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Hi everyone welcome to my channel in todays
video i am going to share party decoration ideas with you’ll which yo can use for any
party or as festival decorations too ;i really hope you will try them and if you like this
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with the bell icon. first lets see how to make these giant paper
flowers, first cut 3 different sized petals as a stencil so that it will be easy for us
to cut the tissue paper . then fold the tissues in order to create some
layers and cut it as shown, similarly cut all the 3 sizes and we are going to need approximately
10 pieces of each size. you can choose any tissue paper colors.
then cut 3 long strips of approx. 4 “ hight the color should be same as of the biggest
petals, and then fold them thrice. then mark 1” line as shown and start cutting
it like fringes ., then roll the whole piece and secure it with
stapler. now we are going to stick small petals so first take a petal apply glue here i am
using elmers glue but you can use any, then stick the petal as shown and arrange them
in a pattern so that only half of the petal should overlap on the previous one.and there
should be 3- 4 layers of each colored petals. then stick other 2 colored petals as shown
till you are happy with the volume.then let it dry and open the petals one by one as shown.you
can make a full size back drop with this flower to highlight a wall for any festival or party.
now lets see how to make honey comb pom pom. we are going to need 20 circles for 1 pom
pom so i am taking 5 sheets of tissue paper. then fold it twice so that it will make 20
layers and mark a circle .i don’t have a compass thats why i am using a plate to mark
a circle, and then cut it.you can make these pom pots in any size.
then make 4 sets of 5 circles each. after that fold it 4 times as shown and we are making
4 sets of circles so that we will get sharp lines when we fold it. similarly fold all
the 4 sections. here marked and numbered the lines with marker
so that you will get exact idea of the lines. . you should see 5 lines and 6 sections.
then apply glue with the help of glue sticks on 2 and 4 no line as shown on all the 20
circles. then take a piece and apply glue on 1, 3 & 5
no line then align and stick another piece as shown. we are going to stick all the 20
pieces similarly but to get perfect alignment i again stick 5 pieces at a time and made
4 sets , then stick all the 4 sets together. then open the pom pom and separate all the
combs if ant of them got stuck. and trim i a littlest to get perfect finish
to make a complete sphere apply glue on 1, 3 & 5 no lines and stick both the open sides
together, attach a string and your honey comb pom pom is ready. you can make it in any color
which goes with your party theme. and the best part of these decorations is you can
use them in any party . if you guys like these decorations then click on the like button
and don’t forget to watch my another party decoration video.

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  1. Superb ideas , thanks for sharing dear , loved the flowers 🌺… I'll definitely try it for this years ganpati decoration.

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