Edgar Allan Poe’s Murder Mystery Dinner Party Ch. 10: Annabel Lee

Welcome, friend, to Edgar Allan Poe’s Murder Mystery Invite-Only Casual Dinner Party/Gala for Friends Potluck. Someone is killing us off one by one, and one of us is the killer! Don’t do murder! Perhaps the answer has been under our nose the whole time. She is not able. Guess Charlotte can’t be the murderer. She was with us the whole time. Thank you. It is possible that Oscar is the murderer. *gasp* *thuds* Annabel: It was always you. Annabel Lee. Good day! Happy birthday! I have written you a poem. Let me read it now. Oh! Hello, Edgar. Annabel. Yes, hello. Lovely door you have here. Thank you. I have something for you, for today is your birthday. Oh, how sweet of you to remember. Oh! By the way, this is Eddie. I was telling you about him, remember? You said you had something for me? Yes. Well–uh–well, it’s… This. A…pet rock! For the beautiful Annabel Lee. Thank you. Bye! *rock falls* *scream* Look! His knife is all bloody! He just stormed in here all crazed. Uh, no it isn’t. I dropped it in the damn soup. No respect. Annabel is dead. It was Hemingway! He was about to attack me before you came in. You lunatic. What, are you just trying to kill of people who write in purple prose? As much as I think brevity is the strongest asset of composition, I would never murder anyone! Competition is the fire that fuels the author within, right? Ah! So you admit we’re competitors! Annabel wasn’t a writer. I had no reason to kill the woman. The obvious killer is the one who invited us to this God-forsaken mansion in the boondocks– Edgar Allan Poe. Confess, or be damned! Whoa. You do not understand how much my roomie loved that ginger! You can walk through walls. I see no other explanation here! You straight-up murdered these biddies with your magic beans– You were jealous of the life that Annabel had, and you want her, and all her friends, dead! Hm. Way harsh, Wilde. Now that the shock of Hemingway lunging at me with a soup-stained knife has subsided– Grow up. –I still think it was Annabel. Wha-what? She’s the one who invited us all here. The poor girl couldn’t handle what she’d done–what, with all the murdering in cold blood– so she killed herself. Maybe you were even in on it, Ernest. Oh, *spills* I doubt that waif of a girl could have dropped that portrait on George Eliot. Oh, goodness, that Mary Ann. I mean, all of us ladies have used a male pen name to get published, but she went over the top! She doesn’t have the face for a mustache. Exactly. You used a male pen name? Yes. I’m sorry, are you hard of hearing? I just said that. And your sisters too? Yes. It’s ridiculously hard to get published with names like Charlotte, Emily, and Anne. People think you’re all fluff and bunnies. What was your pen name? Currer Bell. Androgynous, no? I quite liked it. I’d certainly allow a Currer Bell to escort me to the Vivian Nightingale Memorial Ball if you know what I mean. And what were your sisters’ pen names? Anne was Acton Bell and Emily was Ellis. I remember, she thought it was silly, but I insisted it was terribly professional. Oscar: It was. Very. Acton Bell. A Bell. This handkerchief belongs to your family. It’s yours. Guy wasn’t saying Annabel wasn’t able. He was saying she wasn’t “A Bell”! You crazy, contemptuous cow! You murdered by best fri–my acquaintances! Let’s call them acquaintances, mm? What the actual heck is wrong with you? I’m going to the police. Wait. Why?! This woman is an admitted murderer! She didn’t do it alone. How could she have done this all by herself? That’s what I was saying just now, Lenore. This is a time for listening, okay? Alright, well, I’m just trying to– I always have the idea and then you piggyback– This is just like the time the cleaning lady– No, don’t–don’t tell me it’s just like the time– It’s just like the time– It’s not–I’m– Oh, stop your bickering, you two. You’re just as pathetic as the characters you create. But I do thank you for helping me fulfill my dream of creating the perfect gothic novel in real life. Oh, ew. Is that why you’re doing this? To create some literary fantasy you can fulfill? Oh no. I did it for family. Gentlemen! Ghosts. Let me introduce myself. I’m Anne Brontë. So sorry I’m late for dinner. I haven’t pissed in five days.

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  1. Ok, but I'm still thinking that Eddie is alive, maybe Eddie Dantes is only a false identity and actually he is Branwell Brontë, and maybe he asked for help to his sisters to get rid of the others.

  2. AHA! So the Bronte sisters are the culprits! Charlotte's working with Eddie?

    I figured, since Hemingway isn't smart enough and the others aren't spiteful enough. But I was also thinking this whole thing could've been a red herring and none of them were guilty.

  3. Greetings from Czech Republic! I´m a don´t-ever-call-me-emotional person, so it´s hard to admit I yelled after I watched this episode. And I cried after the last one. This is madness!!!! I still can´t believe my favourite ginger is dead, can´t she just wake up and save everyone? I have to watch this whole thing again, not only to see the beautiful and breathing M.K.Wiles (but yes, she is one of the reasons i´ll be watching this over and over and over again). Thanks the long dead God for the night shifts, I have plenty of time! Love you guys, don´t you dare to stop being so great!

  4. "Oh ew, is that why you're doing this to create some literary fantasy you can fulfill…" – 😉 I see what you did there shipwrecked….

  5. OH MY GOD I WAS RIGHT, I knew that anne bronte went by acton bell, and I thought that the handkerchief may be hers! I thought that charlotte did it alone though.
    I really hope that somehow HG Wells (and everyone else) isn't dead though!

  6. What? WHAT?! What? What!?! WhAt? Whaaaaaaaattttt?!!??
    In other news, awww Sean, ahem…Edgar, you looked so sad! Also good job not knocking her head on the doorframe.

  7. I was too shy to approach everyone from the cast at Buffer Fest, but I just wanted to say here that I am so impressed with this project and am so, so happy for all involved for how wonderful Poe Party turned out. It was impossible not to grin ear-to-ear viewing this in it's entirety on Sunday… Congrats! 🙂

    Para nada me lo esperaba. Para nada. Lo peor es que eso encaja un poco con Charlotte, pero a la vez no. DIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOS

    Se va en español porque mi cerebro no puede traducir de la emoción
    Mi dulce Anne, mi testaruda Charlotte. Esto es demasiado genial.

  9. YOU GUYS!!! YOU FOOLED US ALL!! No one saw this coming!! Congrats! I really can't wait to see where this is going to go now.

  10. I love this series so much for its comedy and humor, but oh my god his face when he's carrying Anabel? My heart broke ; __ ;

  11. The opening scene with Edgar and annabell ripped my heart out, I didn't need that! Also very excited for the last episode, I honestly can't believe what's going on right now!

  12. Okay, now that everyone's theories have been killed, here's a new theory

    1. Eddie is Branwell Bronte and working alongside Ann and Charlotte

    2. Eddie is manipulating Ann and Charlotte into doing the murder shiz with him, they're doing it "for family" to protect themselves/eachother

  13. lol remember with Charlotte bronte sneezing to stop Krishanti from calling on to more spirits to reveal the killer

  14. I NEVER BEEN MORE HAPPY THAT MY THEORIES ARW WRONG. WHAT A AMAZING EPISODE! Poe its me flirting, Poe and Lenore bickering, THE BRONTE SISTERS BEING AWESOME! Damn I loooove Emily and Charlotte
    Shipwreck deserves Emmy for this webseries

  15. The black cloak that Annabel is wearing! is that a clue? (I don't think they would have had that flashback scene if it didn't give us a clue for the murderer)

  16. Going off the theory that Eddie is alive and behind it all, I think Annabel was in on it, but couldn't say anything. It just doesn't add up that she would stay with Eddie if she loved Edgar. I think Eddie might have threatened either her of Edgar to keep her quiet, and so she would invite all of the necessary people.

  17. Wait, wait, wait – so I was right originally in my guess as to who the murderer was? Well done everyone involved in the show for dropping all those little clues and then successfully confusing the issue to make it look like it couldn't possibly have been her after all. Was Hemingway in on it too? The throttling all seemed to have been done by someone his size. Super looking forward to the final episode. 😀

  18. sits amongst the chaos after being at the Bufferfest screening

    You guys are gonna have a good time, good luck and rest in pieces.

  19. Omygosh I just realized Charlotte was the one who pronounced Eddie dead. They are working together, and Eddie gave Annabelle the list to give to Edgar which is why she ran! Also Charlotte was the one who spilled the wine on Oscar when he was going to change and was supposed to die! Oh the pieces are coming together now!

  20. Everybody. During the opening sequence, everybody is pictured beside their label as kind of see-through and ghostlike, like the ghosts at the seance. Do you think that might have something to do with the finale?

  21. Twist! But seriously this was amazing acting. So proud. MK is so freaking adorable and Sean gave me the feels. Also props to the pet rock of course! But the scene stealer- Ashley- so happy that you get to shine. This is so amazing.

  22. Okay but doesn't that scene of Edgar carrying Annabel look just like when Ethan carries Vanessa at the end of penny dreadful?

  23. Wow, well done. Didn't see the other Bronte sisters as a possibility. I love it when fellow literary nerds know there were 3 sisters, not just Emily and Charlotte…

  24. About time. It's like Over the Garden Wall that way. The 9th episode is the true beginning, but you have to see the other eight first to see how it all ties in to the end.

  25. [spoilers y'all] I actually was starting to wonder if it was her, she was the only character who wasn't being portrayed as sympathetic in any manner.

  26. Joey Richter is so excellent in this. You could just watch him in every scene and never stop laughing. Well done Mr. Richter. You are comedic gold.

  27. i wanna note just how desperate charlotte is by this point. she always points the most fingers and accuses everyone, and you can see by these final episodes she's desperate to get everyone to believe she's not the killer. brilliant writing and brilliant acting by ashley!

  28. Who else was half expecting Laura Spencer to show up as Anne Bronte? Jane and Lizzie killed Lydia and Caroline. Just imagine.

  29. the acting in this is always amazing, the lighting is beautiful, and the writing is so brilliant- Charlotte Bronte is constantly blaming others, even desperately in the final chapters

  30. "You do not understand how much my roomie loved that ginger" is somehow both the most amusing and most heartbreaking line in the entire series

  31. This is Hamilton all over again: Making me sad about historical figures, which is a strange thing to do.

  32. This is the most underappreciated episode in this whole underappreciated series, so I would just like you to know, chapter 10, that I LOVE YOU, and I'm pretty sure Charlotte's squeak is one of my top 5 favorite moments in all of Poe Party

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