Ellen’s Uber Big Birthday Gifts for Her Audience!

Today is my birthday show. And what is a birthday
show without gifts? tWitch, why don’t we give
these nice people something? Let’s do it. [GROOVY MUSIC PLAYING] tWitch, why don’t you tell
people about the first gift? Well, over 300,000
restaurants, Uber Eats is one of the
largest food delivery apps, making it easy to order
with the touch of a button. Plus, you can track a
meal from restaurant to your door in
the app or online. So I can literally, Ellen, I
could order you a cake right now. Well, I wish you would. And you’re all getting a
$500 Uber Eats gift card. Hey, you guys, my ED lifestyle
brand has an array of products. There’s beautiful sweaters,
comfortable sneakers, stylish home decor, so you can
dress like me, walk like me, or live like me. That’s right. And I love your taste. You stay fly, especially
with your home collection. You have the most amazing
bedding, lamps, and rugs. It’s kind of crazy. All kinds of things. All kinds of stuff. So you can go to edbyellen.com,
and you can start shopping with this $250 gift card. Just the sides– It seems strange to give
everybody bedding and no bed to put them on. Yeah. Oh, well. What? No, no, no. Ellen, don’t start to
walk away like that. The Purple Mattress uses– the Purple Mattresses uses
a special grid technology that keeps you cool
and supports your spine and neck throughout the night. Plus, you don’t feel your
partner or pets when they move. What? You’re all going to get
a great night’s sleep with your new Purple
Mattress, everybody. [MUSIC PLAYING] That looks cool too. It is cool, actually. It is cool. It’s very cool. It is very cool. It’s very cool. It’s cool. My bedding will keep you cool. It’s cool, very cool bedding. You should be in
that bed right now. I like that. Finally, this company has been
a part of my birthday show for the last several years. And they are the reason I have
a TV in every room of my house, including the dogs’ library. TCL is America’s
fastest-growing TV brand and one of the best-selling
electronic brands in the world. Their 4K Roku TVs are easy
to use, have stunning picture quality and endless
entertainment, with over half a million TV
episodes and movies, Ellen. You’re all getting a
65-inch TCL Roku TV. [CHEERING] [MUSIC PLAYING] We’ll be back.

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