Eddsworld – Fun Dead

(Music) Armed vigilantes are attempting to control
the situation. Cola with Bacon! Out now! A chemical spill on Dirdum Lane is believed to hav- (Sigh) Boring! I’M PROFESSOR WHY! Sheryl what are your thoughts on the zombie
apocalypse? (ZOMBIE SCREAM) That’s right, Ca- ARGHHHHH!!!! (Gasp) Did you see that?! See what? I just changed the channel with my tongue! You’re an idiot. You’re an idiot!! Hey, are you bored? Yes. Well, come on down to ASDF Land. Why? We’ve got exciting rides. So? STOP INTERRUPTING ME! Hehe… I’m sorry… So, if you’re looking for a fantastic family
day out full of fun, friendship and f-adventure? Then get yourself down to ASDF Land! The best
theme park in tow- Are you guys thinking what i’m thinking? (Music) Lookout! That bears got a gun! (Gunshot) FATHER!! I WILL AVENGE YOU! Matt! Did you give guns to the bears again?! Oh I could never stay mad at you. Let’s get
some ice cream. Yaay! Hey guys! Guys? (Music) Okay guys, remember we are parked in zone… H. Three day tickets please. Three day tickets? (Sigh) Three! Day! Tickets! (Zombie growl) Thank you! Hey! Lets go on the roller coaster! No! Let’s play the carnival games! I need
more novelty toys! Yeah, Matt’s novelty toy collection makes
me wanna shoot things. I’m going to the arcade. (Sigh) Well, I guess we should split up. That way
everyones happy and nothing can go wrong. Ever. Not in a milli- Oh they’re gone. Ooooo! (Screaming) Awww… YAAAY! ARGHH!! Yaay! (Screaming) Please keep arms and legs inside the ride
at all times. Get ready! Attack! Oh no! This arcade gun isn’t working… AH! There we go! (Gunfire) Argh, this game blows! All yours kid. The
graphics sucked. (Gasp) A cymbal playing monkey!? I need this
for my collection!! I’ll hug him and squeeze him and call him
Little Tom. Hmm, this is gonna take some brains. BRAAAINS! Hey, back off the monkey buddy! He’s mine! BRAAAINS!! ARGHH!! Unreliable! It’s rigged I tell you!
Rigged! There is not a man alive who could get that monkey! (Screaming) Tom? Do you get the feeling that something
strange is happening? No. Stupid claw machine thinking it’s so much
better than me. What’s eating you? Get off me! I told you I don’t have any spare change! Aww! The poor guy looks hungry! Here! You can have this! Huh? Who would say no to candy floss? Unless
they were… VAMPIRES! Oh no wait… ZOMBIES!! (Gasp) Y’know that explains a lot actually… What do we do? Hey guys! Look what I found! You know when I said I didn’t have any spare
change? I lied! OUCH! MATT!! HURRY UP!! (Matt laughing & Cymbals) (Explosion) NOO!! LITTLE TOM!! Quick! This way! In here! Haha! So long suckers! (Music) Oh… (Music) ARGHH!! NOOO!!! We are done for Edd! If I don’t make it I
want you to give my novelty toy collection to Tom. And if I don’t make it either please… Burn
my new novelty toy collection. Huh… What now? Hey, are you guys thinking what I’m thinking? Guys? (Bear and gunshot sounds) Guys? Ahh! Much better! Ooo! This looks fun! Oh wow! Amazing! Haha! That was a short apocalypse… Awww! (SCREAM) (Scream) (Mumbled complaining) Everything worked out in the end. Isn’t that
right Little Tom! (Creepy music) (Cymbals) (Music)

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  1. Read 8:34 complain notes in the bottom.
    “Where’s tord?”
    “Edd voice sound different.”
    “You’re just trying to make money.”

  2. Guess what that monkey was from call of duty comment more if u have better suggestions that what could be that monkey from

  3. 1.) ringo is cute
    2.) was that mayble (from gravity falls) in the intro when they were introducing adsf land and asdf guy was with them

  4. 0:37 girl on couch is the "edgy, relatable oc" that edd and tom collabed on designing for the fans…
    I dont remember the episode name but after watching fundead like 50 times I finally noticed 😅

  5. Don't think Tori is actually a thing in Eddsworld?

    Look closely at the zombies at 5:56

    You're welcome

    (If you don't know who Tori is, the female version of Tord.)

  6. Have anyone knows about the family of tom like i saw a pinnaple and tom said. (FATHER I WILL AVENGE YOU) sooo Toms father was a pinaple after all. I dunno whatever please comment for any answer fo Toms familly and why toms eye is black

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