Edgar Allan Poe’s Murder Mystery Dinner Party Ch. 7: Mesmeric Revelation

Welcome, friend, to Edgar Allan Poe’s Murder Mystery Invite-Only Casual Dinner Party/Gala for Friends Potluck. Guys, this is Krishanti. Edgar, I’m terribly frightened. No, no, don’t be. It’s merely the ghosts of those murdered in the house over the last hour returned to tell us which one of us is the murderer. I’m not a ghost! Oh. Edgar: Wait, who is this? Beware. The killer is here. In the house! You! *choking* *screams* *screaming* *thunk* Hemingway: It’s that hippie witch! She’s dead. Everyone, look around for clues–a, a weapon, anything! I’m taking a page out of your book, Ernie. Careful. He won’t have many pages left. Hey! Alright. We’ll work on that. Where’s Emily? Who? Emily Dickinson. Who? Hemingway: Is that a cat? Do you have a cat? She just–she was just in the room with us. Oh, is this it? *gasp* Oh, Emily! Oh, no. That’s a different Emily. Charlotte: I’ll fetch her things. I’ll come with you. We’ll follow forthwith. My, we are becoming adept at this murder game, are we not? Yes indeed, Miss Brontë. Yes indeed. Edgar, you don’t even have a phone number. Yes I do. It’s 55-5. That’s not enough numbers for a phone number. That is–how many numbers are in your phone number? Seven! That was a number with all fives. *scream* *thunk* *thud* She’s dead. A–again. Did you see anything? Crushed by the feather of loneliness. Annabel: Emily! Hemingway: What, we leave for one second and a dead person gets re-murdered? Okay, we all left the study. Any one of us could have killed Miss Krishanti or Miss Dickinson. If I had to guess, Emily witnessed Krishanti’s murder when she came to accompany her. Yeah, but who here had the motive to kill the jingle-jangle witch? Lenore! You have weird ghost powers. And she could never bring back your boyfriend. That’s balderdash! I’m the one who suggested seancing! Seancing’s not a word. Seancing isn’t a word! I suppose I had motive, because Krishanti is responsible for bringing Lenore back to life and foisting her upon me. *chuckles* Hm. Hm. Yes. No joking around. Whatevs, grim reaper. You’d die of loneliness without me anyway. Oscar, what is it you just said about loneliness? Oh, guys! I just said Emily was crushed by the feather of loneliness! *all laughing* That actually is quite amusing! You do hit them on the head occasionally, chap! I do! Emily was crushed, as if by loneliness. I have an idea. To the washroom! The frame! Let’s all turn it around. I’ll get it. HG: Oscar? Edgar? This isn’t mine. Sure. Edgar: Listen, we are being dispatched in ways that are relevant to our artistic output. Think about it! Miss Alcott with the scarlet fever– Miss Shelley with the electricity– Dostoevsky with the axe– Miss Christie with the Indian blade– Oh yeah, and George Eliot was killed by a portrait of Oscar Wilde, just like that famous poem she wrote! I think the killer intended to kill Oscar, but somehow things got mixed up. Oscar did suggest George go into the bathroom first. She was covered in birdie bits! I was being a gentleman. Also, that picture is wrong. Look–my nose, my face, my back–it’s all off. HG: No, no, we mustn’t jump to conclusions. It is possible that Oscar is the murderer. *Oscar gasps* But it’s also possible that he was the intended victim. Annabel: And the killer messed up. Either way, Oscar must be protected and isolated. Standing around silently and staring–sounds like another Friday night at Edgar Allan Poe’s house. HG: If I may, uh, I–I feel I may be of more use to the cause if I could continue my work around the house? I assure you, I am working on a system that will help us solve this mystery. Is he? Well, there are a lot of wires, so I’d say that’s promising. What if he’s the murderer? I’ll go with him again. But what if he murders you? I am already dead! Fine. Lenore, H-G–HG, please. Hurry. We’re running out of time! Or are we? We are, right? We are running out of time? Yeah, I mean, I see where you’re coming from. Yes, yes. We are running out of time! Look, I just can’t stand here for the rest of the night, okay? You sound like you’re itching to murder more people! *doorbell* Are we expecting anyone else? Not that I’m aware of. Let’s just leave it. Agreed. Pretend we’re not home. All the lights are on. Edgar: Stay here. I’ll take care of this. Oscar: You guys, we’re doing a helluva job of staying in one place together. You guys are my favorite ones anyways. Oh, my God. No. HG: We are nearly finished. I don’t get it. How do we see what’s going on? We can’t be behind every camera at once. My dear Lenore, you have hit on the final piece of the puzzle. I have brought you here to construct our final invention: I shall call it an electronic video display signal interpretation terminal. For short, of course. Of course. Oh, good evening! Are you Mister Allan Poe? Yes. *unintelligible noises*

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  1. Killed in ways related to our output. And Krishanti was killed with a phone (cable), so using a method of communicating with people who aren't physically in the room. Do I get a gold star?

  2. I can't think about what's gonna happen to HG after this episode, but I' just gonna try and think about him NOT dying. Nope, he's not going anywhere…. :/

    I love this dang series so much.

  3. A Raven Writing A Poem About Edgar Allen Poe

  4. Guys I think it's Eddie. His name is Eddie Dantes, like Edmund Dantes from the Count of Monte Cristo. Edmund wanted revenge. Eddie has reasons to want revenge and what better time to get it than when everyone's in the same house? Or I could be completely wrong.
    Also, I really hope the next episode (is longer) has Wellenore in it. (and that he stays alive) HG Wells is just adorable.

  5. ARGH!!!! The more I watch the funnier it gets. Stop it.
    Fav lines.
    #6 This isn’t mine. (painting)
    #5 Oh, my God. No.
    #4 Or are we. (running out of time)
    #3 Careful you won’t have many pages left.
    #2 Seancing isn’t a word! (oh look it has the word SEAN in it)
    #1 … Yes.

    PS. The killer is tall (“the hippy witch” looked up). Ernest and Poe are tall.

  6. OMG, I just rewatched this episode and realised that Annabel, Charlotte and Edgar all step over Emily in the doorway when they enter the kitchen, without noticing her, before Annabel asks where she is. XD I missed that the first time.

  7. "Standing around silently and staring…sounds like another Friday night at Edgar Allan Poe's house." 😄 loving this guys! Good job!

  8. (I just ran into a Poe fan who’s never seen Emily Dickinson’s “Nobody” poem, so just in case, I’m sharing it below.)

    I'm Nobody! Who are you?
    Are you – Nobody – too?
    Then there's a pair of us!
    Don’t tell! they'd advertise – you know!

    How dreary – to be – Somebody!
    How public – like a Frog –
    To tell one's name – the livelong June –
    To an admiring Bog

  9. There are really only three people who the killer could be at this point, Ernest, Annabel and Charlotte. It most likely won't be Lenore or Edgar. H.G was at the door with Agatha Christie when George Eliot was attacked and Oscar was at the telephone when Emily died. My money's on it being Annabel just cause she is, after all, the most 'innocent' out of the three.

  10. Definitely jumping on the Eddie-is-the-killer-and-faked-his-death bandwagon, so many people have bad blood with him that he has plenty of motive, too. Although I'm still trying to work out what Oscar's deal would be to motivate George's murder, and Fyodor…

    Eddie- so people wouldn't suspect
    Louisa- tried to leave
    Mary Shelley- had her fight with him
    Fyodor- ?
    Agatha- either some sort of beef or just bc she wrote And Then There Were None and could probably figure it out
    George- supposed to be Oscar
    Krishante- calling for help
    Emily- saw the murder
    HG- catches something on his surveillance system
    Charlotte- has some mysterious past with Eddie (Eduardo!)
    Ernest- has his sport debts
    Edgar- totally macking on Annabel
    Annabel- Eddie planned to leave her alive, but then she was horrified by him being a murderer and/or possibly back with Edgar? so he tries to kill her too

    Not quite sure how Lenore fits into any of this, either, maybe she helps Edgar and Annabel survive somehow during the final confrontation with Eddie, but I feel like she'd have to be absent for a bit to reach peak drama….

  11. I am not in the habit of making inappropriate comments about actresses; yet I can't help but notice how ravishing the the actress who plays Lenore is.

  12. The picture of Wilde makes me think of his only novel, "The Picture of Dorian Grey", which I think was the intended connection. Doubt the painting could have killed George Eliot/Mary Ann alone. Breaking the portrait over her head to be done AFTER the kill blow to the head, unless of course she DID write a poem about Oscar Wilde in her lifetime.
    I noticed the trend of "killed in ways that match their novels/written work" with Shelley. Since I've never read Little Women or the following books, I didn't connect with Alcott. As for Christie, the whole thing is a "And Then there were None" parallel, so no matter how or when she died, it would still be fitting.

  13. "She was covered in birdie bits!" Wow, Oscar is killin' it.
    I love the fact that Mary Kate can barely keep a straight face at that point. Hilarious!

  14. They Killed Gorge Elliot by Accident?! Cmon! She's my fave character ( or he's,eh! 🤗 ) IM SO ANGRYYYYYYY 😡 😤

  15. ????: oh is That hippy girl ????:wasnt Emily with us all:who is That Ur cat oscar:NOOO EMIL! …OH That an diffrent emily emily:AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH gets Crush by feather of lonelynis ???:emily ded again..aperantly😐

  16. I haven't finished watching and I haven't read the comments

    But the fact that Annabel knows Emily's name makes me suspicious of her


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