Ellen Asks the Audience Why We Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

Oh, boy. You know, May really
is the month for memes. Today is May the
fourth be with you. Earlier this week, May first,
it was it’s gonna be May. And tomorrow, I’m sure you
know, is sinko de mayo. It’s a huge month
for puns as well. Anyway, today let’s celebrate
Cinco de Mayo, which, of course, is followed
by another holiday, seis de hangover. Why do people drink so
much on Cinco de Mayo? I did my own research, and
it turns out they don’t even really celebrate in Mexico. Isn’t that crazy? That’s like finding
out Santa is Jewish. What are we doing? In fact, the biggest Cinco de
Mayo celebration in the world is right here in Los Angeles. But you know, if you ask people
in LA why they’re celebrating, they can’t even tell you why. They don’t even know why. Ma’am. You. Do know what Cinco de Mayo is? What we’re celebrating? Celebrating, um, family. Celebrating drinking
some alcohol. You’re celebrating
drinking some alcohol. See? Nobody knows. Apparently. Cinco de Mayo celebrates the
Day the Mexican army defeated the French in the
Battle of Puebla. I don’t see what drinking
has to do with that, unless they were led
by General Don Julio. People love using holidays
as an excuse to drink. If you get drunk on a random
night, you have a “problem.” If you do it on a
holiday, it’s “culture.” I think there’s another
reason why drinking gets added to certain holidays. Because Cinco de Mayo, St.
Patrick’s Day, Mardi Gras, all have one thing in
common, and that’s parades. And it’s really hard to enjoy
a parade without alcohol, isn’t it? It’s filled with a lot
of things we don’t like. Standing for hours, marching
bands, waving at people you don’t know. After three floats,
they all look alike. Who couldn’t use a drink then? But we don’t need to drink
to celebrate here, do we? We have a party
without drinking here. As a matter of fact, all we
need is an audience dancer. And here’s what I’m going to do. I am going to randomly, and this
has worked out for the last two days, I don’t how. I look in people’s
eyes, and I can tell if they’re a
good dancer or not. So I’m going to
look around, and I’m going to randomly select
an audience dancer by looking in their eyes. You do look like you’d
be a good dancer. Yes. It is you today! Do it! [MUSIC – DRAKE, “NICE FOR WHAT”] Everybody get your roll on. I know shorty, and she
doesn’t want no slow song. Had a man last year. Life goes on. Haven’t let that thing
loose, girl, in so long. You been inside. I know you like to lay low. I’ve been peepin’ what
you bringing to the table. Working hard, girl,
everything paid for, first-last, phone
bill, car note, cable. With your phone out,
gotta hit them angles. With your phone out,
snappin’ like you Fabo. And you showin’ off,
but it’s all right. And you showin’ off,
but it’s all right. It’s a short life. It’s just a gift I have. I can look in someone’s eyes. Three days in a row,
I’ve managed to do that. I don’t know how. Wow.

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  1. Thanks Ellen for saying cinco de mayo (may 5 is not just drinking but why we celebrate it at least my Hispanic family

  2. 2:52 i like how she's all, "omg, what are the odds i was gonna show off my dancing skills on ellen today… these bitches ain't ready"

  3. Spent 5 de mayo in Mexico and it was just like any other day… except i opened my Snapchat and saw people in the US were drinking/partying. Then I realized what day it was 😂

  4. May 4 of Every jaer in the Netherlands we remembrr all civilian and military Victoms of WW II and al missions thereafter. On May 5 we celebrate our libiratyon in May 1945 by the allied Forces

  5. Hi ellen,i was wondering if i could com on your show,but i live in norway but i realy like you and would love to come…by the way i know how to sing😊 LOVE YOU❤😘❤

  6. I fr fr learned Cinco De Mayo's real reason for celebration. It celebrates the day that Mexico win its independence. (It really happend September 16.)

  7. Fith of May was explained to me by a lovely elderly gentleman in Florida. I stood and listened to his story for a half hour. I cared not for the beer I was carrying back for my sisters. But for his story. And now I know. Never leave a Sister Thirsty!


  9. Cinco de Mayo is the Mexican defeat of the French in a Mexican province which is now the U.S. state we know as Texas. From Texas to Colorado to California was Spanish then later Mexican territory so many Mexicans have been leaving on U.S. soil before many Western states were created.

  10. USA should keep celebrating. If France would win, the Francheces would go against USA next and the history would ended up differently. Thank you Mexico

  11. Hey Ellen can you have on some bankers and ask them why they enslave the rest of humanity with money? thanks

  12. Who is that kind person who wants to help me improve my English speaking skills..?I need a speaking partner 🙏🏻

  13. That girl is friend with Matt Stephania so obviously she wasn't randomly pick

    I saw her on one video collaboration with matt :3

  14. You can give allot of credit to "Corona and Grupo Modelo" for popularizing Corona beer (Which at the time was not a big seller in Mexico) and they did it how?, by convincing people in the U.S. that they should be drinking Corona and celebrating "Cinco de Mayo", it was one of the great marketing schemes of all time, in fact one we celebrate every "May 5th"… lol Buen Provecho 8^}


  16. You like make people happy. When You see People happy. You are happier. You are adorable. Have A nice day

  17. I asked the same thing to my dad Ellen. I really want to be on your show and show you how I pitch and dance, but I don't know how? I love to watch you thank you for making me laugh and bring happiness to me everyday!

  18. Ellen i just want to say that you are so inspiring and so amazing and you are my hero you inspire people to do more and i just want to be like you and i love you so much i watch your show everyday I'm your biggest fan😂😂😂

  19. Cinco De Mayo isn’t a very honorable celebration. It is a celebration because Mexico defeated the The French. That’s like a guy beating up his sister and being proud of it .

  20. As a mexican living in Mexico, I think is absurd we celebrate that date; a battle Mexico won but we lost the war. The French end up invading us after all. It is as absurd as if the japanese celebrated Pearl Harbor. But I’m glad that the US celebrates Mexico 🇲🇽 for a day. So, thank you!

  21. 5 de mayo is celebrated in Puebla, Mexico. It commemorates the day when the Mexican army defeated the French army. (At that time the Civil War was going on in the USA). France who supported the southern army they entered in México and they were trying to conquer Mexico and support the southern confederate confederate state from Mexico. The Mexican troops were largely outnumbered but they beat the French troops on May 5 1862. It was importante not only for Mexico's history but for the US history because the Mexicans troops did not allowed the French troops to reinforce the southern troops of the USA, which could have change the tide of the Civil War and prolong the slavery.

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