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(relaxing music) Families looking to send their children to an LBUSD elementary, K-8 or middle school, had the opportunity to check out potential schools, at the Education Celebration, held at Cabrillo High School. So, this is our annual Education Celebration, this is an opportunity for parents, families, children, to come here, visit with all of the schools, elementary, K-8, middle school and talk to principals, talk to teachers, talk to staff, find out what different programs are available at each of our various sites and that will allow parents to be a little bit more knowledgeable, when they start choosing the schools they might want their child to attend. Education Celebration is such a great way to, informally, get to interact with students, parents, teachers, staff and its, just a, for us, its a nice opportunity to talk about all the great things we have happening at our schools, in an informal way. I think the most important thing is its one place, all the parents and the students can come, they can explore the schools, the programs and services that they have and make a choice if they wanna go to school there. I really love this event because I get to see, as a high school student, I get to see all my old teachers and some of my brother’s teachers, as well, and I get to help my brother figure out what middle school he wants to go to. So, I think its really cool. Its just an amazing opportunity for them to be informed about the different things that are happening across our district, the different programs the schools are providing and the different opportunities their children are afforded, in our district. You know, looking around here and to see the– the excitement of all different schools and them talking about what they offer, the more information they give to parents and students, the better they are. For more information on the LBUSD school of choice process, please visit www.lbschools.net, I’m Ruben Sosnowski, on the spot for the dot.

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