Ellen’s Kid Experts Throw a Surprise Party for Andy at Chuck E. Cheese

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, everybody. It’s me, Andy Zenor, and today
I’m here at Chuck E. Cheese. You may wonder why I’m here. I got a birthday invitation. Surprise! Oh! Happy birthday! Wow, it’s all– it’s all my
favorite kids from the Ellen Show! [MUSIC PLAYING] And Grace, and we’re
going to have a birthday party for someone’s birthday! Whose birthday? Yours! Oh, because my birthday’s
September 26th. [LAUGHTER] I’m not going to tell
them that though. Awesome! Let’s have a fun birthday party! [YELLING] This is so exciting! Come on, Grace. I hope you like to party. [MUSIC PLAYING] [CHIME SOUNDING] All right, who’s ready
to have some fun? Me! This is one of those
play bands that you can preload with play
points, so that you don’t have to have
pockets full of tokens like when I was a kid. You Can even do all you can play! All you can play with these? Yeah! Well, thank you very much. Let’s all put our wrists
in, and do a big team– what’s our team name? Team Valtriak! Team birthday. Everyone do what
they want on three. You ready? One, two, three, Team Valtriak! Team Birthday! All right, let’s party! [MUSIC PLAYING] This is fun! This is where you guys
really rack up the tickets. These play bands, these would
be a great gift for any holiday. Keep shooting. Come on. I’m making it rain. [YELLING] Aye-yi-yi! I’m scared. I know. I am too, Grace. Here. Thanks, I’m the ticket guy. Here are tickets! Thanks, Brielle. [LAUGHS] Tickets! That’s me. I’m the ticket guy. More tickets. More tickets. You guys, I got to tell you, our
tickets are really racking up. Holy cow, Nate, that’s
a lot of tickets. Oh, there’s one more. I mean– There’s one more. Anybody seeing this? There’s one more. Hey, I want a roll call. Nate, Brielle,
Landon, you’re here. Where’s Lil’ Mushroom? Where’s Jerry? [MUSIC PLAYING] Whoa, this is the dance floor! Let’s see what you
got, Lil’ Mushroom. (SINGING) Buddy, you forgot it’s
want that thing on top of me. You I want it. I what’s happened to I did it. She is a good dancer. She’s a very good dancer. I’ve got someone I want
introduce you guys to. Who? That guy right over there. [YELLING] It’s Chuck E.! Chuck E. I’ve been waiting
for you all day, man. [LAUGHTER] He’s my favorite mouse. Chuck E, come on out and dance. [MUSIC PLAYING] What is this? It says, dear Andy,
you’re hysterical. Happy birthday. How old are you? You guys want to
guess how old I am? 36? Good guess. Landon. 26? Thank you, Landon. But, no. Nate? My guess is mid-40’s? Good, good ballpark, Nate. [LAUGHS] We all got to get in there. Brielle, squeeze in. All right, ready? [MUSIC PLAYING] I got all these, and since
you guys are so good, we also got all these. So we have all these tickets. You know what you
want off the wall? Everybody gets one
thing off the wall. So what does everybody want? Ready? [YELLING] Did you get that? OK. That’s how you have fun
at Chuck E. Cheese, folks. Where a kid can be a kid. Right, Grace? [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. Oh ellen please i wanna ask you something i want you to give me a Christmas gift because my parents can't afford it please but it is ok if don't get this massage

  2. Video uploaded ten minutes. I am early. Cool. Checkout my Pixar Animation internship work I did this past Summer 2019 on my channel. I had a blast there.

  3. Well I'm getting major CHILD'S PLAY horror movie vibes.Coz of ANDY and also the restaurant named CHUCK E. cheese.
    Like if u got it.

  4. Grace: Im scared

    Andy: Yeah we all are

    Haha is it just me or does Grace always seem to be like the bottom of the barrel when it comes to the staff members?!?

  5. Happy Birthday to you Andy 🎊🎊🎊🎊🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁

  6. This is a long shot but here goes…it’s my boyfriend (of 7+ years) 27th birthday on New Years Eve and I always struggle with what to get him as it’s so close to Christmas and everyone has plans/everything is booked a year in advance and I’m not a big planner!
    Any ideas how to surprise him? 🥳🤞🏻

  7. Great 👍 has been iis for you your best yee ellen day was Christmas 🎄 this is Christmas 🎄 this job is good one ou iiriuuonk ki

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