Ehd e Wafa Episode 22 | English Sub | Digitally Presented by Master Paints HUM TV Drama 16 Feb 2020

Your people have put their hands in Bee Hive Please Turn on TV See what’s going on media Haji Shafiq and his goons are involved in Murder Attempt on Shariq Habib Dozens of cases of land grabing are on Haji Shafiq on different Courts Wow! This is a Heer Ranjha situation and the wild Gujjar’s trailer is all over the media Attempt to murder on Shariq Firing reported This breaking news on your channel got me scared That is why my beloved Mother I called you and told you that I am absolutely fine You bothered yourself for no reason Have I ever trusted you before? So I came running here for you How are you my child? I am absolutely fine Aunty, you bothered yourself too much… tell me if you need anything? Both of you give me a date for getting married? For God’s sake Mother, this is a hospital You keep praying about this marriage …Get married, get married, get married It is not just a prayer but you are teasing us There you go, you have turned the innocent girl in to you She is also talking like you now You will think 10 times before acting like a hero, once you will get married That is why I am asking you to get married The steel is so hot that everyone’s feet have started burning Now everyone is worried about their jobs Tell me about the plans? What is the plan! The plan is to interview Mr. Firdaus tonight In fact give me his number and I will ask my team to line it up Where is he? He is safe I thought somebody might hurt him so I brought him at my house I will drop him whenever you will ask me to but I do not think there is a need of an interview now Why? All the evil wolves have stepped back who were involved with Haji in building that plaza And according to the last update, Haji has left for the hospital to pay you a visit Ok Let him come Saad is also right but I do not want to be a burden for anyone Why should I live with you two? Mother the decision has been taken… now you cannot do anything I will be ashamed that I am living in my son in law’s house and he is feeding me Mother! Your son in law will not feed you, your daughter will feed you Because your daughter has got a very good job But where? That is a surprise I will tell you the day I will join I swear upon God, I did not know anything I have left the people responsible for this at the police station myself I cannot even think of being so unfair to you I am your fan and you are an asset of our country Mr. Shariq Mr. Haji I know it very well and so do you, how you have stolen the assets of this country My lady colleague was threatened and abused, cameras were broken Do you think this is ok? I am ready to pay for all the damage You will pay for my damage but who will pay for Mr. Firdaus’s damage? Me, who else? Mr. Firdaus is my brother, we will have a deal with him His son was sent behind the bars after the first deal Will you send him behind the bars in the second deal? Nothing like this will happen Please calm down By the God’s will everything will be fine Everything will go the way you want it to be Everything will happen as per Mr. Firdaus’s wish And if it does not go accordingly than you will not bring any complaints to me You just order We can sacrifice our life for you Just a second ask Ramsha to record this meeting with Haji We will not be able to do anything if he backs off in the future Mr. Haji I want to record everything being discussed Do you mind? Why would I mind? My life is trapped Go ahead First of all, all the cases against Khursheed will be closed First of all, all the cases against Khursheed will be closed We will close them by tomorrow Mr. Shariq What else do you want? Mr. Firdaus’s property will be bought as per the market rates Mr. Firdaus’s property will be bought as per the market rates We will buy that too… We do not have any personal grudges against him Last and the most important condition is that, 2 shops in the mall will be gifted to you and Ramsha once the mall is completed What nonsense are you talking?I do not want anything I was joking idiot I know you do not want anything But do tell me if you want anything Mr. Haji is in a good mood, he will not refuse No buddy… I curse such forbidden earnings Forbidden earnings are good for forbidden generations only Ok listen! Tell Haji that his game will be over if these two things are not implemented within 24 hours How much more time will it take? You stay quiet…what is the rush? People must be waiting there Even a heroine does not take so much time to get ready The heroine does not take so much time because it is her duty to get ready every day You are being groomed for the first time in your life by God’s grace So let them do their job Shahzain… He is absolutely right… and do you know that Shahzain still gets his facial done every Sunday This is the reason our brother is so handsome Don’t raise a question on his experience Don’t act smart or I will also raise a finger Do you idiots want to do all the experiments today only? You have made me like a pharaoh’s Mother Who is it? Neither can I open my eyes nor my mouth Don’t talk sir, or you will get wrinkles I think I should not breathe then…I might get wrinkles in my lungs Five more minutes sir Keep it slow man, it is my face and not a wall Seems like you are rubbing a sand paper Stop it Ask someone else to do it…someone is taking revenge from me What is wrong with you brother? Have you brought me here for grooming or to renovate me? Bare a little more my dear Your face will glow after five minutes of rubbing, you will look so handsome that you will fall in love with yourself I hate all of you at the moment Where is Shariq? I am with you baby Don’t take any tension…you just relax your cheeks Why do you want me to get divorced even before my marriage? I will go like this only and people will see that you all are not my friends but my enemies idiots, shameless What are you doing man? Are you driving a bicycle or a car? Speed up This is a government vehicle and it has a fixed speed Fixed speed It’s engine will cease if I exceed forty You have come up with a very lame reason Why are you staring at me? What have I done? What revenge are you all taking from me and that too today? This is not revenge baby…this is love We want to spend as much time with you as possible And you will not be visible with even a telescope after marriage Why are you driving fast? Why are you in a rush? : I think we should walk along with our brother and make our life a rose garden by spending a little time with our brother Buddy, where are you? All the guests have arrived…why have you not come yet? Ok, I am just coming Your Father has asked about you from me so many times And the last time he asked me with threatening eyes as if I was involved in all this somehow Please come For God’s sake brother, please come,Everyone is here The bride too? No, she is not here yet Your Mother has gone to pick her up from the parlor Where are you? I am on my way
I was getting ready A tank gets ready in that time and you could not Mother is calling me Yes Mother! Baby! Don’t go I will be there in five minutes What are you doing man?
Please drive fast Oooooo….the engine ceased shameless Saad! Saad! Hurry up brother otherwise he will enter some other hall Let’s go Ok I don’t want it I don’t want it Come on Go, go Hey handsome, get in Ok man…Please lets go The engine ceased again This Molvi does not seem like the right man to me I hope he does not make any mistake while reciting your nikah Don’t talk rubbish Ok as you wish, but don’t complain later that I did not tell you Let’s ask him to recite the first Kalma to be on the safe side He is right Even I have a doubt I think not just the first one but lets ask him to recite all the six Kalmas Everybody knows the first one Even namaz is not accepted before a fake Molvi…and this is a nikah after all Get your nikha done by me The nikah might break if the Molvi makes a mistake He is absolutely right He gets the nikahs done these days Do you all have to be so naughty today only? For God’s sake keep quiet and don’t make me laugh A groom should not laugh on his wedding Laugh as much as you want because you have to cry for the rest of your life Sister in law will call while you are on a mission and operation bring one kg yogurt and a bunch of coriander” She will call you even if you are in Siachin Please bring pampers for junior Saad on your way back Forget about all this and change the Molvi or the nikah will not be valid even the right things go wrong automatically in the presence of friends like you Sir! Greetings sir! Baig: Greetings! Thank you so much Your presence has glorified my wedding All of you are very dear to me How are you sir? I am fine God bless you…Malik Shahzain? Yes Where is Mr. AC? Right here, behind you Come here my dear I would not have been standing here if you were not at my back How should I thank you? Forget about these things I can forget anything but I cannot forget the favor given by you and Shariq Habib Where is he? Sir I am right here with you and I am not Shariq Habib but I am your shark What is all this Dua? Not Dua but Captain Dr. Dua Saad You still have time…either change the Molvi or your decision Yes Haji finally did it You got transferred We did our job and he did his job For how long would he have kept quiet? He had to play his move one day But I am happy that I am being transferred not for doing corruption but for stopping corruption I know but this is not fair I swear I can talk to Shahzain and he can stop the transfer if you say so I would not have applied for CSS if I had to use any connections By the way…do you know where I have been transferred? Where? In Shahzain’s territory Not bad Have your breakfast first and then use your phone No! The toast is very tasty by the way You cook so well that I cannot stop eating Don’t butter me, butter the toast Finish your breakfast and get ready quickly, we are getting late Ok Oh God! What happened? You have put salt in the tea instead of sugar I have put sugar See it for yourself I am sorry I might have put salt
I will get you another one There is no need A single sip of yours can turn a salted sea into honey It is just a cup of tea Leave my hand my part time poet Mother will be here Hey! Full time doctor! Let her come Why should we fear? Greetings Mother Ok! May God protect you and best of luck for the day Listen! Yes Why do you do everything in a hurry? You put salt in the tea in the morning, you forget things What did I forget now? Your name Your name Say thank you to me
Give me some credit Sorry Why? Because I saw you taking my name plate off my uniform My credit eating machine! What is all this? Your reception sir Neither have I come back from pilgrimage nor am I a bride for whom you have spread flowers on the way Who is bearing the expenses? There were no expenses sir There are never any expenses for a guest’s reception This is the people’s love for you which has brought them here Greetings sir Greetings…what is your name? Lal Hussain son of Ghulam Hussain Bagga sir Do you know me? Who does not know you my lord? What is my name? Mr. AC…may God promote you to a DC, DIG, Speaker of the National Assembly May God bring you peace where ever you go Since how long have you been waiting for me? I came here early in the morning for you How much are you being paid? Money is nothing my lord…it is enough for me that I got to see you And I will keep whatever you will give me as the most precious asset of my life may it be a single rupee How did my love bring a person here who does not even know my name? Please make me understand…Please! It is not my love but your power which has brought him here You have brought him here for no reason He has been waiting here for me without any decided or fixed amount And you must have brought these flowers from a poor person’s garden…Isn’t it? People have done all this as per their will in your honor I am not a guest I am the Assistant Commissioner I get paid from the Government of Pakistan for my job I am not a foreigner for whose welcome you are doing all this The employees become guests because you spoil them Every other person has become powerful because you have bowed your head This will not happen as long as I am here…Understood! Yes sir Come here and clean it Lal Hussain! All of you leave Yes sir Learn to sell your art and not waste it Yes sir Lal is very precious whether it is Lal Hussain or Lal khan They will drag you like this for no reason if you will not value your own art Yes sir And your stomach will stay empty like this drum Take this May God bless you
God bless you sir Thank you very much My dear people will think that Malik Allah Yar has become weak if I will go to his office to congratulate him Invite him over to the camp when you come here He is your friend…it would be balanced Do you understand my dear? People will think Malik Allah Yar is flattering him if I go there or if I call him here Ok, as you wish Is your Assembly tenure about to end next month? Yes… I will just deal with the last valedictory session and then we will prepare for the next election Which next election my dear? Did you not promise Chaudry Meher Deen that it is his son’s turn in the next election? He tried to take a promise but I did not make any promises with him Grand Father He is wrong if he is thinking that Don’t you worry I will explain everything to him when I meet him I will convince him I will give you all the details when I get back there So Malik Allah Yar, a new problem is about to come up I want to cover maximum districts in 90 days I want to expose all the good and bad acts of all the candidates in an unbiased manner I want to tell about who was involved in corruption during these five years and how much did they spend, who enticed the people and who religiously fulfilled their political responsibilities Do whatever you want to I want our channel’s transmissions to be unique and best than all other channels With God’s will sir, I will try my level best There are chances that I become a Minister if I win the elections Just a chance? No, it is for sure And also to become a Chief Minister and it is only possible when we both will support each other I don’t want the families to get divided along with the votes How will the families divide? It seems like you will leave Rani if you do not support you You are absolutely wrong Why would I destroy my home for politics? I am doing all this to make both families even stronger But you promised that it will be my turn this time I did not make any promise Uncle just gave me an advice Didn’t you like the advice? Listen Waqar, try to understand my point I have made my space there…people know me I have the party’s ticket Everybody wants me to participate in the elections from this seat I have a strong position in Islamabad I also have some respect in my territory if your position is strong in Islamabad I have promised my voters and supporters that I will fight the elections this time You will lose if the Malik’s don’t support you You will also not win if the Chaudry’s don’t support you Ask your husband to act like a human Do not start a rivalry against me If he is the Malik of his area than I am a Chaudry too Why does he want to degrade me among the enemies? Explain it to him that he might have to fight me instead of the elections What are you talking about? You will fight with your brother in law for politics He is putting the base of this rivalry Convince him with love, otherwise something will go wrong This election is a matter of my prestige And you know that Chaudry Waqar can sacrifice his own life for his prestige and he can take someone’s life as well Behave a little At least think of your respectable parent’s prestige You have been talking non sense in this drunk state Get aside I am telling you for the last time I might move him out of my way for good If you ever said anything about my Shahzain, I swear upon God I will fix you so that you that you will not be able to get out of the house if you ever said anything about my Shahzain You are raising your hand on me being a younger sister you shameless! Rani was your sister Now she is my honor And I will not let anybody raise even an eye towards my honor If you raise your hand next time, I will cut this hand Let’s go Leave it my dear, I will do it myself Take care of Saad rather than me Forget it Mother, he went to sleep as soon as he came He gets so exhausted I know how exhausted he is He is waiting outside in the car for you By the way where do the three of you go every night? Nowhere Mother Zoro has to go for a walk, so we just go to the park and come back home Ok than go, why are you standing here? Ok fine Good night…may God protect you Good night What? Mother got to know We are caught She was asking me where you people go for so long and so late at night What did you tell her then? What should I have said? I ran away from there What a merciless society
Even after marriage… Ok You wanted to talk about something important.
What was it? I am going to Kashmir When? Tomorrow Posting? Our honeymoon period is not over yet So soon… What kind of a joke is this? This is not a joke, this is an order The situation is tensed at the LOC And there is a danger of escalation …So our unit is ordered to report immediately Ok then I will come along Hello!…It is LOC, not a park that you can come along Ok where are you going to live? Wherever you will live I will live in a bunker So I can also live there Oh God! Oh God please give some wisdom to my wife You have given her the uniform now give her some wisdom also please Bunker is not a flat It is a small foxhole on the LOC Have you ever seen it? I will see it, what is the big deal? Do not worry You are not going anywhere You have got nothing to do over there I will come back home once the situation is under control Shall we? Where do you want to go? I will ask Zoro if you will not tell me
Zoro where do you want to go? On a drive, in the rain Ok Take care of your blood pressure instead of pressurizing me for getting married What does the doctor have to say? Excellent!
Ok Mother I will talk to you later Welcome! Greetings Greetings I have been in your area since so and I am seeing you today I told you, I will come to you once I return from Islamabad Come and sit No no let’s go Where? I have arranged a small festive meal for you at my camp Come on, everyone is waiting for you, I have come to pick you up Who is waiting? They are all family members Grandfather, Father and a few respectable people Do not worry, we did not make a lot of arrangements I thought you are taking me to some political gathering No no Listen I have to check two reports Do you have some time? Yes sure Take your time
Do not worry I am waiting for you in the car, come out when you are free I will be there in ten minutes Greetings Uncle I hope you are coming today? Rani has cooked fish especially for you Your fish has a lot of bones dear Shahzain Life will become miserable if they get stuck in the throat It is not possible today, I have to attend a funeral I am inviting you for a joyous meal and you are going to a funeral The funeral is much more important If you do not stand by the voter during their good and bad times, then he does not vote for you This is the peak time of the elections, now we not only have to attend the funeral in fact you have to go later for post prayers and after forty days of death also Ok no problem Send Waqar on your behalf, he can represent you I have to introduce him to Sheheryar He has gone to Lahore He will return tomorrow We will meet your friend some other time I am leaving now
May God protect you May God protect you Is he trying to throw his weight around the area by inviting the A.C over a meal He is trying to throw his weight over us rather than the area My son in law has become a sweet spoken traitor He is cutting us sweetly We will steal his votes if he is cutting us Look Shahzain dear, there is no point in doing something that upsets your loved ones Our past ten generations did not have a politician Even than God has blessed us with so much respect And I think our respect will be spoiled after your elections People are upset with you son : I cannot change my future plans because of a few people who are upset Shahzain dear, forget the future plans Talk about your family planning Look you are married since so long and you have not made me a Great Grand Father I have even thought of a name for my great grandson; Malik Riyasat Shahzain Leave the politics, For how long are we going to usurp the rights of Riyasat because of politics dear? Let me win the elections once and once Rani agrees than I will fulfill your wish of becoming a Great Grand Father But I will never name my child, Riyasat Now tell me are you coming with me or should I go alone to file my nomination papers? You are not alone anymore son Your supporters are all around you My presence, my absence, my advice, my silence does not matter to you Think once more, your position is not that strong any more People are not in a mood to vote for you

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