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hey guys welcome back to my channel and
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home holiday event wedding in DIY decor today I’m gonna show you how to make an
elegant grand wedding centerpiece for your outdoor or indoor wedding here we
go oh my gosh guys I fell in love with a
picture of a centerpiece on Pinterest that centerpiece was oh my gosh grant
I’m calling a grant because that’s what I’m aiming for my centerpiece so it was
grand it was big the fog was worth humongous the vase was humongous you
have different layers and you have lays all over the vase I don’t have that much
skills I know you guys think I have skills but not those type of skills at
least yet so I’m going to give you my version of that so let’s just start it
okay guys so I’m going to start this project with my base and my vase is
going to consist of everything that you see here all of this is made out of
glass except for my boat right here in the corner which means that the
centerpiece is going to be very heavy so I’m gonna have to take my time to do
this together and I’m only going to use e6000 as you know I usually like to use
both East 6000 and hot glue but since this is going to be heavy as heck I do
not want to risk this falling apart on me so it’s going to take longer than
usual not a video because I can fast forward but it’s going to take longer
than usual in real time so the first thing I’m going to do is glue this bowl
in my cup right here together next I’m going to be gluing this tea
light candle holder from Dollar Tree these two are from the auditory as well
and I’m going to be gluing it right on top of my Pilsen cup which is actually
the bottom of the cup but now it is the top and I’m going to glue it I saw the
next thing I’m going to be gluing is this round small bowl from Dollar Tree
it’s a small vase that they have all year round so it’s very easy to find and
I’m going to be gluing it right on top of it so so this is as much weight I think you
can handle on its own without being completely dry so I’m going to let this
sit for about two to four hours and then I’m going to come back and finish the
rest now I’m going to go ahead and glue my large bowl right on top of my round
ball and lastly I am going to blue my plastic
ball right on top of this pole this one also from Dollar Tree and here’s how it
should look like and oh my gosh I am so pleased with it theme that I wanted to
mention was that as you start gluing your balls pretty much everything on
this vase I want you to make sure to look front and back and sideways as well
so your gonna look all around to make sure that everything is straight now I’m
going to go ahead and paint my face with a multicolored texture spray paint the
overall look of this vase is more stony which is what I expect that in a way
because not in a way because that is what it is that’s what the paint
actually is is a stony multicolored texture paint and you can find this at
Home Depot or at Walmart so it totally works with the patterns on the balls
which I’m happy about and he’s totally given the vase the grand look I was
going for alright guys so since I didn’t want to buy a round floral foam to place
inside of my face because they are just ridiculously overpriced and I will need
a huge one to place in there I decided to use two black phones from Dollar Tree
and two of these round forms from Dollar Tree and I’m just going to place them in
there to fill this end I want to place these two in here and then I’m going to
place one of each on each side right here and then the second one will be
right on top I’m going to start my arrangement with
white hydrangeas from Dollar Tree as you guys know these are my favorite flowers
from there because they look so so real I think these are the best they carry
for sure and I’m going to be cutting them about 4 inches long because I want
them to hang over the bowl and then I’m going to start arranging on my 4 points
which that’s what I call it which is one flower in the front one in the back and
then one on each side and then I work my way around that next I’m going to be using these
beautiful blue hydrangeas from Dollar Tree and I’m going to be cutting them
about six inches long because I wanted to come out a little further than the
white ones now I’m actually going to place this
entire bouquet of blue hydrangeas right in the middle because I want to gauge
how tall I want the overall arrangement to be so I’m just going to place it
right in there so now I’m going to work around it and I’m going to use more
white hydrangeas so as you just saw I place the white
hydrangeas on top of the blue ones and now I am going to place blue ones on top
of the white ones now I’m going to be using more white
hydrangeas and I’m going to be placing them in between the blue and white
hydrangeas right around there and for these I am going to be leaving them on
the step now I’m going to be using this beautiful
bouquet of blue bonnets that I got from Walmart there were each
$3 per bouquet I’m going to be placing them randomly on top of the arrangement
I totally wasted a perfectly bouquet of flowers because these are too short I
guess this is why you need a round around a ball but I refuse to buy it to
Spencer so what I’m going to do is just insert
the entire thing and I’m just going to open them up you know I don’t worry what
I have you know how it goes I am working with what I have so I’m just going to
insert it here in the middle I’m just gonna open it up see problem-solve
totally alright so here is what it’s looking like so far and I’m gonna try to
use these anyway let’s see a little shorter but you know what it feels in
the middle perfectly perfect now I’m going to use a peer of this lavender
bouquets from Dollar Tree the blue hydrangeas have a little bit of the
purple there so I wanted to add a little purple in between the empty spots so I
wish I could have found more of these but I actually only find found four of
these so it’s not going to be much of it but you’ll do a little damage so I’m
just going to use the entire stem or the entire bouquet because I need it to be
long so I’m just going to place them in there like this this one I’m going to place around me
back so if you can find more of these than you use more of them you will use
at least three as it is right here but since I only have one
I got a water so that’s us alright guys so I twisted my own arms and ended up
going back to Dollar Tree to get this lavendar stems that I did see the other
day but did not pick up the reason I didn’t pick this up was because I like
the way the ones in the background we see these this has the lighter tip and
these have the pink tips so I only picked up the ones that had the lighter
tips and there were only four of them so I just went back and got these because I
thought that I could use other flowers to fill in the empty spaces on here but
I kind of liked it this way so I am going to go ahead and use these alright
so here is highest looking so far with the lavender I have covered all of the
empty spaces I believe I’m sure I will catch one here and there especially on
the top I got to get on a stool and see that so I will do that a little later
here is this big space here and I see a lot of white so I am going to place this
blue hydrangea right inside there now that looks more well balanced love it
okay guys so I ended up adding some more blue bonnets to the arrangement so
everything can look well proportion and it looks fabulous here’s how it looks
like now I’m going to go ahead and show you the entire arrangement okay guys
this is it this is my grand wedding centerpiece and this piece is absolutely
stunning I love it I love how tall it is I love how elegant it is and I love love
love love the texture I love the way the texture of the pain works with the balls
the pattern of the bowls is like they belong together I can see the
centerpiece at your indoor or outdoor wedding I can see it at your ceremony oh
my gosh I can see the centerpiece on top of two pillars if you have one on one
side and one of the other at your ceremony it will be breath-taking oh my
gosh and as you can see I added some hanging crystals to this centerpiece and
he finishes up the look perfectly so I’m going to have all the information for
the hanging crystals in a description box below in case you guys want to
purchase those so alright guys this is that love it I hope you guys enjoy this
video and if you did please make sure to give me a thumbs up and if you haven’t
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comment let me know what you thought of my brand centerpiece and leave me a
comment anyway because I was gone for a week and a half and I miss you guys
a whole lot hey make sure to share share share sharing is caring if you have a
friend or family member that’s having a wedding or a grand event make sure to
share with them because you’ll be able to save them a buck or two alright guys
until next time bye

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  25. Hi Tyra I would like to know where you purchase your pretty tablecloths from? Thanks in advance for a reply.

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