Easy One Pan Chicken Dinner

(applause) Oh my gosh this looks really good. Okay, it’s time to get to eatin’. (laughs) And here’s our next guest, he’s a celebrity chef and co-owner of restaurant called Charlie Kitchen here in New York City. Please welcome to our show, oh, he also does one-pan recipes and today we’re meeting Chef Dan Churchill, first time. Welcome. (audience claps) Lovely to meet you, hi everybody. From Australia. All the way from Down Under. Okay I’m hungry. You ready to get into it? Yeah. So guys, this is all about the one-pan meals. All right now. Easy, we got a whole segment, we’ll get there. Okay. So, what we’re gonna be doing to start off with, is our easy one-pan chicken dinner. Okay. Chicken is cooking in the pan. Yeah. All right all we gonna do is take this– I see you have thighs. I do have thighs. You okay about that?
Mm-hmm. Yes, you can also do breasts if you wish. You’re just gonna take these chicken beautiful thighs out of the pan, and it’s already created this lovely juicy goodness down the bottom, right? We’re gonna take advantage of that and put all these vegetable we have here, which you can get from any good supermarket, straight into the pan. There’s something sweet in here. Natural, oh that’s the onions. Is it, oh. Yeah the onions naturally caramelize– I love red onions. How good are they? Do you like them better than white onions? I do actually. Me too. Because when you get a little lemon juice to them as well, they pickle, a little sweetness a little sexiness to them. Oh.
Hey hey hey. Where’d you learn to cook? I cooked, I’m self-taught so I’ve cooked with my family since I was about 12 years old and we had a little fun and games around the kitchen table, and then that led me to wanting to help my mates impress some lovely ladies. Yeah. And so I created a couple recipes and it led to my first self-published cook book called “DudeFood”. (audience claps) And I love brussel sprouts too. They’re lovely, hey, they’re really good. Now what is that right here? Is this a potato? That is a butternut pumpkin squash. Okay. Now, Wendy, how would you salt bae? How what? How would you salt bae? You know, a little salt bae action. You know I like salt. Do you want to season for me? Yeah. Watch this guys, check at this. Oh yeah. All right (audience applauds) So what we’ve done– What is this, kale? It’s kale, it’s just a lovely greens. So all we’ve got in here is our vegetables, chicken back on to the pan– I love a one-dish meal. It’s good and it’s easy washing up as well, eh. Yeah. And then after that, I’m just gonna chuck in lime, all you do is put it in the oven, you haven’t done anything else. Now you’re skillet, do you normally wash the skillet with soap and water or do you wipe it out, like old school? Definitely not, you wanna keep it seasoned. So don’t wash your pan at all. What are you doing, that’s hot. Uh yeah I know, I got you, I got you, I got you all right. I’m just gonna swap that over. That’s going into the oven for about 25 minutes. Oh. And so, voila, all right. (audience clapping) Now you can trade a sauce, you can add a sauce to it. Let me just, by itself. Oh you want like that? A little of that? Oh yeah get that into ya. (audience laughs) Right? Sauce is good.
Sauce is good? Approved by Wendy, I like that. So over here– (audience clapping) One of my favorites. You know, cauliflower rice okay. So what you do, cauliflower florets into a beautiful little food processor. I used to make this for our son, to make him eat vegetables. Really easy isn’t it? Yeah, do you have kids? I don’t actually, no. Do you have a girlfriend? I do, she’s lovely but I have a lot of single Aussie mates so, all these friends we call– Is she Australian? She is Australian actually, I met her over here though. Okay, you’re using the white onions in this? Yes this is white onions. Don’t you think the red would make it more colorful? Uh it would definitely. You know what, you can make the recipe. I love that, that’s a great idea. You know we might have run out of red onions. Maybe. In the Wendy kitchen. Oh okay there’s the color. So there you go, all right? Now what’s that, tumeric? We’ve got tumeric, cumin, cayenne, and a little bit of paprika as well. We’re adding that some garlic and salt and pepper Oh it comes out this color, okay. And just like that, beautiful color, yeah. And you just add some stock, season around, and easy as. Mmm. So that’s like anything you guys can do at home, cauliflower, caramelized onions, all easy. Now the last one, Wendy, sweet dessert. This is two-in-one, all right. So you’ve got a crumble, you’ve got the crumble from a granola, and then the beautiful apples that are already seasoning away. We have coconut oil or olive oil in a pan with some lovely apples, you can use blueberries. You cooked for Tiger Woods’ ex-girlfriend Lindsey Vonn at the Olympics? I did cook for Lindsey Vonn, yes, she’s a lovely girl. Is that all you did with her? (audience clamors) Uh, absolutely. No, she’s a lovely girl, she’s got, shout out to her new fiancee, P.K. Subban. Okay. Baller. Into this bowl we’ve got our granola, we’ve got some coconut, and of course a little bit of some natural sweetness. No, wait, what is this white stuff? This white stuff? That is coconut yogurt. You can use natural yogurt, coconut yogurt, whatever works. And all you have to do is put your granola on top like this. Texture. You like it?
Mm-hmm. What do you like about it? Do you like sweets? Not really. You’re not a sweet girl either, that’s good I like candy. You like candy?
Yeah. (laughs) But this is really good.
Nice and easy, yeah? I like the texture and I love granola. Well there you go. By the fistful. (audience claps) And you can just take that straight to your table, and then everyone can just kinda tuck in. So three one-pan easy you know, meal options. How long have you had your restaurant, Charley? Charley St’s been open for about a year and a bit now, so down in Nolita, yeah. It’s been a lot of fun. And what do you specialize in, the one-dish meal? Uh Charley St’s like a very breakfast and lunch orientated. So the bowls, all the lovely coffee. Australians are big into coffee. Uh-huh. So we love our coffee programs, so if you ever wanna have a lovely little flat white. I’ll be by.
Please come by. (audience claps) Well, we’ve made a new friend everybody, give it up for Dan Churchill. For more information on these delicious recipes, you can check out his new podcast or go to wendyshow.com (pop music)

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