EDiversity 5th Anniversary Celebration – We Have Choices 2019 – full version video

EDiversity 5th anniversary – “A housewives’ tale” When I was researching information on education I felt it wasn’t easy at all There were some things that people around me didn’t talk about but I also didn’t know how to find an answer to That’s why when Cam said she wanted to host a conference I thought, “oh, that’s good!” “Wouldn’t that be a help to the previous me?” At that time I always chatted with Karen about things like education and parenting I personally was very interested in non-mainstream, and Sudbury education I still remember when I held my son at our first meeting I brought him everytime since he was just a baby and then after many meetings, EDiversity was formed! Everyone thought that HK’s education had no choices that it was exhausting for children, parents and teachers so we came together to discuss In 2014 we had our first conference at the University of Hong Kong naming it “We need choices” when actually there weren’t (choices). Through a conference we let people reflect that actually, we can have choices It doesn’t need to be constantly exam and drilling, exam and drilling… In reality we may not have many choices but we can at least choose how we think and increase the possibilities of our choices to enrich our space for choices “We Have Choices 2014” Accidentally creating original music When I was talking to Karen, we said we needed a composer and lyricist to make a song about education that could convey the message of our conference So I wrote down all the main points of our message and at that time my head only had a lot of text Then I showed it to Karen and Cam and both of them said “oh this is already what we want!” In September of that year, my son was born, The questions people asked me the most were: Which kindergarten did you apply for? Did you apply for interview skills classes? Suddenly, picking schools became the biggest challenge in my life. Host: there were once three elderly who travelled the world, and today there are three mothers holding a forum. In the beginning we didn’t think of having any follow-ups we just thought “it’s just a conference” but we didn’t know that afterwards so many fantastic things would develop from it From the first stage of exploration to now, we slowly feel like we are going on the right track The route on the map of how we should continue has become clearer That’s why I feel “Ah, I’m so happy!” “I am one step closer to my dream!” Hong Kong needs diverse education to suit the different people We need to do more work on how to reflect upon one’s self and get rid of our own limitations and to see the world from a child’s perspective I’m very grateful to have met a lot of nice and passionate people these five years and I hope that in the future a lot of people will continue to support us and work together to do more in the education field Just as EDiversity says: “Happy and Fulfilling Education for All” If everyone had a choice and can really act on their choice then everyone can be happy in a diverse world October 20th: “We Have Choices 2019”! It’s been a long five years… “We Have Choices” 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 Let’s learn, experience and reflect together. We Have Choices! Special thanks

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