Elizabeth Warren Urges Putting Party First: ‘We Gotta Beat Donald Trump’ | The Last Word | MSNBC

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  1. And that sums up the democrats 😅😅. Just try and think what these people have done to your minds. Dont walk, run away from their madness!

  2. Too bad that message didn't stick for Hillary,eh? 18% Sanders voters spitefully went to Trump. How's that for unity?
    Once the devil was escorted in, you'll now be hard pressed removing him. Good luck!

  3. Sanders and Warren would be dynamite. They both are public servants. They both want America to be a better place for people to be in charge of their own lives.

  4. Pocahontas, you don’t have to run against President Trump, swallow your ego for America and drop out already. Keep America Prosperous for all Americans. Trump 2020.

  5. It's already been decided your arguing means nothing…your vote means nothing.. your opinion means absolutely nothing to the elites and they are laughing at your discord.

  6. The President of the United States Donald trump my team to study 2020 MWC.If there is funding and equipment and resources.It is unprofitable to study the virus 2020.The difference is infection today or in a month.Continue studying the virus until the beginning of 2018.My team is difficult to work 90-2014. 200 people and there is no money for bugs. Georgia's war no money, etc. Ukraine 2014-2020.There is no money for Ukraine in 2000-2013.13,000 dead bodies.Everything is unprofitable .Killing is profitable.Clear.Without money, it makes sense.China pays 10 billion .my team is paying $ 5 billion to isolate the virus in 2017-2018. 2020 .dollars'.For us to score.Cheaper.The crisis and the virus.Barcelona is waiting for us.Save the profits of it companies.

  7. you have 8 years in WH but you have done nothing for the ordinary american instead losing their job , while this president have done so much on his first term. open you mind ,eyes, n ears warren not just hate to a man whose doing a better job.

  8. Wow! – Two of the biggest losers together in one place, what an honor it must be for weak-minded Democrats, reprobates, drop-outs and all-round misfits. 👀😏😝

  9. Elisabeth KickingWing? Is that the best you Dems have to go up against the Champ President Trump??
    R Y’all Kidding 😂😂😂

  10. Elizabeth is so bitter about losing to Bernie that she's leaning towards centrists like Amy, abandoning her original progressive position with Bernie. Ironically, she's touting unity yet she takes cheap factless shots every chance she gets at Bernie. Every time she makes a point about people being mean online, or someone having no confidence in women or that she and Amy are the only ones not taking super pacs, she meant to attack Bernie. Ironically, she's the one who took money from billionaires in her previous campaign as senator and ransferred that money to her current presidential campaign. That makes her a not only a hypocrite but a traitor. Bernie's biggest contributors are progressive groups who endorsed him. But she paints it like he's getting money from Billionaires. Unfortunately for her, every time she attacks Bernie, she slides down further in the polls because it shows how disingenuous and disloyal she is. She would rather lose to Amy who is a centrist than Bernie. This makes me doubt she was ever a progressive at all. I wouldn't be surprised if she has become another establishment pawn who is ultimately inserted in the whole process to take Bernie or any progressive down. She only pretended to be Bernie's friend only to stab him in the back. Either that or she's just another careerist like Buttigieg who will flip flop where ever the powerful pushes them. Bernie faces blocks and thorns everywhere he turns. Since he represents the working class, the poor, and the marginalized, it's like we are being stepped on and blocked everywhere we turn even by people we thought were our friends. The saddest part is that some of us are still duped into thinking that they are still our friends and still vote and support them not realizing that all their progressive talks are lies and they are chipping away at our human rights and benefits every step they take to advance their careers. Sad world we live in.

  11. Pocahontas a.k.a. Elizabeth Warren 👎 is finished pack it in and go do your job for the people of Boston as a senator.

  12. Warren never called Amy friend until after that whole factless smear against Bernie based on a private conversation with no witnesses, and after NYT did a wacky double endorsement of her and Amy. She used feminism "me too" movement to legitimize her claim. The Me too movement are for women who have to face a lot of shame and backlash from people in powerful positions. What shame and powerful establishment backlash did Elizabeth have to face? It was a political strategy for her. She's going against Bernie who is the enemy of the establishment. She got nothing but praise from the establishment and corporate media. So she had nothing to lose but her friend who encouraged her to run in 2016. That's why she's receiving backlash from progressives and voters who can see through her lies.

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