Editors and Authors Celebrate 110 Years of I&EC Research

[Music} [ Onscreen: Celebrating 110 Years. I&EC Research. At the Forefront of Chemical Engineering Research Since 1909 ] Text onscreen: What role does a broad global chemical engineering journal like I&EC Research play in today’s research environment? I believe that the I&EC Research is
probably more relevant today than ever. I think it’s the place where we all
chemical engineers go, when we’re going to see what is going on. By we, I mean
again, people from industry and people from academia. Yeah, I think it really
fits well with chemical engineering because the discipline is so broad and
covers so many different topic areas that a journal that like I&ECR being
broad allows you to have one place to go and look for the information. Well, I
think it allows people to be creative. The range of it is always quite
amazing to me. Just looking at the titles you get a sense of what a lot
of people are doing, which you would not get from a specialized journal. [Text onscreen: Why do you submit your work to I&EC Research?] Oh, just in China about everybody in the
in chemical engineering they think this journal is the
mainstream journal in chemical engineering. I find that the I&EC
research editors are extremely efficient and they also pick outstanding referees.
so I’m confident when I submit there that I’m gonna get thorough and helpful
reports back from the referees. And just in general, ACS journals are incredibly
well-run and easy sit to submit to, fast publication times, excellent reviews and really just a high quality experience all the way around. [Text Onscreen: Could you share an example about the impact of the I&EC journals on your career development and research progress? So for me, my first paper and it was a
second author paper, but the first time I ever had my name published on a
peer-reviewed manuscript was in I&ECR. And I thought it was so cool. I was so
happy that like yeah, published and it was on ionic liquids and CO2. I mean, I
felt like they were very supportive of me even as a grad student and I got to
know them. So I&ECR really made an impact on me and I continued to publish there.
Publishing in Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research has given me the
opportunity to collaborate with different research groups and it is a
great spot to get exposure of your work. [Text onscreen: I&ECN Research is celebrating its 110th Anniversary. What do you think has allowed it to remain at the forefront of chemical engineering research for the last 110 years? Well, I&EC Research is unique in a way
that it’s at the interface of any publishers work from all both the
academic and the industrial sector. And it makes it unique, because now you have
a broad of research contributions within the journal. It’s focused on applied
research, but also has an emphasis on fundamentals processes and materials,
which i think is key at keeping it relevant over time. The academics
publishing in I&ECR are interested in seeing some of the industrially relevant
research that’s been published and vice-versa. From my own personal
experience from the 13 years I spent on DuPont, all the journals that were in
circulation within a central research and development group, I&ECR was by
far the most popular. Yeah, so just commenting as a researcher, you know the
journal I&EC Research has been really important to me. You know, I think
back to my days as a grad student and the first three papers that I published
out of my thesis went to I&EC Research. So it helped me sort of launch my own
research career and professional identity and I’m grateful for that.
Often times when I was an author, one of the things I value most is the reviewing
process that IDC research seems to have down to this just fine-tune details. There’s obviously care attention that goes into the manuscripts we
invariably get comments back that help us present the work in a better light
than we would have and therefore you know make more impact as researchers. So
I I really value the reviewing process and the I&EC Research handles that. Yeah
so I would like to thank everyone that includes authors, includes reviewers,
includes our editorial team for keeping I&EC Research at the
forefront of chemical engineering research since 1909. Please visit and
also take time to read our special hundred and tenth anniversary virtual
special issue. It’s available at axial.acs.org. you

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