eating ramen noodles / Fantastic Dinner Eating show MUKBANG / 잠실 한강 공원 / 참깨 라면 / 가족 먹방

This is the Han River in Seoul, the capital of Korea. korean convenience store hi, yovely and sarang Machine that cook the ramen instant noodles. the machine is operated after recognize Bar code Eggs are a highlight of cooking. Today, pyori went to challenge taekwondo black belt test. Related videos will be uploaded soon. Please cheer us on. Fighting good job dad? (You use chopsticks very well.) yummy is it delicious? water,please i love barley tea perfect taste i want to eat everyday I will eat this every day, sleeping here every day. Are you going to sleep here today? What are you going to do? I will be with you. dad? I will be with you. too we can eat this ramen again dad drank at a time dad you should eat slowly i’m afraid you get indigestion sarang eat very well so yummy

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