Maybe dinner can seem like a daunting
task. I know and especially for me what I think about normally is about how many
dishes I have to clean up afterwards. If you watch my past videos you know that
simplicity is key for me and it’s what I strive for when I am cooking as well as
making food enjoyable to eat. Welcome back to Clarissa’s kitchen today I’m going
to be showing you a one-pot vegetarian yellow curry made in 30 minutes. This
also includes prepping time The great part about this recipe is that
everything is made in one pot. It’s easy and a go to comfort food.
I love making curry because you can throw a lot of different veggies into
one pie and the flavor combination complements each other really well this
makes about eight servings however if there’s a smaller party or just a party
of one feel free to look at that ingredient list and just cut it in half. It’ll make about 8 servings I usually like to make a little bit more just
because I know I will be meal prepping throughout the week. It’s perfect for a
lunch or dinner and it lasts about like three to five days if you put them in a
tightly sealed container. If you want to see how I make this one pot vegetarian
curry in 30 minutes please all along the video and as always click like subscribe
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single week. Now let’s get cooking in the kitchen. There you have it.
A one-pot vegetarian curry meat in 30 minutes that’s all vegetarian and
gluten-free adding rice or noodles complete this curry dish it’s fully
packed with flavor texture and it just gets better every single bite and even
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