Easy Weeknight Dinner: Cheesy Pasta Bake

– Hey, what’s up guys? Tia Mowry here. So do you have any picky eaters at home? Well Tia Mowry to the rescue
because I have am amazing, delicious pasta dish that
the entire family will enjoy. Do dogs like pasta, too? (dog barks) They’re part of the family, right? (funky music) All right, so first what I
am gonna do is brown my meat, and what I’m using for
this recipe is ground beef. Now you can use any type
of protein you want. You can use turkey. You can use chicken. You can you sausage. So I’m just gonna add
some olive oil in there. Add my beef. (meat sizzles) Got a nice sizzle going on which is actually my favorite part about cooking. It just makes me think
that the party has begun. You know what I mean? (laughs) So I’m just gonna cook this
until it’s nice and brown. Get it? Brown your meat? And if you wanna skip this step, you can actually make your pasta with already cooked chicken,
like leftover chicken that you had from the night
before, cooked sausage, cooked turkey, or just go
vegetarian and skip the meat. So this right here is as hard as it gets, and after this, we’re just gonna start dumping things things into one casserole. So watch how easy this is. I have my casserole dish, and I’m just gonna start
dumping everything in. This is gonna be easy peasy. So I browned my meat, and that’s the first thing
I’m gonna dump in here. You know a lot of people they ask me, “How do you do it? Like
how do you balance it all?” I have two kids. I have a husband, I love you Cory, who can, you know, be
a kid as well. (laughs) Just kidding, honey. I love you. But anyway, you know, I’m a working mom. I am an actress. I’m an entrepreneur. I’m an author. I’m a best
friend. I’m a daughter. The list goes on and on and on, and, you know, when I tell people that I cook for my family, they’re like, “How do you do it?” Well, guess what, this
is one little secret. This is how I do it. I
make dishes like this. It’s delicious. It’s something
the whole family can enjoy. It’s easy. Now I’m gonna
add the tomato sauce. So I love to cook my own
tomato sauce at home sometimes. Sometimes you ain’t got time for that. So it is okay to go ahead and got some store-bought tomato sauce. It’s delicious. They have plenty that doesn’t
have any added preservatives and sugar, so this is great for this dish. I’m gonna add some tomato paste. It just enhances that tomato flavor making it really nice and robust and just really flavorful. So now I’m gonna add my chicken stock, and I like to use chicken
stock instead of water because it adds lots of flavor. This dish in particular,
it needs a lot of liquid. I want my pasta to soak
up all of that liquid. Add some cheese. I’ve always loved pasta,
but I’m telling you, I just really fell in love with it when I went to school in Italy. I was studying abroad
for about two months, and I lived in Florence, and I just traveled all around Italy. It was just an amazing,
amazing experience. I mean, the pasta there
and just the tomato sauce, the pizza, just everything, oh my gosh. Let’s just say I came
home 15 pounds bigger. But hey, it was all worth it, right? I’m gonna add some Parmesan cheese which is just gonna make
this just so delicious. I’m gonna give this a nice stir, just mix all of this in here. So you see how easy that was? I just downloaded everything
into this casserole dish, and this is gonna be delicious. Then I’m gonna add my
dry pasta to this dish. And I know that seems kind of weird, but this is what makes this
particularly dish so amazing. I’m not cooking the
pasta in a separate pot. I’m cooking it with everything else. So this frees me up to
do so many other things, clean up some rooms in the house, clean up after my husband (laughs), help the kids with their homework, check some things off the to-do list. I mean this is like easy peasy. So I’m just gonna mix this all together. You wanna make sure that
the pasta is not clumped because the pasta is gonna expand. So you don’t want them
like sticking together. So I’m gonna put this into the oven at 400 degrees for 50 minutes, and I’m gonna go in and
give it a little stir probably about three to four times because I want it to cook evenly. But before I throw this
bad boy into the oven, I’m gonna add some foil on top, and this is a really tip. So you see how this is
shiny and this is dull? You wanna put the dull side down. The foil helps keep the moisture inside, and it also helps to
keep it from browning. So I’ve taken my pasta out of the oven. So for the last five minutes
of cooking, I removed my foil, and I added some really ooey
gooey mozzarella cheese on top. Yummy, yummy, yummy! I also find this is a great
end of the week recipe because whatever you tend to
have leftover in your fridge, you can throw it in this dish, say maybe broccoli, peas,
zucchini, mushrooms, whatever you like. All right, you guys, I
cannot wait any longer. I have got to serve this on a plate. Okay? Let’s do this. I always like to take the corner because it’s just really nice
and crunchy on that side. My brother does, too. Often times, when he’s over at my house, and I’m cooking, we have
to fight for the corner. – You already had your spot pointed out. – Yeah cause this had a little crisp on it and you do gotta have every spot. – That, okay (laughs) In the comments below, let me know if you wanna see my
brother Taj cook with me. Oh, look at that. (happy screams) This is fabulous. Oh, this smells and looks amazing, and I am telling you, your whole entire family will truly love this. So if you guys would love
to see more weeknight meals, let me know in the comments below. And thank you so much for watching, and I’ll see ya next time. Bye guys. (upbeat music)

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