg)
    Thank you.

  12. Hai I am Sandhya. Enik orupad ishttamanu bincyude recipes.pinne bincy ude voice kelkumpol snow pozhiunnapole aanu.

  13. Bunch – clearly – I have got hooked to your recipes. Where have you been – I just happened to notice your channel. Thank you so much. Can these be made eggless – if so what is the substitute? Would appreciate your advice.

  14. I used bread flour as I ran out of AP flour. They came out as perfect as d rolls in yr video. Thank u so much for sharing. Yr video is simple n easy to follow.

  15. I have watched soo many videos before watching yours this week.
    Your recipe and way of preparation and explanations are so simple and easy to learn.

    I did the sort bread cookies just two days ago😊 and am definitely trying this now will give you feedback as well, stay tuned😘

  16. I followed this recipe, and made it into a loaf bread instead of rolls, and it is SO SOFT and FLUFFY! Its almost similar to the texture of a Japanese Milk Bread! I added 2 more tbsps of sugar since I like my bread a bit sweeter. 2nd proofing took only 30 min instead of 40min, and baking time took 30min instead of 22min. I found that it still stuck on the pan despite greasing it, so I suggest lining with parchment paper to prevent sticking.

  17. Can I make d rolls before first proofing without going for second proofing. Because it takes half of my day to make 4 d rolls.

  18. Why did people subscribe and comments more than you for maangchi channel when you make better than her.

  19. Lovely recipe.
    Tried it. I found it tasted more like a brioche rather than bread.
    Definitely a go-to recipe for a nice tea time with a lighter version of a brioche dough (less buttery) with some jam on it.

  20. I did tried this yesterday and this morning it still soft and chewy and sweet no need to add any spread or butter…that’s why I am making it again.

  21. Beautiful presentation! Your voice is lovely and inviting as well! I will make this recipe tomorrow!! Thank you bunches!! 🌴🌺🌸🌺🌸🌴

  22. Now, the Pan De Sal was too many, and this one is just one or two meals for meh! I want something that is somewhere in between! haha

  23. Hi wonderful recipes thanx can I use instant yeast which don’t require proofing g instead of dry active yeast and pls post eggless recipe also

  24. Thank you for this wonderful recipe! It sure is a keeper! Could you pls tell me the brand of the OTG that you use to do your baking?

  25. Hi i want to try to make the rolls but i need to know how much of instant yeast can i use instead of the active dry yeast. Thank you

  26. I tried this yesterday and it came out beautifully, nice and soft. Thank you so much for this really easy recipe. Thanks for the sub titles too. Greetings from Sri Lanka

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