Ellen’s Fans Celebrate Pi Day with ‘Pie Face!’

Well, today is March 14. So you know what that means. We’re only 10 months
away from my birthday. Yeah, only 10 months. Also, it means it’s Pi Day. Pi is the annual celebration of
the mathematical constant pi. It’s observed today because
the first three numbers of pi are three, one, and four. Still paying attention? Did I lose you? All right. Anyway, since it’s
Pi Day I wanted to show my appreciation for it. And there’s only one way
I know how to do that. It’s time to play Pie Face. This is a giant version of
my favorite Hasbro game. Alaura Kenley and Crystal
Jones, come on down. [CHEERING] Whoo! Hi! Hi, how are you? Hi, good! Hi. Who is that person there? Hi, nice to meet you. Hi, which– who? Which one are you? Crystal Jones. Crystal, you were celebrating
before you came down. Yes, with my sister
and my best friend. [CHEERING] All right. You’re Alaura. Yes, I am. All right. You’re going to go
stand over there. I’m going to tell
you how this works. It’s a wonderful
game for us to watch. All right, so what you’ll do
is you’ll just put your head in that hole so we can see you. Yeah, resting your
chin like that. Exactly. On my tippie toes? I’m going to ask you a question. And if you get it right,
then nothing happens. But if you get it wrong,
I’m going to spin this. And whatever number it lands
on, I’m going to have to– you’re going to have to
press that that many times. Alaura, we’ll start with you. There’s so many kinds of pie–
pecan, pumpkin, key lime, cherry, blueberry, apple. What’s Jason Biggs’ character’s
name in American Pie? Gary? That’s so close. [BUZZER] It was Jim. All right. Oh, Jim! Oh, only two. So one, two. Ah! Ah! Oh my god! No, you’re safe. Oh, that’s tricky. That’s so tricky. All right, Crystal. Remember the song, bye
bye Miss American Pie, drove my Chevy to the levee
because the levee was– Yes. OK. Who sang it? Oh! Um, um, uh. So in my head I’m kind
of getting nothing. But my parents are
going to be so mad at me because my dad listens to
that song all the time. Tom Petty? Oh, no. Don McLean– he did it. I’m so sorry, dad. OK, let’s see what happens here. Mm. Five. Five. OK, well there it is. One at a time. One, two, three, four, five. Ah! OK! All right! Whoo, the suspense! All right, Octavia
Spencer won an Oscar for baking a not-so-edible
pie in the movie The Help. What’s her middle name? Octavia Spencer’s name? Oh my gosh. I love her, too. Well, you’re going to
now know her middle name. It’s so great that you love her. Just guess a middle name. Marie? No. [BUZZER] Oh, man. Lenora. So now you know that. We’re so bad at this. Now I know. Huh? We’re so bad at this. Well, no. It’s not that you’re bad. We just ask hard questions. Four. One, two– Ah! Oh, no. That means you win. You’re getting a
65-inch TCL Roku TV. And for playing, you’re
getting one, too.

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