Ellen Remembers 2,500 Shows

[music playing] I have so many amazing memories
from the last 15 years, that if I showed
you all of them, we would be here for another 15. So, I can’t show you all. But here are some of
my all-time favorites. [“Confident” by
Demi Lovato plays] Am I getting
milked, what’s happening? September 8th, this is
our very, very first show, and you are my very
first audience. That’s my first applause break,
and my first laugh and– This is a habanero, very hot. Come on. You have an overflow. Yeah, we don’t turn
people away here, so if there are
people who get here, I didn’t want them to have to
go home, so they’re in there. Why don’t you just
put up a super that says “Riff Raff” over that? Awesome! What a shot! I would like to thank– Thank you. Stop it. Is this the first time
you’ve been on TV before? No, honey. I’ve been on TV before. I was on a– listen,
I’ll be honest with you. I love Jesus, but
I drink a little. Every single time I
come on this show, it’s really weird, really
weird, all because of Ellen. I’ve been on this
show eight times now, and I still remember
Ellen hiding in the bathroom
with a hidden camera and she scared me so bad,
I fell and I could’ve died. Every single time I
come on this show, it’s really weird, really
weird, all because of Ellen. Oh, I just ate so much
chocolate, I’m full. Oh, I just ate so much
chocolate, I’m full. I just smoked so much weed– [Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked”
by Cage The Elephant plays] Look at that! I’m wearing your
glasses you sent me. – Don’t you just love them?
– I love ’em. Am I still intact? Yep. I didn’t change into a prince? No, not yet, no. I don’t think I’m the
one to do that for you. George Clooney’s office
is next to our stage. We need George Clooney. Get a bunch of Chippendales. Make one a blonde. That’s a good stretch. Yep. This is a traffic
report, but you’re going to read it is a woman in labor. Let’s take a look at
your Tuesday drive. Got a jackknife, big
rig in a two lane. 101 westbound at Balboaaaah! – Oh, wait–
– Bernie Sanders! No. No, that didn’t look
like Bernie Sanders to me. You know what, Sasha
needed some earphones, I’m going to get some for her. How much are these? I’m just– What do
you think, you think– can you chill out on the itching
and help me with this, here? – Don’t scratch him.
– Hey! Stop scratching him. Stop it. Next to him is his
new wife, Crystal. Between the new wife, and
your aunt Melissa, who is– What’s your favorite swear word? [bleep] If they made a movie about your
life, what would it be called? Oh, [bleep] Watch what happens when
you hit this button. – Melons.
– Melons. Here. Hold one. And hold the other one. Hold on, let me get a picture. Hold on! Wait, am I seeing
wheat grass there? Am I seeing wheat
grass anywhere? Take out some scissors
from your purse, and just start chopping some. Can I chop some off? Thank you. All right, put it in your
mouth and chew on it. This is so good. This is so good. It’s really good, actually. For only the fourth time,
in the 90 year history of Warner Brothers,
Stage One, forever more will be now known
as, The Ellen Stage. I said I wasn’t going to cry. You’re my happy place. – Thank you.
– This is my happy place. It’s so good. You’ve made everybody so
happy for fifteen years. Oh wow. And I say this with just
the deepest love for you. You make everybody feel better. You… make everybody
feel better. Turn off the news, turn on
Ellen, you will feel better. For 15 years, I have tried to
spread kindness any way I can. Sometimes, it means I give giant
checks out to people in need, and sometimes, it means I
have shirtless hunks on. Would I call myself a hero? No. But should you? Yes. [music playing]

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  1. BRUH if I was on that show I would be telling Ellen that she is a great person and she has helped so many people

  2. You ARE my HERO dear Ellen. I love you sooooo muchhhhhh. If i was near you i would kiss your hand Dear Ellen.

  3. I’m from Saudi Arabia I have seen so many clips of your great show, unfortunately I can’t see the full show in tv

  4. The Best Show In The Whole Wide World
    The Ellen De Generous Show
    Be Kind To One Another… Always..
    Love You From The Bottom Of My Heart
    I Hope You & And People Near You Never Fade… Peace..From India.

  5. I love Ellen soooo much, I wish I had the money to come to America and see her😢 I live in Germany so can only watch her on YT but I am such a huuuuuge fan of hers❤ she really makes me smile and she is such a good person… All my love to her!!

  6. thank you for sharing
    i don’t own a tv 📺
    i want to buy one only showing the Ellen show
    nothing else

    Ellen for president !!!

  7. From my Country Colombia, and hopeless to be on your show one day, I just want to say from my heart, Thank you, for some reasons you don't know, big Thank you.

  8. The one show I liked was the one where we had 5 People play Sumove it Move it when it was chasing after a Nerf Football. I’d do anything for those big Sumo Suits to be blown up big and round.

  9. Find another meaning of hapiness , my answer : the ellen show , find another one ,my answer :ellen degenerese , i love you ellen , ahcene from algeria 🇩🇿🇩🇿💪💪🔥🔥

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