Eddie Durham Celebration 2019

Phil Schapp with you.. With me is Eddie
Durham – Amazing “Gentlemen Of Jazz” “Pioneer Of The Electric Guitar” – “Stellar Performer” in many big band sections on trombone, … “The Arranging And Compositional
Pen Of Southwestern Jazz”, and all-around good guy. “Eddie brings some of that
brings some of that “Western thing”, which later became identified with Kansas City
becomes the, you know, the name for that it could refer to it as Kansas City but
that is something that Eddie brought which hadn’t been there before. [music] “Stellar performer on trombone” “Pioneering Electric Guitarist” “He is also
one of the ancestors of the electric guitar, playing amplified before electric,
acoustically amplified, and then being really the very first jazz player to record on electric guitar. composer of the original Count Basie Orchestra. major creator of Blues themes, such as “Good Morning Blues”, and “Sent For You Yesterday And Here You Come Today”. He even wrote a couple of the ballad hits of the swing era, “I Don’t Want To Set The World On Fire – Just WantTo Start A Flame In Your Heart”. He wrote so much, he was a masterful genius of the arrangers, who gave the flavor of
musical color and style to the Jimmie Lunceford Orchestra in the Swing Era. “It was known as
the “Harlem Express”. It was a great show band, as well as a musically fascinating band.” [music] What you see in that Lunceford short, where they’re doing that thing, where
they all stand up, that was undoubtedly choreographed by Eddie Durham, because that’s all his trademark. He had all kinds of moves with the trombone, with the slide that he used to do.” [music] He arranged “In The Mood” for Glenn Miller. I mean this guy’s the guy! [music] “This cat has got the goods!” ….. “It’s a pity, that Eddie, you know, maybe he’s up there and he’s seeing it, but I think that the
recognition of Eddie Durham by San Marcos, and that was of course started by the
University, is unique! I don’t know of any other place [applause] that honors [applause] a jazz musician like you’ve done… “You know Dan is the world’s most
respected and beloved and accomplished jazz expert, and he knew, he was born in 1929 and I know you guys know all about Dan, but the bottom line is, you know, he knew
Louie Armstrong, he knew Ornette Coleman, he knew Coleman Hawkins he knew Eddie
Durham…. so the fact that he’s been part of this program for so long
and it’s kind of become a beloved guy on campus, and all that kind of stuff. It’s
unique!!” “You know, the other thing that is very… every year the audience gets bigger and bigger. So the importance of what you’re doing here, in San Marcos, at Texas State University, I’m here to tell you that this is such a special thing, and that needs to be nurtured, and you know, I just hope that the powers that be
and the people that could really realize how special it is… [music]

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