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hey guys welcome back is me yes think of
the my room love it don’t you love this I am your eternal day I have a baby picture I don’t know the song oh boy
oh hey guys welcome back to my channel and if you’re new to my channel go ahead
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of this craziness no seriously today I am obviously ready to celebrate
for Cinco de Mayo but before that let me show you how to make a very easy pinata
here we go all right so I’m going to start off by
drawing a circle here on these cardboard and I got this cake stand so I can do
that no paper mache here this is only going to last a few minutes anyway
because they’re going to bust it open it’s time to cut he’s going fun so when I went to Lhasa
Fiesta I saw how they did it there and they do it with paper mache and it was
so easy so so easily this way you know so I say you know what let me
make one and show everyone how to make an easy pinata I’m a little easy right
now by the way my face looks but he’s probably less time-consuming than doing
it with paper mache so here are my cut out circles and they are perfect perfect
circle now I’m going to use the rest of the cardboard to be more specific I’m
going to be using the flip side of the color board I’m going to cut here and
then I’m going to put it in half so I can use as the size a box cutter will definitely help with
this but I’m so afraid of scratching my eye then hear that I’m just too lazy to
look at it that’s what it is let me stop mine so I also didn’t think
it was gonna be that hard with this scissors so that’s the real truth I like
to be honest this is the definition of making your life harder than what it
should be I could’ve just got the box cutter and
that would have been so much easier this is just around the corner for years my
husband’s tools alright so once you cut these just you know open it up
Esso or bent it peso so you can fit all right sir perfect because I need a hole
put the candy in perfecto perfecto now I’m going to be gluing all the parts
together with my hot glue gun and gorilla glue I’m doing this because
although a pinata is made to be destroyed I don’t want it to fall apart
so easily either so here we have so these sides worked out perfect
because now I have an opening here or I can pour the candy and so now I’m just
going to secure it way more hot glue inside and out
and then you’re going to put the really little for that as well pretty sturdy
and then I’m just going to do the same with the top part here is the skeleton
of leaping up nice right I secure it over and over and over with the hot glue
gun I did try a little bit of the gorilla glue but I don’t think it’s
going to make a much difference but I did it anyway just a little bit I dabbed
it all around on both sides but this is it now all I have to do is decorate now
it’s time to decorate I’m going to start by cutting this tissue paper gift tissue
paper in two squares I’m going to make a large square and a smaller square so I
can make them into flowers so so here’s the stack of the bigger
squares and the stack of these smaller ones but I’m going to put these to the
side for now because I want to add some tissue paper
almost like wrapping it here on the pinata so I can have some color in the
background I finish up in my box into three
different colors I have pink yellow and blue around these sides this is optional
you don’t have to wrap your pinata you can just go ahead and start decorating
but for me since I’m putting flowers and it’s not going to be flat I want it a
background so now to make my flowers I’m going to grab one of the big squares and
a different color for the middle so big square little square and all you’re
going to do is just push it in the middle and then do the same with the
little line make a bit of shape and then add some loop turn it over it out some
blue and then put it in the middle of the bigger one and so and then you have a little flower and
then you just apply it all around d-box I’m going to work my way from the inside
to the outside so this is what I have so far these are
the flowers that I put on the pinata now I’m going to add some pompons to the
middle of the flowers so they can look more like flowers now here’s the pinata
with the pompons it has more of a flower shake now with them so now I’m going to
go ahead and finish it up and show you the finished product so this is what I
have so far I added the party hat so it looks more like a flower Sun I guess and
a little more traditional for the Mexican culture this is also optional if
you just want to stop at the flowers or you want to add some Disney characters
or whatever you like is totally up to you so so far like I said I’ve done my
flowers I added the party hat and here on this side
I added some pom-poms as well but if you look closely it’s a little messy because
of the hot glue gun or because of the glue from the hot glue gun so I’m going
to clean that up by adding some streamers to the side of it so it can
look more nicer or more cleaned up I’ll be back
alright guys so here’s my finished pinata and I love it it turned out so
pretty I added these streamers to the tops of the hat so it can look even more
faster it’s not nice and the back of it I left it as it was all I did was add a
couple of compounds to it because I’m not going to lie making all of this
takes a whole lot of time and you know what if you just keep the simple the box
on takes half an hour and just making it
simple you can probably do it in about an hour so I’m going to give an example
of that when we were at the plaza last week or earlier this week my friend
bought this pinata but she didn’t like it because let me show you this side she
didn’t you know she didn’t want to buy it at first because he had a Disney
character here so I told her you know what I’ll make it work I’ll fix it for
you don’t even bother so what I did I added a plastic tablecloth over the
Disney character and I went to Party City and got this you know where can you
hang those from the ceiling and I just cut the strings and I just hot glued it
to here I’m still working on it I’m going to add some white to the sides but
you know you can make something very simple like this and those that have to
be as complicated as mine I just like what I like so oh yeah it can be as
simple as this and it will take you about an hour to finish a pinata no
paper mache necessary so all right so I did buy some paper shred to put inside
the Hangout out along with the candy so you know what don’t need it I had all
these paper left over if you can see it here when I was cutting on the paper
this can serve as confetti you know so what I’m going to do is have it inside and then I will add the candy on top of
it so when it’s broken open hole that comes up with the candy and it’s even
more fun I hope you enjoyed this video and I will see you on the next one bye

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  1. awesome video! we love your channel
    Learn how to make a FREE PINATA AT HOME!!

  2. Hi Tayra
    The pinata turned out great ,keep it moving and continue to reach for the stars⭐🌟🌠

  3. Good job! I was waiting & waiting for you to turn the pinata around, cause I was already telling myself I bet she didn't finish the back part and sure enough ,you turned it around and I started busting up!
    I bet you your friend paid a good Thirty or forty bucks for that pinata & it's not even that nice, yours is much better. Good day to you!

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