Ellen and ‘The Lucky 13’ Celebrate the Life of Lisa Jarmon

If you’re just joining us, we’re
celebrating the life of one of our most memorable
guests, Lisa Jarmon. Lisa made friends
everywhere she went. She became close
with other people that we’ve had on the show. And they started a group
text called the Lucky 13. And when the lucky 13 heard that
we were celebrating Lisa today, they wanted to be
KESHA – “GOOD OLD DAYS”] I wish somebody would have
told me that someday these’ll be the good old days, all
the love you won’t forget, and all these reckless
nights you won’t regret. When I hear the
name Lisa Jarmon, the first thing I
think of is joy. I instantly picture a
ray of sunshine, just a beautiful, beautiful smile. She’s a very spicy woman. Strong, resilient. Energy, happiness,
thankfulness, kindness. When I saw Lisa on TV, I,
along with millions of viewers, fell in love with her. Her reactions was
just hysterical. He went– Don’t do that! Don’t do that! And the church faint. Just to see that big personality
come to life on camera was just like– I don’t know, it
was like ice cream. I first met met Lisa
when we were invited back to do Ellen’s 2000th show. She stood up. And I said, hi, my name
is– and she didn’t even let me get my name out. She opened her arms. And she brought me in, and
gave me this big hug, and said, any friend of Ellen
is a friend of mine. I remember actually seeing
her in the lobby of the hotel. I went up to her. And I said, you’re Lisa Jarmon. And she says, you’re the
nurse that swallowed his gum. And I will never forget that. She brought the room to life. I mean, she was amazing. And I just remember,
she was exactly what I thought she would be. We all shared this
common thread. And we shared this bond
that immediately sealed us to each other as brothers
and sisters, as family. And we affectionately call
ourselves The Lucky 13. Because it was her
13th season, and Ellen brought us all together. Lisa was kind of like the
chief driver of that bond. But we all were like magnets. We all came together that way. We check on each other to make
sure how everyone is doing. We support each other through
our highs and through our lows. Through good times
and bad times, and when my husband
was very sick, Liesa would message me
and ask me how he’s doing, send me prayer. And it just meant
the world to me. [MUSIC] I found out Lisa was sick. She sent a text message
to us just to let us know what was going on. We were all so sad. But we were there
for each other. And we wanted to
be there for her. She knew that I was
in oncology nurse. And we talked about it. And throughout this
whole entire journey that I was able to be part of
with her, she would always say, I’m praying for you, too. And when I reached out
to her, telling her, I’m sending you prayers
of strength right now, her response to me
was, I’m more blessed now than I ever have been. When Lisa came to the
show a few months back, I walked into the
dressing room where she was hanging out after the show. She literally jumped up,
gave me the biggest hug that I ever had. We were freaking out, so
excited to see one another. And afterwards, I
reflected on it, realizing, at that point in time,
she was in so much pain. She was going through so much. Yet she was still the same Lisa. It’s hard losing anyone. But it’s hard losing a
special gift like Lisa. I know she’s here with us. She’s even here
with me, right now, in this room, going
like, G, stop crying! I’m good! I’m out of pain! I’m good! And that’s my grand-baby, Anaia. And that’s– what
her name, y’all. We know what she meant to
Ellen and the Ellen Show. But we just wanted
people to know what she meant beyond that. To be able to come back
to her favorite place, and be amongst so many
of her favorite people that she loved so much,
and get to honor her life, and celebrate her
this way, is huge. She left an imprint on my
heart that I will never forget. Thank you, Lisa, for being you. Thank you. I still hurt on the inside. But throughout it all, I’m a
better man because I met Lisa. I think Lisa said it best. Lisa said, when Ellen
gives you something, she gives you a
life-changing somethings. And getting to know
this group, and getting to befriend Lisa Jarmon, for me,
was a life-changing something. She was like a superhero. And her power was kindness. We’ll be right back. We are back with Lisa
Jarmon’s friends and family. And this is amazing. Because all of you met
here on that 2000th show. And we’ve all done
something for all of you. And it just– you all
just bonded on your own. Immediately. Immediately. As soon as we walked in that
room, we were like, oh, my god! Family Oh, my god! I was just this incredible bond. It’s beautiful. And I know that this
will keep going. All right, before we go. There’s something
that we want to do. So Lisa embodied everything
that we stand for at this show. She was kind. She was loving. She put everyone
around her first. And because of this,
we want to do something that we’ve never done before. We’re starting the
Lisa Jarmon Fund. Oh, my god! That’s– And we’re going to find
other deserving people who have the same qualities
that Lisa that she had. And they may need
a little something. And so we’re going to
honor them in her name. And our friends
at Shutterfly want to make the first donation
to the Lisa Jarmon Fund with a check for 100,000. Oh, my god! Thank you so much! Oh, my god! She is smiling! She is smiling! She is smiling! She’s not saying no, right now. She’s saying, yes! Yeah. If you know someone
incredible in your community, like Lisa, go to our website. Tell us about them. I want to thank Idris Elba. See you tomorrow. Be kind to one another. Bye bye.

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