Elmer recalls how Grace rejected his marriage proposal | A Soldier’s Heart (With Eng Subs)

Why are you here? I wanted to apologize. I know how much I hurt you. – Happy birthday!
– Thank you! – Happy birthday.
– Thank you. Happy birthday. Grace, are you okay? Yes. Mom, have you seen Grace? She went to the restroom. She wasn’t feeling well. Okay, I’ll check on her. Careful.
Let’s get you back inside. What’s going on here? Don’t get mad at Alex. He’s helping me
because I feel dizzy. Is that why his arms
were around you? Elmer, calm down.
You have nothing to worry about. Bro, she’s not feeling well. You should take her home. Bro… – Mind your own business.
– Okay. Babe, let’s go. – Let’s go.
– Yeah. Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday,
happy birthday! Happy birthday to you! Make a wish! – Happy birthday!
– Thank you. Elmer, what are you doing? Babe… We’ve been together
for three years. I know our relationship
isn’t perfect, but there’s one thing
I’m sure of. From the moment
I first saw you, I wanted to spend
the rest of my life with you. Babe… Will you marry me? I’m sorry.
I’m really sorry. Babe? Babe! Grace! Grace! Grace! Elmer. – This is your fault!
– Elmer! – Are you two together?!
– Elmer, stop it! Alex, Elmer, what’s going on?! – Are you two together?!
– We’re not! I told you
she’s not feeling well. I told you to take her home,
but you didn’t listen. You should talk to her! I know more about
my girlfriend than you! Enough! You could’ve texted
or sent an e-mail. Why show up at my graduation?

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