Ellen’s Anniversary Gift to Portia Proves Size Matters

While you catch your
breath I have to tell you what happened over the weekend. So, and you may know
this already, but– so Portia and my
anniversary was Saturday. We celebrated 15 years. [APPLAUSE] So– and we said we weren’t
going to get each other gifts. But I decided to surprise her. I thought it would be really
funny if I got a plane to skywrite and say 15. And they said, oh, it’s
going to be partly cloudy, and it’s going to
be kind of overcast, it’s going to be hard to see. So I said, well, can you
just at least fly a banner? And because you’ve seen those
planes fly huge banners, and you can see them and– all right, so I thought
that would be really funny and to surprise her. So I should’ve specified
exactly what size because here comes the plane. And I think you see the plane
but you cannot see the banner. [LAUGHTER] I kept pointing to it, and
she’s, like, what is that? And I’m, like– you
couldn’t see it at all. That’s what I get for
hiring the same company that makes fortune cookies. That was– it was so tiny. And because I was really
trying to be cool about it, like, just being
out on the deck. And I was like, oh, what’s that? And she’s, like, it’s a plane. And I, like, yeah. I just pictured
some huge banner. Anyway.

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