Ellen DeGeneres Singing Birthday by Katy Perry

“I love you back!” I heard you’re feeling nothing’s going right Why don’t you let me stop by? The clock is ticking, running out of time So we should party all night So cover your eyes, I have a surprise I hope you’ve got a healthy appetite If you wanna dance, If you want it all You know that I’m the girl that you should call Boy, when you’re with me I’ll give you a taste Make it like your birthday everyday I know you like it sweet So you can have your cake Give you something good to celebrate So make a wish I’ll make it like your birthday everyday I’ll be your gift Give you something good to celebrate “Be kind to one-another, bye bye!”

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  1. So the video that Ellen talked abt this has been taken down… anyone can share me the keyword to search for that video? Which is not uploaded by TheEllenShow.

  2. it's not private I just watched it today all I put in was Ellen Degeneres singing birthday on YouTube

  3. It's true, Ellen makes it like people's birthdays every day by playing games, giving out money, interviewing, and just having fun!

  4. Imagine the 2020 election with Oprah, Ellen and Donald Trump as candidates, just imagine the pure amount of hilarity there would be.

    Drumpf: I still haven't build the giant wall……

    Ellen: to keep yourself out? Gee, I'll get it done for you, you go to the Trump Tower and I'll make Oprah pay for the wall.

    Oprah: nods Gladly.

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