Elijah Wood Talks Star Wars Resistance and Star Wars Celebration Chicago News!

This week we’re back and better than ever
with the first episode of the fourth season of The Star Wars Show! And we’re kicking it off like you would
any Star Wars show…with a little bit of Lord of the Rings! Season Four, baby! Nothing but curveballs! This is The Star Wars Show! From the Lucasfilm headquarters in San Francisco,
here’s your hosts, Andi and Anthony! Hello and welcome to The Star Wars Show, a
Star Wars show that is returning on the date in which it was always meant to return. Huh, cause I heard on the internet we were
supposed to be back last week. Andi, you can’t believe anything you read
on the internet. Unless it comes from a trusted source! Yeah, like StarWars.com or The Star Wars Show
directly. And not the hosts personal Instagram or Twitter? I begrudgingly agree that, that is true. Let’s go to the news! Since it’s been a while since we’ve last
spoken, we thought it would be fun to do a quick roundup of all the Star Wars news you
probably missed while we were gone. You know, because we’re your only source
for Star Wars News. That’s right. You’d never check anywhere else for Star
Wars news, right? Like our relationship is built on a foundation
of honesty. In publishing news, lots of new books were
recently announced that will transport readers to the planet of Batuu, the location of the
new Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge coming to Disneyland and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Marvel will launch a 6 issue mini series beginning
on April 24th called Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, expanding upon the stories that can
be found on the notorious Black Spire Outpost, including introducing us to new characters
like Dok-Ondar, an Ithorian collector of rare antiques. The mini-series will be written by Ethan Sacks
with Will Sliney providing the art. Delilah Dawson is penning a novel entitled
Black Spire in which General Leia dispatches her top spy to Batuu in a desperate search
for Resistance allies. Plus the Young Adult Novel A Crash of Fate
by Zoraida Cordova, and Star Wars Myths and Fables by George Mann. Also new from publishing, Darth Vader and
Son author and illustrator Jeffery Brown will be releasing a new book entitled Rey and Pals,
about…well Rey and her pals. Spoilers. And while it may not be about Galaxy’s Edge,
it’s guaranteed to be adorable and super fun to read. For more on Jeffery Brown’s new book, as
well as the slate of upcoming Galaxy’s Edge books, including an excerpt from Star Wars
Myths and Fables check out Star Wars.com/sws. While we were gone, Star Wars Celebration
not only revealed the key art for the event, but a plethora of guests slated to attend. And boy is it a cavalcade of Star Wars stars. Stars like the mighty Chewbacca himself, Joonas Suotamo making his Celebration debut, friend of the show and voice of Darth Maul Sam Witwer. Also appearing will be Snap Wexley, AKA Greg
Grunberg, along with half of Fode and Beed, Greg Proops. Don’t forget about puppeteer Dave Chapman,
or the Admiral Raddus and Ello Asty actor Paul Kasey. Why, who’s that? It’s General Dodonna actor Ian McElhinney,
he’ll be there. And so will Orli Shoshan who played Shaak
Ti in Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. And if you liked The Force Awakens you’ll
be excited to meet Ken Leung! Hey, it’s Katy Kartwheel from Solo: A Star
Wars Story, she’ll be there, and so will Jett Lucas from Attack of the Clones and Revenge
of the Sith. John Ratzenberger from The Empire Strikes
Back and nothing else will be there, plus baby Boba Fett Daniel Logan and his on screen
Dad Temura Morrison! Fashion maven and voice of Ahsoka Tano, Ashley
Eckstein will be there and so will Star Wars Resistance’s Donald Faison. Star Wars legend Peter Meyhew will also be
making a return trip to Celebration as well as more of your favorite Star Wars Celebrities! Celebrities like, Vanessa Marshall, Dee Bradley
Baker, Catherine Taber, Michael Pennington, Tom Kane, and Myrna Velasco. Yes you can meet all of these Star Wars Celebrities
and more to come when you attend Star Wars Celebration this April in Chicago! For more on guests coming to Star Wars Celebration,
as well as news about Artists Alley check out StarWars.com/SWS. Finally this week, more Galaxies of Adventure
shorts have been released on StarWarsKids.com and The Star Wars Kids YouTube Channel. And I got a chance to go behind the scenes
at animation studio, Titmouse to see how they create this incredible series of shorts. Check it out. We’re outside the animation studio Titmouse. They are responsible for the new Star Wars
Galaxy of Adventures shorts, which I am absolutely in love with. I cannot wait to get inside and find out how
they’re made. [Music] I’m sitting with Barry Kelly who is the
director of the Galaxy of Adventures shorts. You are retelling a lot of key moments and
key stories in the Star Wars fiction. Is that intimidating? Is that nervous? Oh. Is it exciting? Yeah. How does that feel to take that on? We’re kind of expanding moments between
the cuts of the movies. I always feel like I’m not recreating the
scenes per se as much as I’m trying to capture the weight and the feeling and sense of action
that I felt watching them as a kid. We got to kind of forget that we know Star
Wars when we’re attacking this. So we kind of boil Luke down to forget Mark
Hamill, forget the actors, we just have to look at them like what is the essence of Luke. We talked a lot with Barry at the very beginning
about what his vision was, where he wanted to take this show and where I wanted to take it. And we had quite a few people try at it but
the more that the animation is complicated the harder it is to act and convey emotion. So we talked so much about this, about simplifying
and simplifying and simplifying. To the point that it was still the essence
of the characters. Like Darth Vader, you start with a silhouette
because he’s so dark. It’s not just designing the character, it’s
designing the environments around him. This is obviously meant to be somebody’s
first entry into Star Wars. Yep. Does the fact that you are doing this for
an audience that isn’t familiar with Star Wars change the way you represent it visually? We wanted to bring a vision and not just reproduce something that had been done but it’s still really sophisticated looking. And we made it as cool as we try to make anything
that we do. At Titmouse we do mostly 2D animation. A lot of our favorite shows in the action
and the compositing, we just push 2D in a lot of ways that nobody else normally would. We do a lot of the animation in house and
it’s really nice to be able to board, to animate, and do the background designs
all in our studio. It’s very rare that all of it is done under
one roof. One of the challenge of making these is people
say you can go watch the movies but also maybe now there’s like 40 years of stuff that
happened and we’re trying to cram the scope of the legacy of these characters and where
they’ve to, and where they came from kind of into a minute so you get a sense of, oh
there’s more to this than just space battles, there’s a whole in depth, rich world of
characters. Thanks so much to Titmouse for letting us
hang around today and giving us a behind the scenes look at Galaxy of Adventures. If you haven’t seen the shorts yet, you absolutely
should, they’re amazing. And you can watch them at YouTube.com/StarWarsKids
or StarWarsKids.com. [Porg sounds] Today is super exciting. We finally have Elijah Wood here on the show. Finally because now you’re in Star Wars. [Laughing] God, I’m so sorry it didn’t work out years
ago. But now there’s at least more relevance. We so much… I’m not just a fan. Right. We have so much to talk about. Working on Resistance, which is really fun. Yeah, so let’s start talking about Resistance. Okay. Jace Rucklin, super interesting character. He is. Yeah, what’s it like playing him? He’s been sort of an interesting foil. Yeah. Throughout season 1. It’s funny cause I think when people talk
about the character or it’s referenced to me, it’s referenced as if he’s a villain. I don’t necessarily see him that way. Mhmm. He just wants to be better than everybody
else and that’s what’s driving him and it’s his ambition to be the best pilot,
which is not uncommon in this universe. He’ll kind of push other people out of the
way for his own success. And that’s like the more realistic thing
because in Star Wars we’ve had very few mustache twirling, really evil villains. And everyone else is just sort of a real mix
of emotions. It’s true. You can even get behind Darth Vader to a certain
degree if you understand where he’s coming from. Sure, sure, more or less. [Laughing] Let’s talk a little about your Star Wars
fandom because you are a big Star Wars fan. Yeah. Our childhood was mostly when there wasn’t
Star Wars. Totally but my brother is a big fan so my
brother is 7 years older than me so he was exposed to all of that in the theater. I think he would have seen all of them. So he indoctrinated you early? I was exposed to that world really early on
and I can’t remember the first film I saw. It would have been A New Hope, I suppose. But it was just imbicudous. I don’t have a specific memory of seeing
one of them for the first time because it’s kind of in the fabric of my DNA. Yeah. Became a collector later of the vintage toys
so when I was a teenager I was seeking out toy stores that were selling the vintage toys
at a time when they were a lot less expensive then they are now. Boba Fett was a favorite figure. I loved IG-88, it’s one of my favorite characters. Millennium Falcon playset, like I had an original
of that. Original AT-AT. That stuffs awesome. You’ve had, I’m sure, some really unique
experiences like as a pop culture fan but also being sort of a focal point for it. I’m sure that’s sort of influenced how you consume media or participate in your own fandoms. Yeah, I can’t compare any of my experience
to the level of pervasiveness and just sort of, I don’t know… Really? I still look to Star Wars as the benchmark. I mean Lord of the Rings was certainly huge. Mhmm. But maybe because I’m apart of it, it doesn’t,
I don’t have a macro perspective of it? If that makes sense? Yeah, that totally makes sense. You know, to me, Star Wars is so much more
significant. What do you think it is about Star Wars that
kind of makes people hold it in such a special place? Cause I mean that story, the hero’s journey,
it’s not unique to Star Wars at all, it’s just has a special wrap around it. But for some reason there’s something that
people just absorb it into their being. Well there’s so many aspects. The fact that it feel tangible and real. It’s the first time that space was presented
to us, I think, in a way where it wasn’t super pristine, clean machines and set in the future. It felt accessible. The characters, the way they’re written,
they way they’re performed, these are iconic characters that we grew up loving. And John Williams score. I mean you could literally go on and on and
on about every element. Now that Star Wars is back and bigger than
ever, what are you most looking forward to in the upcoming year because there’s a lot. Oh my God. Aside from season 2 of Resistance. That’s pretty exciting. That’s pretty exciting. Yeah, I’m excited to see where it goes. Um, I mean, Episode 9. I can’t wait. I can’t wait to see how the saga ends. We’ve now gotten used to every other year
seeing an additional story in the Skywalker saga and this is the last one so I’m kind
of realizing that it’s gonna be somewhat bittersweet. But it’s an exciting time to be a Star Wars
fan for sure. It absolutely is. Awesome, well thank you so much for coming
by. Thank you! It was a lot of fun. Yeah, you as well. You’re watching The Star Wars Show. I can’t believe this is the first episode
of our 4th season. I know and this is going to be a good one
because 2019 is going to be insane for Star Wars. Seriously, we have Celebration in April, Star
Wars Galaxy’s Edge in the summer, the new VR series Vader Immortal, the new video game,
Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, plus we get the Mandalorian and you know Episode 9 later
in the year! Which is why we wanted to know what you’re
excited for in 2019 and why. Let us know using the hashtag #StarWars2019
and we’ll feature our favorites here next week. And as always, remember to like the video,
subscribe to the channel, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and give a hoot, don’t
pollute. Thanks for watching, and May the Force be
with you. Back at it. You know it’s a big year when you have to
throw Episode 9 down at the end of a list. Oh yeah, oh yeah, and that other thing. Oh yeah. And that one movie we’ve been waiting 40
years for. [Laughing] That’s happening too. Sync The more you clap, the more in sync the sound is. 5, 4, 3… Planet blah, blah, blah. Of the blah, blah, bleh. [Laughing] Doodle, doo. Doodle, doo.

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