Ellen Goes Through an Audience Member’s Purse for Her Birthday

I’m happy that you’re here. Happy Friday. It’s Friday. [APPLAUSE] And I think I know why
you’re so excited– because tomorrow is my birthday. [CHEERING] That’s right. So my birthday’s
January 26th, obviously. Tomorrow. And that means I’m an Aquarius. It’s a water sign, which
makes a lot of sense because I played a fish
who lives in water. [CHEERING] And my body is 70% water. And I won several
wet t-shirt contests. [LAUGHTER] So. Sometimes, I like to
read my horoscope. I got this one out of “Cosmo.” I just took it out
of the magazine. I left the magazine
on the newsstand because “Cosmo” is expensive,
so I just took this. Anyway, here’s what it says. “The eclipse activates
your romance sector just in time for your
birthday, giving you the experiences
and relationships and love you
rightfully deserve.” I don’t know what
that means, but I hope that my romance
sector doesn’t get activated while I’m on TV. [LAUGHTER] That’s all I know. Mary, isn’t the rash you
have in your romance sector? Isn’t that where it is? No. How is it doing? Is it cleared up? It’s great. [LAUGHTER] I’m just concerned about you. I don’t mean to– Less talking about it. OK. All right. Just as long as it
doesn’t itch anymore. I know you were talking about
it itching, and it was bad, so I just– but it’s OK now? Yeah. Good. All right. I like where my birthday is
because it’s far enough away from New Year’s
that people still want to drink and eat again. And it turns out that there’s
an extra benefit to my birthday. According to this
article I saw, a study claims babies born in
January and February are most likely to
be rich and famous. [CHEERING] Yeah, that’s right. [APPLAUSE] It says a lot of
Hollywood celebrities were born between January
16th and February 18th. And that’s true, because I
know a lot of celebrities that have birthdays coming up,
Portia de Rossi, for instance. [APPLAUSE] Her birthday is on the 31st,
and so is Justin Timberlake’s. And Jennifer Aniston
is February 11th. And Oprah is January 29th. And the Instagram egg
was laid on January 21st. Apparently, if you want
to be rich and famous, all you have to do is
have the right birthday. Who has a January or
February birthday here? [CHEERING] Yeah? Oh, boy, you’re
excited about it. What’s your name? [? Liwan. ?] What is it? [? Liwan. ?] [? Liwan. ?] OK, get your
purse and come on down here. [APPLAUSE] Hi, [? Liwan. ?] A birthday hug? Sure, I’ll take a birthday hug. My birthday, too. When is your birthday? Can you hold this? Yes. January 17th. Are you looking for
something in particular? Yeah, I’m looking for your ID. I don’t trust you. I want to make sure. It’s in my phone. It’s in your phone? Yeah. See, I have one of these things. One of these phones? All right, let me see. Because I lose them. Yeah, sure. Right. You don’t believe me? I have to do the same thing. All right. When is your birthday? Oh, the 17th. You just had it. Yes. Oh, congratulations. Happy birthday. Thank you. And anniversary. And anniversary. On the 9th. That’s great. All right. And my daughter’s birthday. OK, where’s your wallet? [LAUGHTER] It’s a messy purse. Is it this? Yes. OK. Oh, it’s a little
princess thing. How old did you turn? [LAUGHTER] It’s from France. My niece gave it to me. I see. I see. So you have– It’s messy. First of all, the– first of all, it
should all be together. Second of all, it goes
from highest to lowest. So $20, and then, the ones. I’m sorry. And then– I’m not going to– I didn’t know that this
was going to happen. Really, you didn’t? I would have straightened
out my purse if I did. So this is all you
have right now in cash? Yes. All right. Well, that’s not rich. [LAUGHTER] No. I don’t fall in that category. Yeah. Well, you do now. Bring her $1,000 so we can– [CHEERING] Really? Yeah. [APPLAUSE] Can I have another hug? No. No, that’s all. That’s the only one. Thank you. Yeah. All right. All right. Thank you. So there, you’re rich now. And we’ll make you– let’s make you– [INAUDIBLE] order? What? It is in order. Yeah, that’s what
we do around here. I didn’t know. Just in case, if
you want to check. Why do you keep backing
up from me like this? I’m not. I’m sorry. Come on over here. So are you on Instagram? No. Oh. Well, you should be because
let’s take a picture. And then, you’ll start
an Instagram account, and people will follow you. I will now. I will now. All right. Thank you so much. [CHEERING] This is like the
greatest birthday gift– Ever. –ever. Stop backing away from me. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. And what do you– Oh, my gosh. What is your handle going
to be on your Instagram? Make it up right now
so people follow you. Because if the egg can
do it, you can do it. Me and Ellen. OK. Me and Ellen. All right. Ellen and I. @MeAndEllen. Yes. OK. We’ll see if that’s
taken already. [LAUGHTER]

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