Ellen’s Emotional Reminder to Celebrate Life Every Day

Thank you for being here. I appreciate it today
more than ever, more than I did yesterday,
and tomorrow I will appreciate it more
tomorrow than today because life is short. I have mentioned before that
we tape the show in advance, and we taped yesterday’s
show last week. Whoof. Today is Monday, and
yesterday was Sunday. It happened to be my birthday
and the Grammy Awards. I was nominated. I didn’t win. Not the point. [LAUGHTER] Yesterday was supposed
to be a celebratory day, and then we got tragic
news about Kobe Bryant, and everything
changed in a second. And that’s what I
want to talk about. Life is short, and it’s
fragile, and we don’t know how many birthdays we have. So just– we don’t have to
have a birthday to celebrate. Just celebrate life. And if you haven’t told someone
you love them, do it now. Do it. Tell people you love them. Call your friends. Text your friends. Hug them. Kiss them. Be nice to the
people at the DMV. They’re people. [LAUGHTER] Be nice to them. And I love each and
every one of you. I know that you wait for
tickets, and you get here, and you pick out
your TV outfits, and you do your TV hair. And I appreciate it very much. And I know that I
am lucky to have a wife who loves me so much even
though I don’t have a Grammy. [LAUGHTER] I get to come to work every
single day with people who make me laugh. I love everybody I work with. And I can’t believe I get to
introduce this amazing guy every single day. I love him so much. This is tWitch. [MUSIC – ANDERSON .PAAK, “COME
DOWN”] (SINGING) If I get too
high, now, Sugar, come on. I might never come down. Never come down. You know I might
never come down. Let me get down. You might not never come down. Now, let me comd down. Now, you might might
never come down. Let me come down. It took too long to get
this high off the ground. Don’t run. Just stay awhile. Come on. Can’t beat it. Can’t beat it. Can’t beat it. Can’t beat it with
the big bad door. Can’t see her with these
pitch-black Gucci pants one. Let me take these bitches off. Let me get the full scope. Hold up. Huh, full screen. HD. Let me take another picture. Let me pull it to the preshow. Whoa. Cool beans, cool beans. That’s a whole lot of reefer. Let me help me you
with the preroll. You drank up all my liquor. Come on. What I’m supposed to do now? You talking all that sh–. Come on. You gonna have to back it up. If I get too high
now, sugar, come on, I might never come
down– never come down. You know I might
never come down. Let me get down. You might– [APPLAUSE] I love you. First off, happy
birthday, and I love you. I love you. I love you. Honestly, with that being
said, there’s like– and I’m sure you all can
agree that, like, this is the perfect place
to be right now. When you need this
kind of inspiration and a little boost
of love like this, there’s no better place
to be than with you to kind of get this right now. So thank you, and I love you. [APPLAUSE] Yeah, literally I was backstage
before the show started. That’s why it took me a
minute to get out here because I was seeing to
tWitch, because we’ve both been sad today– and I said, we’re
going to go out there and we’re going to just fill the
room with love because that’s what everyone needs, and then
I come out here and fall apart. I’m so sorry. Hi, I’m Andy. Ellen asked me to remind you
to subscribe to her channel so you can see more
awesome videos like videos of me getting scared or
saying embarrassing things, like ball peen hammer, and
also some videos of Ellen and other celebrities, if
you’re into that sort of thing. [SHOUT] [BLEEP] God! [BLEEP]

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  1. I have never seen Ellen cry so this is hitting hard god bless everyone on the helicopter 🚁 and Kobe’s friends and family


  3. 1. Kobe Bryant …. and eight other people. Not just Kobe Bryant.
    2. Yes, celebrate and enjoy life. Work hard at it, including at making life better for those you encounter, especially those less fortunate. And everyone has people less fortunate than them.

  4. Rest in peace Kobe <3 appreciate life every single day and moment no matter where you are or where you come from lets spread love because this world needs it

  5. I had just realized that the shows were prerecorded. I saw clips on fb on Monday that seemed too happy. I knew this taping would be heavy. Love you Ellen!!

  6. When I seen the tribute to hustle and then a picture of Kobe Bryant. I was like what and I heard. I was shocked. Immediately thought of his family and prayed. I never got to meet him. I have only seen him on TV. But his personality was beautiful. So R. I. P Kobe and his daughter. condolences to the family.

  7. Man I grew up watching Kobe leaving the nba and when Lebron passed Kobe I felt that he was truly gonna be next rip kobe

  8. Imagine being him on that plane knowing- its gonna crash in a few seconds because of the weather and you dont even know what to do. He probably couldnt even tell his daughter….

    R.I.P Kobe

  9. Dear Ellen. We love you. We dont have any talent, we aren't rich not famous but we watch your shows. My son started to watch your show since he was 4. we all moved to canada last november. He is asking me to see you in real life. dont know how i am gonna make that happen. you are an amazing human Ellen. God Bless you. Rashad, Roksana and Our son Rome from Canada.

  10. I’d love to hear Ellen’s response to Shaquille O’Neal’s words about Kobe Bryant. Seeing such powerful man express such raw emotion was truly moving. Just curious. Much love!!! Happy Birthday!! Jared

  11. bro i’m turning 16 almost exactly a week and a day after the tragic accident and now i know i need to make everyday like it’s the last and to celebrate birthdays, holidays as if there won’t be one next year

  12. Kobe was such an amazing icon and human . But man my heart shatters for that little girl. She barley got to live.

  13. Ellen I wish U a happy birthday. I waited this day to witness ur birthday on the television. I watch u everyday. I recorded ur program so I can watch. Your so generous to the people who needed ur help. When I watch it I feel so happy and I start crying because I am so happy with your gesture toward the people you help. I am 66 years leaving here in Lathrop City, CA. I am a Filipina retired government employee in the Philippines. You are an inspiration to me. I love you. God bless U always. Me and my husband got our green card last Dec. 21, 2019.

  14. Its hard to celebrate life when media talk about death whole the time,world war 3 ,corona virus,isis, for example

  15. It looks a bit awkward how it changes in a few seconds from Ellen's emotional speech to celebrating the entrance of this twich guy.
    But I truely respect Ellen, so I guess it's my mistake for feeling that way. Sorry, Ellen.

  16. SO SAAAD! Not a big fan of basketball but I always used to tell or remind everybody on my bday on august 23rd that today also is Kobe Bryant bday too….

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