Ellen’s Staff Breaks Down ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Drama and Predictions

PARADISE”] (SINGING) Almost paradise. We’re knocking on heaven’s door. Almost paradise. How could we ask for more? Paradise. Hey guys, I’m Tracy. And I’m Andy. And we finally started to see
some really established couples this week, which
is what I live for. They’re getting serious. Because I believe in
love, and so we’ve got to break it all down. In paradise. We’ve got to get right to it,
but we need our love triangle. Our love triangle. That’s all we need. Get in here Corey. Time for our love triangle. I love our love triangle. So first kind of love
triangle that we really see in this episode is
with Krystal and Chris. They have this, what seems
to be, strong relationship, but then– I’m not buying it. I don’t buy Chris at all. I think when they brought
Krystal to paradise, I thought was going
to be crazy drama and fight with all the ladies. And then, she’s totally normal. She’s getting along
with everyone, and Chris is the loser. Of all the people for
her to end up with,– No, it’s such a bummer. –she ends up with Chris. Well that’s why
when Connor came in, and even though I don’t like– Smoke show. –Connor either,
I still was kind of hoping that she
chooses Connor because I dislike like Chris that much. So anyways, when– That was all too much. –Connor comes in, and he’s
talking to everybody, even though Krystal tells him that
she and Chris kind of have a thing, and she tells
Chris, don’t worry, I told him that we have a thing. And then Connor’s
like, yeah, well, I still want to go on a date
with you, she’s like, OK. They go on this weird
mystical date, which they got buried in the leaves. And the guy with the weird drum. Krystal and Connor, they make
out, she goes back to paradise but then kind of nothing
happens, and she just decides– Chris throws her like this weird
Yoga date and it’s like, nope. That was so bad. The Yoga date was
amazing because I thought the same thing, and
then she actually said it. When there was this long
pause and she said, oh, so you want me to work? Yeah, and she’s like, I
have to work for this date? So Krystal chooses Chris, and
Connor just kind of goes off and he’s wanted to watch
them, we don’t know. So then there’s the
Jordan-Jenna-Benoit love triangle, which was a very
juicy one because Jenna truly was torn. I didn’t really feel
like Krystal was torn. But how was she torn? I don’t know. By the way, she was
going to ditch him, and then, all of a sudden,
was like, you know what? I think Jordan’s the one for me. I know. I thought she was– He’s got my heart –going to choose Benoit. But, I will say, it does
seem like he really, really likes Jenna, and they are
kind of cute together. Doesn’t it make you think
what the producers have something against Annaliese
because why do they keep showing– her edits are so mean. And why do they keep showing
her blowing her nose so much? Her edits are so mean,
but I love them so much. Annaliese just like–
she just wants love. She wants it so bad. And then, she get
the worst news ever which is that Kenny’s
leaving paradise– Oh yeah, Kenny. –for the sweetest reason. I love Kenny. But here’s the thing– Hang on. Like he didn’t know the dates– I know. — like he didn’t know
the dates when he came? He’s like, you know what? I just don’t think I
can miss that recital. He must have thought he
would have been gone by then. So right when your like, oh,
broken heart for Annaliese, how’s she going to
ever deal with this? It was like– And cue the walk in. –enter Smoke Show Kamil. Which, by the way, I
don’t remember him at all. I didn’t remember
him at all, and then when they said the 60-40,
I was like, oh, right. One of the things that she
had a connection with Kamil was that people had some
sort of carnival trauma. I know, which, by the
way, I still don’t even think that’s a real thing. And then, as if
like an afterthought or like a tiny little bit of
information, they also tell us, who else leaves? Jubilee. Because John doesn’t like
her, and then she just goes. By the way, they didn’t
even show her face when she was leaving. It was literally like– They just showed the back of
her head holding the luggage. Yeah. That’s all she was doing. You’re like, oh god. It’s so good. Another strong couple in
paradise is Kevin and Astrid. One of my favorite
couples, honestly. Solid, but they had
a little bit of– So they had a little bit of an
issue because Kevin, I think, just gets into his own head. They’re, to me, the
most believable. Even Tia and Colton,
and Kendall and Joe, who are supposed to be like
some of the stronger ones, Kevin and Astrid to me, seem like– No, they’re the ones
that are the most legit. –the strongest. Yeah. There’s no drama. OK, then, the moment
we’d all been waiting for, the Kendall-Joe-Leo drama. No one messes with my Joe. Leo is just– what a skeeze. I mean, he literally
comes back from that date, tells her all these things. He was playing a character. He was playing a villain. But why was she so
into him to begin with? That’s what I’m saying. She was like, I’m craving Leo. And I was like, what
does that even mean? But like a hunky romance
guy in a tropical location. I just feel like Kendall
didn’t think that– Who cares? Joe’s got produce. I agree. You’re biased. So what happens is,
Leo kisses Chelsea. Why? And it seem like
everyone on the island knows except for Kendall. How does she not know? It’s so weird. Well, that’s what Kevin said. He thought she did know
because everyone else knew. Also would be the
reason why I like Kevin. So when Kendall gets so upset
and goes in to confront him, the way he tried
to defend himself– Oh, he freaks out. –was so bad. He goes from being
like, oh, well you’re playing– you were
just being an actress. I don’t think you
really like me. It’s like, where
is all this coming? So I mean, do you just keep
seeing the tease of the joke? It’s like the water– Oh and he would deep
tease over the summer. So for so long– and when I
actually watched the episode when they started talking
about it, I was like, oh, man this is going to be
the storyline that takes it to the rest of the episode. Oh I know, and it
was like a third of– It was a blink of an eye. –the way into the episode. So Joe has this cute
little hero moment. But I love that Kendall
was like, he was so rude. Joe, I love you. Yeah, and suddenly,
their relationship was like, they’re
falling for each other. And then Joe called
Kendall his girlfriend. So that was cute. So good for them. We’ll see what happens. Wrap it up. Go away, Leo. Don’t care about you. Yeah, bye. So then the next couple is Eric. We love. Let’s see the shimmy. Yep, that’s Eric all right. I know those moves. Eric gets the day
card, takes Angel– Get the cheese. Chase the cheese. Oh, that made me laugh. –and they have
this date of luxury. Oh, the ice cream. Do they give them
lactate, or what happens? That was more– I started to get
acid reflux watching them eat that ice cream. They decide that the two of
them are all in with each other. So you’re like, great. These two really– Awesome. Committed. –really cute. Until. Until. Happy for both of them. Until Cassandra comes
in, and suddenly Eric is like, not sure all in. She’s got a nice booty. I know. But did you see in the tease
that he starts getting really– he’s really upset at the tease. I think that they’ll– Another love triangle? –make him out to be a hero. He’s going to redeem himself. But can we also just talk
really quickly about how Eric, when he was on The
Bachelorette with Rachel, just always seemed really sad. Did you think? I always thought, he
just always seemed like it was like, maybe this
isn’t the right thing for– He shouldn’t be there. –him. It’s not the right forum. And now he’s like,
got the Shimmy. Yeah. Paradise is his scene. He’s talking about
chasing the cheese. I wouldn’t be mad if he ends
up being the next Bachelor. Wow, Corey. Oh my god. See, this is why we keep you– Rose drop. –in the cubes. So then we go to
a cocktail party, and it’s very clear that
who the couples are. The one person that was kind
of like what–who’s she going to choose, was Chelsea. They called her the Bachelor
in Paradise Bachelorette. So Conner goes home. Benoit goes home. And– Dumped after dumped after
dumped after dumped. –David goes home because
she ends up choosing– I know. Poor Benoit. –John. Benoit. But it’s very clear, even
after that rose ceremony, that the two of them aren’t
going to be anything. No, it’s just kind of like, I
have to give it to somebody. Olivia comes in, who, honestly,
and I know we say this a lot, but it is as if I’ve never seen
this person in my entire life. I have never seen her before. And she ends up asking
obviously John out on a date because he was the
only one available. And they go to a quinceañera. So then we get this tease,
which, again, they do such good job with the teases. But now I’m starting to think
that all these teases are just like– the big moments we see
are just little blips. Yeah, just little nothing. They’re not real things. Any kind of action, they
kind of tease you with it. At the end of this
episode, because of what happened with Eric and
Angela, they sort of, when one couple of falls,– Oh, the dominos go. –all the couples fall. But who do we think is– How many more
episodes do we have? –going to stay together? I think we’ve only got– OK, should we call it? I think they’re going
to stay together. Yes. And some people– I don’t think they’re
going to make it. I think they are. Nope. Definitely not. Nope. He’s going to dump her. I don’t think so. I think that they get through– Through the show, but
then afterwards, no. –the end of the
show, and then they announce they’ve broken up. No, I think they make it. I do too. I do too. I’m on board with them. OK, and honestly I don’t think
any of these people make it. Nope. All of them. I’m excited to see what
happens to all these couples, and see if our
predictions are right. A big thanks to you
guys for tuning in. Yeah. And check out our
recap next week. Comment below to tell
us what you think. Especially if you think
Eric should be the Bachelor. He’s got to be. Corey, that was a
great prediction. I like that idea. I know, right? Because I’m– Cheers. [BANG] Cheers. Oh, you good? I’m good. OK.

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  1. Am I late no… sorry Ellen you are my fab host sorry if I spelled it wrong I trully been watching you do things I wish I could meet you and go to your show but am I to young I am only ten later when I'm 14 I'll try to go thanks for the inspiration Ellen if this is someone that is reading my comment or works with Ellen tell her laisa[lysa] thanks you very much and has been watching your vids till 6

  2. Yess! Literally thought Eric would be next bachelor after Rachael’s season! He keeps saying miracle and why was he so happy and mature on after the final rose if he didn’t know something was in the works for him?? Eric for bachelor. Peter for bachelor. Blake for bachelor. Gimme something good!! <3

  3. Corey I have been wanting Eric for Bachelor since Rachel's season, but this last episode discouraged that notion for me. I want him to be sincere in the process if he is the Bachelor and with his dating history I don't think he will be the best choice. I love him a lot, but I want to see better from him. 'I woke up with a different feeling' does not sound sincere to me…

  4. The world is reaching the end. Turn to Jesus and prepare yourselves. Only He can save you.

  5. Kendall is too wishy washy. Can we talk about how she kissed John after she said she’s got to give all her love & focus to Joe? Annalise is way too insecure. She needs to build her own self confidence before she gets into a relationship for it to be good for her. Jason needs to be the next bachelor!!!! Love him!!!

  6. I love love love Eric for the Bachelor!!!! Lets hope Joe & Kendall make it or I'd want Jor. Glad you said it, Cory! He's got game but he's nice and doesn't fo drama lies!!!

  7. Definitely do not want Eric to be the bachelor… He's showing himself to be a player.
    Jason all the way !!!!! 💕

  8. Expected Leo to be a jerk but not eric. Disappointed 😔. No way eric for bachelor. I used to really like him but he kinda played Angela.

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  10. i hate eric. he only said "all in" to angela so she would pick him at the rose ceremony. ow that he had the power this week he is like bye angela

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