Edgar Allan Poe’s Murder Mystery Dinner Party Ch. 4: A Descent Into the Maelström

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  1. Hold up Dostoevsky is played by the same guy who was Ethan Craft ??? Dostoevsky's Ethan ?Ethan's Dostoevsky ??? O my this little nerd is in nerd heaven.

  2. So is Agatha the killer cause And Then There Were None…
    A red herring soup swallowed Eduardo
    Alcott got stung like Miss Brent (potassium cyanide, injection)
    Shelley was "frizzled up"

    Dostorevsky was chopped in halves

  3. "I guess that leaves me with the most murdere-y looking person here !"
    I loved the way Charlotte (Ashley) delivered that line.

  4. I am binge watching this!!!! … I love it… I love it… I love it… :)… 4 in a row… but one must get beauty sleep… I must, I say… Tomorrow is another day (for watching these most scrumptious videos…) Yum… Yum…

  5. Refrences! So many refrences to my favourite stories and authors! What does it say about our Society that this is the only Occasion I feel someone, anyone at all truly appreciates These great writers?

    Also These are very funny, in a clever way and besides, I LIVE for murder mysteries!

  6. 1)OH! I'd be SO THREATENED if I wasn't already DEAD!
    2) She just caught the influenza!! …which killed her.
    3) Feisty Anabelle.
    4) H.G.'s pronunciation of "camera".
    5) Everything about Fyodor in this episode.
    6) "At least…this dress…is fab."
    7) Curt Mega
    8) "I was…pretty sure it was Karen"
    9) Crow bar jokes
    🎵 these are a few of my favorite things🎵

  7. …is this anywhere on Youtube edited together like a movie? (I mean, there are playlists, but… I guess it'd be great to just see all the pieces as one complete piece…?)

  8. Four episodes in, and I just realized that they are all dying according to one of the verses in "Ten Little Soldier Boys," the same poem that Agatha Christie based her book "And Then There Were None" lol. Sneaky sneaky 😀 Or not, I'm probably not the first one to realize that lol.

  9. i thought for a split second that the russian man was markiplier??? am i the only one who sees that???

    also that lacy white dress lenore is wearing is so gorgeous and the lighting in this is epic

    honestly the costumes in this whole thing are so well fitting for everyone

  10. HG Wells is my favorite kind of dork: awkward “ha” when he gets a joke too late, but can still join in on an insult and agree the dress was hideous.

  11. Why is lauren american in this we know she can do a fab english one 'i'm loving this gaiety but there is excrement all over me'

  12. I simply love the random Russian words used in English productions that make no sense, but are used just to sound Russian <3

  13. So they all die in a way related to their books…. ignoring Eddie, Louisa May had that coughing fit, which connects to the tuberculosis that Beth in Little Women had. Mary Shelley was electrocuted, the opposite of how the monster in Frankenstein was brought to life. And Fyodor was struck in the head with an axe…. just like the victim old lady in Crime and Punishment.

    This is getting even more exciting.

  14. it can't be the russian because of the perfect english,,, i think? I'm thinking either hemmingway or wells

  15. Im calling it, the dress was poisoned. they're doing a xander Harris, comic relief accidentally foreshadows the solution. If I'm wrong this comment will be extremely embarrassing for me

  16. I love how every time someone dies, they’re removed from the intro sequence.
    I know I’m two years late but still

  17. I love how george eliot doesn't even seem to be wearing a binder, she just assumes that people will ignore her boobs

  18. When i first saw Lenore’s dress i thought “wow that looks like a wedding dress!” Now i feel bad.




    8:40 is a clue!! Emily ate the soup that Eddie was "poisoned" with was totally fine!! It was a clue that Eddie was alive😱😱😱😱

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