ELFT Video News #8 (#NationalNoSmokingDay, Celebrating Diversity, Staff Wellbeing and Benefits Mag)

Hi, I’m Zach from ELFT and welcome to
another edition of ELFT Video News. You can find links to all the stories in the
description box below. Today is National No Smoking Day, kick-off their habits
with your friends or coworkers and quit smoking together you can learn more
about the intervention models of Ask, Advice and Act, to support service users
in their journeys to stop smoking visit the intranet and contact your smoking
cessation advisors today for more information. At ELFT we’re proud to be a
very diverse Trust we have incredible board with 18 members with various
representations of the BAME group to celebrate diversity we are running a
series of interviews with BAME directors and senior staff to learn about their
roles, their stories, and message for others you can read about their articles
and their stories and interviews with other staff members on the intranet. And
finally, learn about the benefits with the ELFT trust why not check out our
Staff Wellbeing and Benefits Magazine now in its second edition, it’s
bursting with benefits like employee assistance program, discount offers, and health MOT check-ups. Visit the staff well-being and benefits magazine on the
intranet. That’s all for this week we’ll see you again soon.

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