Elizabeth Warren’s SHOCKING Marriage Equality Answer

>>At last night’s CNN Equality Town hall,
there was a lot of serious discussion, but there were few moments that got a little bit
lighter, even a few laughs. Here is a great example of that.>>And a supporter approaches you and says,
Senator, I’m old fashioned, and my faith teaches me that marriage is between one man and one
woman, what is your response?>>Well, I’m gonna assume it’s a guy who said
that.>>And I’m gonna say then just marry one woman.>>I’m cool with that.>>Assuming you can find one.>>Okay, that was funny. She has been criticized, I’ve seen, quite
a bit for that. Not necessarily from people I always agree
with on anything, but a lot of people, probably more centrists, maybe eve right-wingers are
like well, you can write off Pennsylvania, Wisconsin. They started listing all the states that because
you are so callous in your disdain for Christianity, you have no chance of winning these states
now.>>And I bet the people that are gonna show
up and fill in that space are the Gen-Z’ers who live for meme culture. And there are also going to be a lot more
LGBTQ people. This is probably one of my favorite moments
with Warren. She was having fun. You could totally see she was having fun. In fact, this is her signature move now, and
when she rubs her hands together, she’s literally releasing the hair follicles from snatching
the entire audience bald with these like quick, funny, this is her new thing.>>She did the same thing when she made the
comment about if you’re gonna just ask, say, we can’t, why run for president, and then
she’s like, that’s her signature.>>I never noticed that, let alone-
>>She has a tell.>>Yeah, let alone the why she’s doing it
that you just explained. I wanna be clear and fair. You’re an advisor to Elizabeth Warren.>>I’m a surrogate. The wonderful thing that I love about it,
and this is part of the conversation I even had around the town hall too last night, is
that the campaign, all honesty, has never asked me to not speak about things that are
more important to me. I’m still friends with other people from different
campaigns. There’s a lot of cross-collaboration. Because I think, ultimately, the slate of
candidates that we have, there’s a lot of shared ideals. And I think that this is why all of the kind
of back and forth, it’s unnecessary. Cuz I think at the end of the day, whoever
wins the primary is gonna be someone who has an idea what kind of conversations need to
be happening, and what kind of moves they need to make to represent us in the general.>>All right, and now, I wanna address John’s
point. So this is something that happens all the
time, and it’s also a point about privilege.>>So whenever a Progressive criticizes anyone
in the Right, it’s very predictable, not just the Right-wing, but a lot people in the mainstream
media come out and go you can kiss Pennsylvania goodbye now. Okay, so let’s break that down a little bit. So I guess you assume that Pennsylvannia is
bigoted, right? They are homophobic, etc. This talk of well that means you insulted
all Christians. Wait a minute, you’re not speaking for all
Christians. You’re talking about the fundamentalist Christians
who hate gay people. Okay, but if you notice, if someone goes after
African-Americans, who’s a Republican, nobody ever says kiss Philadelphia goodbye, and without
Philly you can’t win Pennsylvania. Forget Pennsylvania. I can’t believe this idiot would dare to criticize
African-Americans. Trump today doing a rally or yesterday attacking
Somali immigrants who are African-Americans and Muslims, and nobody’s saying kiss Michigan
goodbye cuz you just offended all Muslims, kiss Pennsylvania goodbye because of African-American
vote that is significant in that state, etc. Because the people in power don’t relate to
black folks, don’t relate to poor folks, don’t relate to Muslims. They relate to other people, so they automatically
assume well, okay, that’s it. Since you offended someone like me, even if
I don’t agree with them, but fit my demographic, I’m assuming you’re gonna lose. And I’m gonna tell everybody you’re gonna
lose, thereby hurt your candidacy. But if you offend people that are not in power,
that are a significant voting block, no one cares.>>And let’s be real. Did you actually believe that they necessarily
had it to being with? It’s one of those things where that would
have been the same response no matter what was said, what the outcome was, it would have
been just that. And even with Elizabeth Warren, if she were
too rigid and serious, she needs to loosen up. She’s like the same thing they did with Hillary. But now, she’s cracking jokes and she got
her hand game going on and her crapshoot moves, and now she’s just not taking this serious. She’s just, gay rights. At the end of the day, most of what they’re
adding to the conversation has no real merit or validity or any factual data supporting
their belief.>>So that’s the last thing I was gonna say,
cuz it’s so important. You’re not gonna get the racist, bigoted homophobic
Trump voter anyway.>>Yeah.>>Stop it.>>It’s total nonsense. It’s not like there’s somebody sitting in
the middle of Pennsylvania going man, you know I hate gay people and I hate black people
and stuff, but I was thinking about voting for Warren instead of Trump. But when she said that comment about I should
marry one woman, which I agree with, that really made me mad, and now I am not gonna
vote. That is gas lighting 101, okay? And it was never the case. But I want you to know what’s real intent. The people who do it, they might not even
consciously know it. I would actually guess that most of them don’t
consciously know it. But the intent is if you’re Progressive, don’t
speak up. Don’t fight back, cuz then I’ll tell you you’re
stupid and you’re gonna lose the election. Cuz what is their assumption? The country is center-right. That’s not remotely true. If you look at the polling, it’s the exact
opposite. Two-thirds of the country is Progressive,
and I have proven to you in two dozen polls. But everyone on television assumes, everyone
in the pundit class assumes, the country’s Right-wing, country hates gay people, right? What an idiot supporting gay people? You’re gonna lose Pennsylvania, right? Well, then why are we having the forum? Why do we even have a Democratic Party? No, the whole point is to try to get people
like Elizabeth Warren to shut up. Well, she doesn’t agree, and she won’t do
it. And nevertheless, she persisted. And that’s what people like about her. And guess what, that’s why she’s right now
the front runner in the race. It’s not like being more Progressive hurt
her, it took her from near bottom to the very, very top. How many times have you heard pundits on television
go, you know what, it was a brilliant move by Elizabeth Warren to be really, really Progressive. It took her from anonymity nearly, and I mean,
they wrote her off in the beginning. You remember that. After the Native American heritage so-called
scandal controversy, etc. Every so-called smart analysts on TV was like
she’s done, we’re done with her, right? Now, she’s number one. How did she get there? Through bold Progressive plans.>>And credit. One of the things I love the most about Elizabeth
Warren, she gives credit where it’s due. So she will give Bernie credit. She will give Castro credit. She will say you hade this amazing idea, I
support that. I may not understand the nuts and bolts of
it, but you know what, you’re working on this, I support that. And I think that it’s gonna take a candidate
who’s gonna be able to unify. And so, that two-thirds that you’re talking
about, I think it’s because we’re all starting to see through the gas lit fog of the GOP
and these talking heads and political hacks who are just trying to scare us. Because really, they’re afraid. Because they know tick-tock, time’s up.

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  1. Can’t wait to break out the popcorn in November 2020 and watch TYT have another meltdown. Expect the nasty witch girl with RBF to have nervous meltdown.

  2. Far more important to talk about is why Cuomo is wearing sneakers with a suit. He so cool! He so hip! He so the house slave!

  3. 55 percent of white women voted for Trump and are homeschooling throughout the Bible belt b.c. they hate what the schools are teaching about equality. Also, the speaker "Ashley" is a horrible, homophobic racist. Look at her comments about Asians, Latinas, and queer people.

  4. I totally disagree with this panel….. in the same debate, she didn't answer the LGBT question about "hate crime against transgenders"⁰. She doesn't have any "back-bone" in my opinion…

  5. Ughhh..well here you have a sneak preview into tomorrow night’s CNN “debate”….”introducing the next nominee of the Democratic Party…..ELIZABETH CLINTON”….smh…Accept no substitutes…stick with THE ORIGINAL….BERNIE/NINA 2020

  6. The Young Turks… if you are going to maintain credibility as a progressive news source, you really should not have @AshleeMPreston as a contributor. Check out her twitter it is a travesty.

  7. question coming from a Dem donor that does fund raising for clinton pelosi schumer etc SHE WAS HAVING FUN BECAUSE SHE KNEW THE ANSWER IT WAS PLANNED

  8. Warren gave trump a blank check to start more senseless wars.
    She doesn’t want to forgive student debt
    She doesn’t want to forgive medical debt.
    She took corporate money and rolled it over to her presidential bid.
    And she defends trumps favorite democrat, who, unless we beat him, will block any progressive legislation.
    NO to Warren.

  9. So the sexist Warren demonizes people who actually have a sense of faith when it comes to their mosque, temple, or church. We CAN have those beliefs and still love those people that she accused Muslims of demonizing.

  10. To anyone who thinks Warren is dumb remember, majority of voters are women. So she relates to majority of the ones deciding. So saying sexist means nothing to them.

  11. Wow, she gave a smart-alecy response to a question. Who cares. I'm interested in the only thing that matters at this point: if elected President, will she respect democracy and govern per the wishes of the American people or will she govern per the wishes of her big money donors and it's all just more of the same? Because in case anyone still hasn't noticed, behind her warm smile and friendly surface-level demeaner (again, all things that don't matter), there are MULTIPLE areas of concern with Warren. Just to list one for now, she's not moving away from big money AT ALL and no, I'm not just talking about the general election. For those who still don't know, even her primary campaign is tainted by big money, as it was recently revealed that she's transfering such money from her Senate campaign into her Presidential campaign. If people want to support her, that's obviously their prerogative. But anyone expecting her to ever be anything more than just another bought-and-paid-for neoliberal "Democrat" is just failing to accurately read her.

  12. …and TYT, I'm just going to say it at this point: you guys are S-L-I-P-P-I-N-G. And at least 90 percent of why I say this is because you seem to be abandoning every principle that I thought your show has been based on all these years with your treatment of Elizabeth Warren. I'm sorry, how many times have you correctly said we need to get big money out of politics? Does Elizabeth Warren stand for this? No, she's not moving away from big money at all. How many times have you correctly criticized our current healthcare "system" for putting profits before people while some 32,000 – 45,000 Americans die every year because they can't access the health care they need? Does Elizabeth Warren support the single-payer healthcare system that we all know is the only real solution to this problem? No, she doesn't even have a healthcare plan in the first place. How many times have you correctly called out Washington for spending 60 percent of our national budget on the military when every credible analysis shows we don't need to be spending nearly this much to achieve national security? Does Elizabeth Warren have a "bold progressive policy" for this? No, in 2017 she voted to increase the military budget even more than what Donald Trump was asking for. I could go on but in short, I don't understand your treatment of Elizabeth Warren at all and again, it seems to fly in the face of what I thought were the foundational principles of your entire show.

  13. Warren's response fits in exactly with the First Ammendment right to Freedom of Religion.
    Which states that you have the right to follow a religion, but that following is entirely based on you, and no one else, you have no right to impose your religion on anyone else, period.
    Plus if the Government were to enact laws that were based on said religion that would "Establish" a religion for this country which is also against the First Ammendment.

    I find it quite hilarious when Republicans talk of the Constitution, but then constantly stomp on it on their way to insurmountable power.

  14. TYT stop having that Racist piece of 🐕 💩 on your show. You owe your fans and all of your viewers an apology for having that type of filth on this so called progressive show. Then when we clapped back at that beanbag, she/he cried about being harassed by Bernie supporters. You phucken right we came at you tool!!! Guess what??? We have dirt on your dumb ass. Now say something else sideways so we can drop your ass again. Then TYT let that bastard trash Bernie on the show…………… "From a Black man" You Preston are a COWARD HACK!!! Now go phuck yourself tool!!!!

  15. While I agree with her position that you're religious beliefs can dictate who you marry, not who I marry. I also found her build up to that conclusion to be incredibly sexist. Anyone who says it's not is in denial. I live in a very conservative area and I can tell you that a whole lot of women are bigoted against gay people too.

  16. TYT – good on politics. Dangerous on social issues. Regressive ideology. TYT described using TYT language: "TYT used English so they're eurocentric, hence racist against non western countries – racist! The men wear dark suits and the women have flashy colors, they're masogynists and anti-feminist pushing old stereotypes. Lack of transgender people on the show…tells you a lot about their ideology against the lgbtq community" – Absolutely dangerous for progressive America and our youth.

  17. this kinda feels like a pac funded warren commercial. we're still rooting for bernie, right? i mean, warren is better than biden, infinitely so, but bernie is still more progressive in the end. i guess maybe the strategy is incremental change, so that you can reel in the centrists but… they were wrong about hillary. maybe an even more progressive movement, like bernie could be one of best choices we could make. it would further the cause faster, but we also need to count on a house and senate majority. how confident are we?

  18. Dude cenk what is up with that lady hair like wtf. Now I know why companies have a hair policy cause that is ridiculous. I’m like wtf is that shit

  19. Lets get out the sock puppets for democrats. Men CANNOT have babies. OK. I realize the brain washing by these lunatics can be overwhelming, but, Men CANNOT have babies. AND once your a man, you will ALWAYS be a man. And once yiur a woman you will ALWAYS be a woman. You simply CANNOT remove or add the Y chromosome. And all this caterwauling by you lunatics ONLY proves the democrats/liberal black hole to reality.

  20. Her questioner is a maxed out Warren donor and supporter. The question was a plant as was the punchline. Nothing about her is real. Oh and the donor s southern accent is also fake.

  21. majority needs to respect the minority, and something we never hear but is equally true – the minority needs to respect to the majority.

  22. That woman is a raging racist. I'm Mexican and her racist rants against my race is unexcused.
    I'm getting really close to walking away from tyt.

  23. It was a staged moment between her and a major supporter of her. The DNC and meadia are really trying to push Hillary 2.0

  24. This channel is increasingly becoming unbearable to watch. Such naive view points and very little intellectual insights.

  25. What happened to TYT? Was this show before the CNN plant reveal? But seriously folks, this love affair with Warren wouldn't be so bad if ya didn't routinely slather Tulsi with your rabid hate.

  26. Turns out that guy asking the question had already donated the maximum to her campaign. Kinda makes me wonder if that was an arranged moment?


  28. To some triggered conservatives in the comment section : She's pointing out the hypocricy of biggots saying "marriage should be between a man and a woman" when the same people don't have a problem with those who remarry even multiple times. They just don't want gay people to be able to do it. She's not anti-divorce.

  29. Cenk that comparison is a false equivalency. When is Philadelphia in play in terms of the Conservative vs Progressive vote? Western counties in Pennsylvania is definitely a swing area as was proven they went for Obama in 2008 and 2012 and totally swung away from the Dems in 2016.

  30. I support same sex marriage 100%. What I don't support is Elizabeth Warren's condescending, dismissive comment/answer to the question. The fact that the answer was planned and she thought the response was funny, makes it even worse. It she made the comment off the cuff and later apologized I might give her a pass (or a half pass). We all make mistakes. But she didn't. Her comment, like many comments she has made in the past, is disrespectful to anyone who doesn't agree with her. I have just lost all respect for this woman. I really hope she doesn't win the nomination. I might then be forced to vote for Trump or not vote at all.

  31. These people have obviously never been to Philly 😂😂😂 I can promise you the gayborhood very much appreciated that answer.

  32. Wow, what a lame chick. Liz Warren is sick. The MSM snakes buried this, but it will come out. The look on Warren's face is so desperate. A hysterical woman, nails on chalkboard, can you imagine her taking on Putin? ouch. This is the choice of The Corporate Police State, no? Total lack of respect for Americans who eschew political correctness. Off the chart man-hater, Phony Fauxcahontas, her new handle.

  33. honestly like warren but i worry shes not radical enough, when it comes to healthcare and foreign policy she seems a little weak (in comparison to bernie)

  34. It as an amusing response, but that's about all. The reality is Warren is NOT progressive. She bailed on M4A, and she's not in support of eliminating debt.

    There is no middle ground. All-or-nothing. I'll vote for Trump just to wreck the country even more, before I accept her status-quo bullshit.

    Bernie or bust.

  35. I am from Pennsylvania and I will say that it is a pretty racist/homophobic place if you find yourself anywhere other than Pittsburgh or Philadelphia… and even then….

  36. TYT pushing the fake progressive Elizabeth Warren again, where is the Bernie Sanders surrogate on the panel? TYT has been bought by corporate establishment time to go to a better show like Krystal Ball on "the Rising" and drop TYT.

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