Easy Thanksgiving Decoration Tips From Party Planner Mary Giuliani

This is very simple and easy ways to make Thanksgiving simple and special. Gotcha. Alright, so place cards. What a wonderful way to warm your, to welcome your guests. So, And to tell them exactly where to sit. Exactly. So I like to personalize them. So I like to print out pictures of my pals, or Isaboo. Isaboo eats before anybody in the family. She eats first. She is the best. And so you need, this is really hard, you need paper and tape. (laughing) I don’t know Mar. Oh it’s double sided tape. I hope, This is fancy Scotch brand. I hope we can pull this off. Okay so I have Isaboo, you have me. I was so Italian. I have Mary. I was so Italian I pinched my own cheeks. And then inside, so you’re gonna tape that on the outside, Okay. But inside we’re gonna write what we’re grateful for to each other. So, I’ve got this, it’s easy. (mumbles) Okay. This is easy ’cause I’ve gotten to eat lots of Rachael’s food. Mine says, “Mary makes me merry and that’s why I’m grateful for her.” (audience applauds) I love you. You know I’m Italian, don’t make me cry. She calls it everything. I said, “Our friendship and your taleggio mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, mashed potatoes!” Yes, yes. She made me, Taleggio mashed potatoes. She made me taleggio mashed potatoes once. It brings us together. It’s so beautiful. And the taleggio makes us stick. It does. So good. Okay, now to our table. Okay. Your table is beautimous. Thank you. You know why? Because I have a pumpkin centerpiece. I love the pumpkin centerpiece. So we have left a lot of leftover pumpkins after holiday. This is actually a fake pumpkin. It’s plastic from a craft store. And you can pull it out of the closet every year and it never rots. Yay! Exactly. Or you can paint an old pumpkin white. But this you can use every year and just put flowers, that’s it. That’s how simple that is. I have these exact things literally in my living room right now. I could just steal this plastic pumpkin, go home and I’m good. Stick ’em right in there. I’m done, done. ‘Cause we’re here Mary! We’re right here! We’re are here, we got this! Alright, so, here we go. I love a Lazy Susan. I do too. Okay, I love it all times of the year. My friend Goldie right over there gave me a Lazy Susan made out of wine barrels. Oh, so good. Awesome! I love that! So no better holiday to use a Lazy Susan for than Thanksgiving because all your sides you can share and spin around and, And you doodled on it. And I doodled. It says thankful and grateful. Thankful and grateful and I love you and this is wonderful. So use your Lazy Susans. It’s a great, it will stop you from running back and forth from the kitchen. Everything will be on the table and you can get it to everyone. (audience applauds) Nicely done Mar! Okay, now that’s the adults. I wanna see the kid’s table! That’s the adults. Me too. I totally want to see the kid’s table! I just got so excited! Kids have all the fun. I now know what we’re doing. You’re gonna love this. Okay. This is awesome! Don’t, just get ready for it. Okay. Okay, alright. Kids have to have fun. We gotta give them something to do. How ’bout a crayon turkey? I love it! Okay. (audience applauds) And I want one. It’s really, really easy, okay? Put this right in the front, put his head on, and then watch this. Wait, it’s so gratifying. Wait how’d you get him brown? Oh I painted him brown. So you can paint him brown. Well I have a white turkey. You have a white turkey. I think that’s called a chicken. You’ll paint him brown. And then you glue on the eyes and we put the little nose, the little felt nose. You’re not making this really fun for me, Mary. I’m sorry Rach. None of my stuff has stuck. Wait, but do you want fun? Yes.
Watch this. Alright, take some of these and just go like that. (laughs) So much fun. (audience applauds) What? Okay? I love this! Yay. I love this! Who said the kids have to have all the fun? Alright, now completed crayon turkey in the center of your table. Oh my God! And the whole table is covered with butcher paper. The whole table is covered with butcher paper. So they can go nuts. (audience applauds) No one loves, Yay! No one loves a surprise, And you can make the turkey hands. Oh I love the turkey hands.
Right on the table. Oh, that’s right. And then the little, Right? Yup, Yup. Yeah. I don’t know what that was but, and yeah. I love this! It’s so fun. Yay! (audience applauds) Now who, You just keep talking Mar, I’m gonna play. Keep drawing. Kids love surprises. I love TV dinners. So I combined both, surprise and TV dinner. So all the kids can sit down and voila. They have their, TV dinner! TV dinner. Yay! (audience applauds) It’s a great way to get them to eat. Look at that. And have fun. So we gotta go out with a bang this Thanksgiving. So, turkey balloons. But wait, there’s more. Get a pin. But wait! But wait, there’s more. Okay, what is it? Ready? Say to the kids, “It’s time to say ‘Happy Thanksgiving’,” There’s confetti inside. Oh! Happy thanksgiving! (balloons pop) (audience applauds) (twinkle)

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