Edgar Allan Poe’s Murder Mystery Dinner Party Ch. 1: The Bells

*grandfather clock ticking* Are you sure you sent out all the invitations? Yes. And the singing telegram to the beautiful Annabel Lee? Yep. And the RSVP to her RSVP– She said she’d be here. *doorbell* What is that rapping at my chamber door? Okay first–not a rapping. That’s a doorbell. Secondly, you invited these people here! Welcome, friend, to Edgar Allan Poe’s murder mystery invite only casual dinner party/gala for friends potluck. Lenore will take your dish and your coat. Looks like you’ve got yourself a ghost infestation, friend. Lookee here. I brough a switchblade so we can skewer wild boar in the backyard. Then we can roast it over an open flame. Only an open flame. Louisa May Alcott! Happy to see the stink of Boston hasn’t followed you. Now, what dish did you bring? You’ll find you can eat anything if you’re hungry enough. Mary Shelley, as I live and breathe. Because of your– Yes, I get it. I brought this loaf of bread. I forgot the yeast, so it hasn’t…risen. Because of my– Oh, yes. Ha! Yes. Of course. I get it. I got it the first time. Ah, Charlotte Brontë. Here is your character card for the evening. Oh, she sounds poor. Did you write this? Is this going to take very long? Oscar! So glad you could come. You’re looking very smart. You can never be overdressed or over-educated. Hello! HG Wells! H–for short? HG? What do we go by? I–I cooked it myself with my latest contraption. It’s a–uh, enclosure that bombards the food with electromagnetic radiation such that the food molecules themselves actually– Fine, wonderful. Just come in. It’s in–It’s incredibly efficient. It’s not a real thing. Oh. I thought someone knocked. Oh, I did. I knocked. I’m sorry, who are you? Emily Dickinson. I stay in my room a lot. I write poems like you, though. We’re actually a lot alike. I don’t think so, but we may have an extra spot. You invited me. You know, you could be really pretty if you just did your hair differently, maybe wore a different outfit, and just kinda tried something else up here. Ah, Mary Ann! So– The name’s Eliot. George Eliot. Likes: beer, sporting, talking about sporting. Dislikes: peeing sitting down, tending to the home, not talking about sporting. Mary Ann, I’m not sure I underst– Seems you have me confused with some sort of damsel. I understand, I have very soft skin. But the name’s George Eliot. It’s two male names. Easy to remember. Now, show me to the billiard room. Or the voting booth! Hello. I brought vodka. Ah! Fyodor. Welcome to– Mine! A spirit for a spirit. That’s wonderful! Little girl! Friends, thank you for being here. We are still waiting on a few guests who are definitely my friends. Agatha Christie said she would be running late. Also my dear, dear friend Annabel Lee, and her plus one. Also, Emily Dickinson. Now, tonight will be quite exciting. You were all given a character card with a name and a brief biography. Please study it, for it is to be your identity for the duration of the evening. Mine’s blank. Ah, yes. You have picked the rare blank character card. Good on you! Uh, my card says I’m a duchess. Uh, seeing as how I have absolutely no insight into the mind of a woman, I was wondering if anyone would be willing to trade cards for a male character. Please, no trading. Now, Lenore will bring out the soup. Lenore! *snaps* *gasps* Next, we will figure out who goes first. Edgar, I love my character, but I did make a few tweaks. Can I run these by you tomorrow? Yes, sure. Now, we figure out who goes first based on… Whose birthday is most recent? Mine’s in three weeks! The party is tree themed, so everyone come dressed as your favorite tree. Mine’s the tilia americana. Let’s go shot for shot to see who goes first! Who here is Detective Inspector Ignatius Crumblefeather? He needs to be sitting north. Wait, facing north, or sitting– Oh, that is me. I spent time in jail with a very kind Ignatius once. We still write letters back and forth. To Ignatius. When will someone be murdered, hm? I know who did it. Does anyone wanna trade? Yeah, what do you got? Greek Diplomat Winnifred Kostolopolos. It says I only speak Greek. I—I don’t speak Greek! Well, I speak three kinds of Greek. Now you’re prominent abolitionist Flanders Winterbottom. Cheers. Please, no trading! They are all very good cards. Sorry we’re late. Hi everyone! I’m Annabel. This is Eddie. He’s a banker. Hi, Eddie Dantes. Sorry we’re delayed. My volunteer shift at the old folk’s home ran late and then on the way over we ran across a barbershop quartet and their bass was out with a sore throat so I had to *sings* fill in. You understand. He has perfect pitch! And yet it’s imperfection that makes people truly interesting. Please, come this way. Very well. After you, my dear. Hello. Hello. What is everyone’s deal? I thought I was the dead one here. Parties aren’t the place for jokes, Lenore. Now, time for everyone’s favorite part, the rules. Once everybody is done with their soup, the lights will go out and someone will die. Our first victim is… *clears throat* Belladonna Spillingsworth, daughter of railroad magnate Barnabus Spillingsworth. That’s me! She died on the very same railroad named after her by her father. The victim of a– Look here, before this night goes on, I have something to say. *gasps* Dostoevsky: Who touched my leg? Wilde: Oh, that was your leg. Oh. Oh! Right in the soup! *laughs* Orangutan.

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  1. im rewatching this again. just want to say that whoever plays lenore is both hella pretty and fantastic in this whole series

  2. lenore has the BEST expressions.i also wanna know what lip color she has on, its gorgeous (also what does mary shelley use for contour? she's stunning in this series)

  3. Why is Charlotte Brontë suddenly a fancypants classist…and Southern? I know this series is supposed to be silly, but as a mad Brontësaurus, this just bugs me.

  4. I love HG Wells!!! ☄️👽 possibly my favorite author of all the first time I read the war of the world I got goosebumps on the first page:
    "…that as men busied themselves about their various concerns they were scrutinised and studied, perhaps almost as narrowly as a man with a microscope might scrutinise the transient creatures that swarm and multiply in a drop of water."

  5. I love this! <3
    The details are spot on: wanting to change their roles, the one liners, everything is perfection.

  6. I wish I'd been fans of these guys back when it was first happening. I mean, it was released the day before my birthday!

  7. Lauren Lopez (George Elliot) reminds me of Melissa McCarthy in Bridesmaids when she introduced herself, for some reason I can't quite place.

  8. This is the 4th time I watch it. You guys are genius. Very good references, and Oscar… Omg Oscar. WHAT A MASTERFUL CHARACTER. Thank you so, so much.

  9. So for my college's Halloween celebration, we're doing this as a play! I'm HG Wells and SO EXCITED to bring this to life. We had to cut a lot of the scenes, and change some of the stuff around, but I think it's gonna be pretty cool. Nothing like this, of course, but still cool. And I have to say I am honored to be performing this and I can't wait for it to happen!

  10. I absolutely love the portrayal of the authors. As someone who knows quite a bit about many of these people, the exaggeration of their personalities is hilarious.

  11. You guys absolutely killed it. This is a perfect example of what a web series should be. You guys inspire me. Congrats.

  12. This has quickly become my favorite thing to watch on Youtube. Everything about it is perfection – the setting, the music, the dialogue, I love all of it so, so much. I can't even decide who's my favorite of the characters. Every time I watch it I find myself wishing none of them had to die for the story to progress because I want to see more of their hilarious interactions

  13. I dont understand why Charlotte Brontë is wearing a regency dress, or why she's all glamorous and pretty, this doesn't represent her in the least and I think it's a waste of a great opportunity to make and intelligent parody of her.

  14. Anyone noticed that Charlotte is wearing Regency clothing whereas she belongs to the Victoria era?
    Fantastic series btw!

  15. I wish Mary Shelley and George Eliot sounded English. They are English authors, and everyone else who is supposed to sound English does. Just a small gripe. Everything else is amazing

  16. This might seem like a stupid question but why did Edgar say "as I live and breath!" when Mary Shelly arrived? And what exactly was the deal with her dish?

  17. You GUYS, this came out TWO YEARS AGO and I've watched it a ZILLION TIMES and it's STILL the BEST THING EVER, I just CAN'T GET OVER IT, the cast is so PERFECT, the writing is BEYOND BRILLIANT, it was filmed SO BEAUTIFULLY, I just…I feel like something this amazing shouldn't be allowed to exist

  18. As a romantic/gothic literature newbie, can I ask about the jokes about Emily Dickinson? Sorry, I'm just absolutely clueless.

  19. can we all just be so so thankful and so so appreciative that something this amazing and high quality is available to watch on youtube for free?!?! what a time to be alive, thank you shipwrecked for all that you do

  20. From watching this, I’m getting HUGE Escape the Night (Season 1) vibes. This is like ETN but fully scripted and with historical people, and with an added game of ‘How to Host a Murder’ (a board game which incorporates acting into it). I LOVE IT!

  21. Going back and rewatching this I love the subtle jokes: SpOILERS:

    But like when they mention Emily Dickinson, only having half of her in shot, or when the lights go out, since the Eddie “dies” Oscar goes to touch his leg but touches the Russian guy’s leg by accident. I love this series so much XD

  22. I think I'm missing at least 2 English language lit degrees to fully understand any of these jokes but it's still got me chuckling anyway

  23. I can already tell that I’m not going to understand any of the literary references due to me being the least cultured human to walk this earth, but LET’S GO

  24. 9:15 the way Oscar laughs and says Orangutang is hands down my FAVOURITE part of the whole web series

  25. I love how happy Lenore looks when HG shows up.
    I might ship them just a tad
    ok maybe more than a tad
    maybe a lot more than a tad

  26. Every time I rewatch this I laugh out loud at "Parties aren't the time for jokes, Lenore" I love this series so much

  27. Now this is what I call a “dead poet’s society” (plz don’t kill me I truly regret what I’ve done)

  28. I had ran out of starkid stuff to watch and loads of people pointed me here and to the Tin Can Brothers.

  29. Saw you guys speak at vidcon. Was not familiar with the channel. This is tremendous. Definitely going to recommend to everyone i know (sadly thats only about 4 people, but will do my best)….

  30. If Joey Richter is Ernest Hemingway and Ernest Hemingway he visited Spain and fell in love with this then


  31. I've come for George Elliott and have no idea what this is… Let's see
    Edit: the epilogue is such a happy ending time to rewatch

  32. Can I get a spinoff which is just Lenore, George Elliott and Oscar Wilde chatting while HG brings snacks and blows things up in the background?

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